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TY: He's my song boyfriend
JH: Will you make me your boyfriend?
TY: I'm sorry
Please give me a bottle of water
JH: give me a bottle of water
Jonghyun who has manners for Taeyeon. Jonghyun, you do know that I'm watching right?
JH: Hi
This is wide entertainment
There are many pretty girls in SM. What's your reason for being paired with Taeyeon?
JH: because our height matches
I think my height also matches
Don't you think our height match well?
I'm really small
Why is your head so small?
JH: That's why we match
Thank you
Jonghyun, who is feeling good after rehearsals
Are you alone?
JH: No, I'm with Taeyeon
JH: We linked our arms
TY: How are we feeling?
TY: Since I've always been promoting with SNSD
and since this is my first time promoting a duet
TY: Its quite fun JH: You'll look at me right? when we're singing
JH: I couldn't look at her
JH: I would look at her mouth
TY: He looked at here
TY: For me, I look at his ears
How well do you guys match for your song Breath?
JH: I think we match well even while eating
If that's so.. Jajangmyeon or jjambbong (Korean dishes)
JH: jjambbong TY: Jajangmyeon
JH: It has to be different. It has to be different so that we can share our food
JH: We can eat jjamjangmyeon.
TY: Right. we can just eat jjamjamyeon so why do we need to choose?
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[ENG] 140220 TaeYeon & JongHyun Wide Entertainment News

163 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on June 7, 2018
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