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  • Babies! They're really hard to take care of. I don't have kids,

  • but I'm a woman so people assume that I know how to handle them.

  • One thing I do know is that they're really heavy and people carry them around everywhere, but parents! we live in the future

  • We have drones to carry stuff for us now, including babies.

  • I think this child is the appropriate weight and size.

  • I mean it's a little bit on the chubbier side. This video's gonna be so offensive.

  • But you know what? Sometimes the future is offensive. Anyone who's ever watched a Black Mirror episode knows that.

  • We have a drone. We have a harness. We have a child

  • It's like a baby bjorn, but with more sharp propellers. Ever since the haircutting drone I'm terrified of drones.

  • And I'm scared of babies too, so it'll be a great day

  • What am I even doing?

  • It's warning zone Class B. What does that mean? Why is it not starting?

  • Work with me

  • It'll be fun. So we're heading to a park where I think it's not gonna be a lot of people and also

  • Patreon is here to film an interview with me today.

  • We all share the burden of this if somebody gets hurt.

  • How are we taking off?

  • Let's just put it on the floor

  • Fly that baby

  • I think that counts as a success

  • This baby is just too fat. There's nothing wrong with the invention. It's the baby's fault. I have a smaller one

  • Where do you get your children? I get mine from Amazon

  • You're so tiny

  • He's like disappearing in the harness

  • Can you still see that there's a child in there?

  • Great, let's go for a walk

  • I think it was a successful thing. Parents around the world, they're gonna want it

  • That's all

  • Look how happy they are I mean this one's like not so happy. It's seen some SHIT!

  • I'll post the patreon interview once it's out and also I'm back from vacation. I'm here for you again

  • Solving the problems you didn't know you had.

  • You're welcome parents! Anyway, I'll see you soon again, so take care.

  • Bye-eeeeeeeee

Babies! They're really hard to take care of. I don't have kids,

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A drone that carries small children

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    Samuel posted on 2018/05/31
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