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You are watching this video... well, let's be real with each other: you should probably be doing something else.
Maybe you're at work, maybe you should be studying.
Perhaps you should be writing that thing you've been writing, and you should definitely be paying more attention to your site.
But the good news is that procrastinating by watching certain YouTube videos, it can be classified as effective procrastination.
Actually, there's a number of ways you can effectively waste time that lead to a boost in problem-solving, productivity, and creativity.
Scientific research is truly beautiful!
Researchers at the University of Melbourne have published a number of studies on workplace internet leisure browsing.
I excel at workplace internet leisure browsing.
In one study, researchers found that workers who surf the internet for fun at work within a reasonable time limit-- say less than 20% of their total time in the office-- are 9% more productive than those who don't.
From this and follow up studies, researchers argue that workplace internet leisure browsing is an unobtrusive interruption which enables restoration of mental capacity, and fosters feelings of autonomy.
Another study out of the University of California titled "Inspired by distraction" found when participants did an undemanding task, compared to doing a demanding task, resting, or having no break, it led to substantial improvements in performance on a problem they'd encountered before.
Researchers concluded that allowing the mind to wander through simple tasks can boost creative problem-solving.
Originally, scientists thought mind wandering allowed the brain to rest and returning to the problem well rested was all you would need to solve it.
Now some scientists think that mind wandering might distract you from your perceived obstacles.
And brain imaging research shows that while you're doing another simple task, the brain regions responsible for decision-making keep working.
Your brain is unconsciously process the information related to your decisions.
I think that's pretty cool!
And there are lots of ways to distract yourself and procrastinate.
I know more than anyone. But there are ways to do it effectively.
First up, make sure a simple task is just that, simple, and not related to a problem you're trying to solve.
So don't do logic puzzles when you're trying to solve a math problem.
Instead watch goat videos on YouTube.
Next, avoid activities that are ego-driven: meaning checking Facebook, Instagram, and generally distractions filled with friends, family, and other personalities you're familiar with.
And if you're not trying to problem-solve, but just really have a problem with procrastinating, you can use a strategy called implementation intention, where you make a list of all the things you need to do.
And if you're distracted or taking a break then do them one by one.
Also, you could just go for a walk.
Lots of studies show that people who go on daily walks score higher on tests that measure creative thinking and productivity.
Of course, putting these findings into practice effectively all depends on you finding the right balance of work and downtime activities that are almost useless.
So the next time you're procrastinating, keep in mind that it can have benefits.
Try un-focusing your attention.
Spending short periods of time doing simple tasks can have a positive effect on your decision-making and creative thinking abilities, just like watching this video of the Sun in ultra HD.
It's a great way to procrastinate!
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And brain imaging--.
Oh my god that was disgusting!
There is no warning. It just happened! Now, some scientists think that-- how can I go on?
Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you very much! That's all I have.
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How To Procrastinate Effectively

12882 Folder Collection
Rachel Kung published on March 18, 2019    Rachel Kung translated    reviewed
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