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  • Three, two, one, see ya.

  • Base jumping is already the most dangerous sport in the world.

  • Ah! Then you're also mixing that with big mountain skiing.

  • You're combining full intensity sports in an unforgiving environment.

  • The risk factor is definitely pretty high.

  • I am Matthias Giraud, aka Super Frenchie.

  • I'm a pro big mountain skier and professional base jumper, and I like to put those two sports together.

  • Ski base jumping is skiing off a massive cliff that would be too big to survive and land safely.

  • So you use a parachute.

  • I like to use my parachute as a tool to ski things that otherwise could not ski.

  • I've been ski base jumping for 10 years and the last 10 years have been filled with a lot of fun adventures.

  • I'm gonna ski between the rocks and then jump into the event.

  • I ski base jumped off of the Eiger and also the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

  • Heaven's Eleven in Telluride.

  • I outran an avalanche by ski base jumping off a 600-foot cliff.

  • Woo hoo! That was a pretty cool day.

  • Did you see that avalanche? Woo!

  • Fear is an interesting thing.

  • Your instinct tells you, "OK, stop right there."

  • "don't go any further." "this is the end of the world right there."

  • "this thing is gonna kill you."

  • This is the moment when you have to take over and be, "No, I'm gonna jump off this thing."

  • And then you come flying off this cliff,

  • things get even faster and gnarlier, then the ground is coming straight at you,

  • it feels like it's gonna eat you then.

  • God!

  • Aha!

  • The moment you land, oh man, I love that time.

  • Turn back, look at where you came from and then realize that something super cool just happened.

  • Oh fuck!

  • Big mountain skiing base jumping is not forgiving,

  • I've definitely lost a lot of friends over the years.

  • I've almost died myself several times.

  • You gotta be on it; you gotta do the right thing if you want to do it for a long time.

  • Oh, that was a terrifying jump.

  • That was a close call, but,

  • hey, I'm alive, I'm not hurt, we did it.

  • We're all looking for happiness, and some people find happiness through balance and monotony and routine in their life,

  • and for me, that's honestly my worst nightmare.

  • I seek happiness through intensity.

  • I think that intensity can bring the best out of people. Aha!

Three, two, one, see ya.

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