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Babies! They're really hard to take care of. I don't have kids,
but I'm a woman so people assume that I know how to handle them.
One thing I do know is that they're really heavy and people carry them around everywhere, but parents! we live in the future
We have drones to carry stuff for us now, including babies.
I think this child is the appropriate weight and size.
I mean it's a little bit on the chubbier side. This video's gonna be so offensive.
But you know what? Sometimes the future is offensive. Anyone who's ever watched a Black Mirror episode knows that.
We have a drone. We have a harness. We have a child
It's like a baby bjorn, but with more sharp propellers. Ever since the haircutting drone I'm terrified of drones.
And I'm scared of babies too, so it'll be a great day
What am I even doing?
It's warning zone Class B. What does that mean? Why is it not starting?
Work with me
It'll be fun. So we're heading to a park where I think it's not gonna be a lot of people and also
Patreon is here to film an interview with me today.
We all share the burden of this if somebody gets hurt.
How are we taking off?
Let's just put it on the floor
Fly that baby
I think that counts as a success
This baby is just too fat. There's nothing wrong with the invention. It's the baby's fault. I have a smaller one
Where do you get your children? I get mine from Amazon
You're so tiny
He's like disappearing in the harness
Can you still see that there's a child in there?
Great, let's go for a walk
I think it was a successful thing. Parents around the world, they're gonna want it
That's all
Look how happy they are I mean this one's like not so happy. It's seen some SHIT!
I'll post the patreon interview once it's out and also I'm back from vacation. I'm here for you again
Solving the problems you didn't know you had.
You're welcome parents! Anyway, I'll see you soon again, so take care.
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A drone that carries small children

92 Folder Collection
Samuel published on May 31, 2018    Clément translated    Evangeline reviewed
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