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Hi Bob the Canadian here.
Sometimes as you learn English you want to
be able to describe the things that you do

for fun.
In this video we'll look at several words
and phrases that you can use in English to

describe the things you would do for fun if
you stayed in instead of going out for the

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So, you don't feel like going out.
One of the first things you might do if you
stay home for the evening is watch television.

So we describe this in a number of ways now
you can “Watch Television” you can “Watch

TV” you might “Watching Netflix” you
might even be “Watching Youtube” and the

place you would do this is most likely in
a room that in English we would call the “Living

Some people might call it the “Family room”.
Some people might call it the “Den”.
But it is the room in the house where you've
most likely placed your television.

On your television you'll watch things like
“Television shows”.

A show come in a “series”.
So if you watch a television “series”
it mean you're watching a bunch of television

“shows” in succession.
Or you could be watching a Netflix “series”.
All of those would appropriate words to describe

You will most likely be sitting on your couch
or sofa.

You may have a “comfortable chair” that
you like to sit in.

You will have in your hand your “remote
control” so that you can pause and go get

“snacks” which brings me to the last thing
you will most likely if you're staying in

for the evenings have some “snacks” and
something to drink as you watch your television

show or a television series.
You may also be watching Netflix, and a new
term, a new English term that's just become

popular in the last few years is something
called “binge watching”.

“Binge watching” is when you watch a whole
bunch of “episodes” of a show back to

back, in succession.
So you might watch episode 1, 2, 3, and 4
in one night and that would be “binge watching”

that television show.
You might also be watching a film, you might
be watching a movie or film.

We use those words interchangeably.
You may have rented a “blu-ray” or a “dvd”.
Or you might be streaming the video through
something like Youtube or Google Play.

So those of the things, number one, those
are the things you could do if you're just

staying home to watch TV for the evening.
Number two, the second thing you could do,
if you're staying in for the evening.

Playing a video game.
So again you could do this in an number of
different places in your home.

You might be playing a video game on your

So you might be sitting at your desk in your
home office and you may be playing a computer

game on your computer.
We use the terms “video game” and “computer
game” kind of interchangeably.

They kind of mean the same thing.
So you may be sitting in your office playing
a “computer game”.

You may also be in the same room where you
watched television.

You may be in your “living room” or “family

And you might be playing a video game on “console”.
So a “console” is something like a “playstation”
or an “xbox” or a “nintendo wii”.

So you may be playing a video game at your
computer in your office.

You may be playing a video game in your living

But you may also just be sitting somewhere
comfortable on your smartphone and playing

a video game on your smartphone.
Video games in general have things like “levels”.
They have “characters” and so as you play
your video game you try to get a “high score”

or a good “score”.
You try to not die in your video game, and
that would be a video game where you're

playing with a “character”.
Something like Mario Brothers.
But perhaps you're playing something else
like Candy Crush or Tetris.

And in those video games you're simply trying
to get further then you did the time previous.

So, the second thing you might do when you're
in for the evening is you might just sit down

somewhere comfortable and play a video game.
You might have snacks, you might have something
to drink, but you certainly are just going

to find a comfortable place, pull out your
smartphone or your laptop and play a video

The third thing you might do if you stay in
for the evening is read.

Reading is such an enjoyable activity for

Normally if I stay in for the night, it is
my first choice of something to do.

I love reading books.
Another English word for book is “novel”.
So I like to sit down with a good book or
novel and just read.

I have a really nice chair, a reading chair,
where I like to do that.

A “reading chair”, there's nothing special
about it, it's just the chair that I like

to sit in when I read.
If you chose to stay in for the evening, other
English words for things you could read are,

A “newspaper” as you can see in the picture,
is a print daily edition of the news.

You may also be reading a “magazine”.
Magazines generally come once a month.
And the last thing you might be, you may be
reading a book on a “kindle” or some sort

of “e-book” reading device.
I have just recently started reading books
as e-books.

I'm, I think I like real books better, but
“e-books” as well are a way to stay in

for the evening and something fun to do, read
a book.

The fourth thing you might do, if you're
staying in for the evening to have fun, is

to play a “board game” or to do a “puzzle”.
So for instance if you were to play a “board
game” you would most likely play either

at the “kitchen table”, which is usually
the largest table in the house, and works

well for “board games”.
Or you might play a game of “cards” at
a special table called a “card table”.

Either way, this requires that there's other

And it's really a fun way to stay in for
the evening.

You may play games like, “monopoly”.
You may play games like, “bridge”.
You may be playing games like, “scrabble”.
By the way if you haven't played “scrabble”
you should play scrabble and try to only do

English words.
It's a really great way to practice your

This is a fun way to stay in for the evening.
It has the added benefit of that it doesn't
cost any money.

And as with everything else I've mentioned
so far.

It's usually fun to have some “snacks”
while you're playing and something to go

along with it.
So staying in, if you have enough people in
your home or apartment.

It sometimes can be fun to stay in and play
a game.

The fifth thing that you might do if you're
staying in for the evening is listening to

some music.
Perhaps you just wanna kick back, which means
to relax, perhaps you just want to kick back

and listen to some music.
You may do that in a number of ways.
You may have a “stereo system” with “speakers”.
Or you may have a “radio” with “speakers”.
And perhaps you have a room in your house
where you have this “sound system” and

you just play music and you sit back and you
listen to the music with your eyes closed.

Maybe you sing along, but you just enjoy listening
to the music.

A second way that you may listen to the music
is perhaps you have a smartphone and you have

“headphones” or “earbuds”.
And you just plug yourself in, put your headphones
on, or put your earbuds in, and play some

In English, we use words like, listen to a

Listen to a “playlist”.
You may listen a collection of music.
People who are older like myself, you may
listen to an “album” which is a collection

of music from the same “artist”.
You may listen to “singers” or you may
listen to music from a “band”.

So there's a variety of ways to describe
music in English, but generally if you're

staying in for the evening just to have an
enjoyable evening in and you like music you

will most likely listen to some of your favourite
music in one of your favourite places to sit

in the house.
A sixth thing that you might do if you're
staying in for the evening is “crossword

puzzles” or “sudokus” or other kinds
of small puzzles that you do by yourself.

“Crossword puzzles” a lot of times come
in a newspaper.

Sometimes people cut them out and keep them

You may also buy small books that have a number
of “crosswords puzzles” “word searches”

or “sudokus”.
Now if your learning English “crossword
puzzles” and “word searches” are also

good ways to practice your English words.
You can use a crossword to get a hint.
A crossword puzzles gives you a hint so that
you can figure what word goes horizontally

or vertically into the puzzle.
A “word search” gives you the list of
words and you need circle the words in this

huge box of letters.
So it's extremely difficult to find them.
The seventh and last thing that you might
do if you are staying in for the evening to

have fun is just connecting with someone else.
You might sit down at your desk and write
a letter using a pen and paper.

You might decide that you haven't sent a
letter to a friend who lives in another country

for a long time.
And you might sit down and you might say,
“Dear John, it's been a while, I hope

things are going well.”
If you're more modern you might sit down
at your computer and you may read an email

or two from a friend and you might decide
to send an email to a friend.

This is much faster, sometimes I think that
letters are are more interesting way to communicate,

because you need to wait.
Email is very, very rapid.
You might “text” a friend.
You might take out your smartphone and “text”
a friend.

You may just go on the internet and go on
“social media” sites like Facebook and

just check to see who's up to what.
What friend is doing what, and maybe you will
“instant message” them via Facebook or

“direct message” them via other platforms.
So you might spend the evening in even though
you're not being social, you may spend the

evening in socializing in certain way by writing
a letter or email or text to someone.

So that's the video on things you can do
if you're staying in for fun.

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This a video in a series, so I'm going to
do a series of five videos of things you can

do for fun.
So look for those coming up in the next few

I'll try to do one a week.
Bob the Canadian here.
Learn English with Bob the Canadian.
I really hope you enjoyed this video and have
a great day.

Hi Bob the Canadian here.
It's just a little too bright outside to
shoot a video, so I'm going to head up into

upstairs of the barn.
We're gonna talk about fun things to do
when you're staying in for the night.

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Fun at Home! Learn English Words and Phrases for Fun Things to Do At Home

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Samuel published on May 28, 2018
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