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Look at what it is
Ya! It's a
Lawn Mower!
In this video we are going to
do some fun yard
work together! Lets go!
First things first
safety is first!
Before getting on
or operating a riding
lawn mower. You must
first wear ear protection.
and eye protection.
Lawn mower sounds*
Look at what we have here.
This is a
push lawnmower.
But before we start
this push lawn mower
we need to check two things
the first thing is, gas
Lets check the gas
and the second thing is
We have to check the gas
and the oil before we start
this push lawn mower.
Alright, first things first
lets check the gas
right here is
where you check the gas
unscrew this
Then you look down inside.
Ya, we need gas.
Lets put the cap right there.
And then...
lets take our gas can full of gas
and be very careful
You might
need to ask a parent
to do this, because this can
be dangerous.
There we go!
The gas, yep it's full now!
Lets put the gas
cap back on.
It's nice and tight.
we need to check the oil.
Ya, right here!
Unscrew this one.
The oil is really low.
We need to open up the oil
and we
need to
ok there we go.
Now lets pour some oil
in right here.
There we go.
Check it again.
Yep, thats a perfect amount
of oil! Ok
tighten this up.
and now we are ready to go!
We are ready to mow the lawn!
Oh no. Look at all
of these leaves!
Hmmm, What should we do?
Oh I have
an idea!
A Leaf Blower!
YA! This is going
to blow away all of the
leaves! Watch this.
Leaf Blower!
Look at what we got here.
This right here, ya,
those are weeds!
And I have the perfect yard
tool for weeds. Its called
Weed Eater! Ya!
This spins around really
quick and chops up all
of the weeds. But first
apart from the ear protection
and the eye protection
we also need
hand protection for
weed eating. So lets put
on our gloves
and then lets
get to weed eating.
See you later!
It was fun doing yard work with you!
If you want to watch more of my videos
you know what to do.
Just search for my name.
Good job, Bye!
If your youngster enjoys my videos
go to Blippi.com
where you can purchase and
download my videos. So then
you can watch on the go anywhere
and everywhere with no cellular
data or wifi needed.
Siblings, Grandparents,
Babysitters, i'd love
for you to head on over to my social
media pages like facebook
instagram, and twitter because
I have news updates,
behind the scenes, and
even free merchandise giveaways
Just search for my name
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Lawn Mowers for Kids | Yard Work with Blippi

1704 Folder Collection
s95 published on May 29, 2018
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