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This is kind of like reading mean tweets about yourself, isn't it, like on a national level.
"Indian people smell like curry."
Do we? I mean, I don't know, I've always been told we smell nice, I mean, I smell nice.
"Americans are stupid as fuck."
You know, that could go for the dumb blonde thing that may have come out of America.
Stupid people are the ones that
don't care and don't appreciate life
those are the stupid ones.
"Scottish people lose their virginity to sheep."
I don't know where you heard that from
but, we're not Welsh, okay.
That's not a thing.
And I'm from Indonesia, so...
"Asians take pictures of everything"
even toilets.
I guess Asian people have the hobby of taking pictures of themselves.
"Are Mexicans loud?"
I think we are.
Especially if we go out and we
are in a party. We are super fucking loud.
"Asians play "League of Legends" all day."
Pure stereotype.
And I hate this. Because why?
I'm a gamer myself and I think "League of Legends" is the "League of Losers."
Don't say all Asians play "League of Legends," because I don't.
And, I play FPS.
"Americans are fatter than whales."
I think we have a 66%, like, rate of obese people in our country.
That could just be the GMO food we're eating, you know.
We need wholesome good food, organic.
"All Mexicans want to cross the border."
Well, I tried like twice.
Some Mexicans try to cross the border
because it's
they're trying to have a better life in the US.
"99% on math test, why not hundred?"
Very true.
Usually the father or the mother, have very high expectations, to their son or daughter, in that case.
Like, when you got like 97, 98, 99
they will ask what happened.
"Americans fuck their own cousins."
Maybe rural areas,
the people are just stupid and fat and
are down to just "do" their cousins.
"Cows are more important than your own life." Yes!
Traffic will be held up for four hours if there's a cow in the street because nobody will be willing to move it because...
"Gaay hamaaree maan hai" which translates to: "Cow is our mother."
"Please don't eat my dog."
This is just stupid, I mean...
First of all....
I don't know, it's hard to say.
"Mexico's biggest industry is..."
Our biggest industry is pinatas.
[Offscreen] No, fuck no.
Cut that shit.
Can you? Are you going to cut it?
Are you sure? So, I'll...
[On screen] Um, no.
Our biggest industry is marijuana,
and some chili.
"Why are Americans scared of terrorists?"
There's extreme, just, psychopaths that don't care about
and just want to blow things up and...
you know, we have our right, our second amendment right to own guns and I, myself, have a few of those, just for fun.
People that don't have guns, in countries like, Paris, maybe..
"Indian food gives you the shits."
That's just because you're not used to it!
I mean, grow a pair of balls, eat something spicy, it's gonna be fine.
"Asians have.."
"Asians have small dicks."
Maybe bigger than the person who tweeted it.
Umm, I heard Asians have a small dick.
He probably, like, he has a very small dick so he's just like, "Oh man, I'll just make like, Asians have small dicks!" So...
And, like, who cares? Small dick? Big dick? Like, what the heck?
But, this is just stupidity at its best.
And, last question,
"Do Mexicans have a big dick?"
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People React To Their Own National Stereotypes

49 Folder Collection
Samuel published on May 31, 2018
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