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hey what's up Stefanie the English
coach here from EnglishFullTime.com

in this video we are going to talk about
how to learn and remember more

vocabulary so you guys can start
speaking more fluently and just feel

more comfortable with English now I have
many methods to share with you guys but

what I want to say is that we all learn
a little bit differently so there's not

one way that will work for everybody you
really have to test and see what works

for you what you enjoy because when you
enjoy the way that you're learning you

learn more and you learn faster okay let
me give you a quick example of this my

husband loves studying languages he goes
crazy he studies everything basically

French Italian Russian I can't even keep
track of all the languages that he

studies and you know how he likes
studying them he uses apps like duolingo

and mango languages he loves using these
apps and you know you can find him at

any point of the day just sitting there
with the app learning new vocabulary

learning new words and then when he
meets people that speak these languages

he actually can talk with them but for
me I don't like that method I cannot

just sit and play with an app it's not
my learning style it does not work for

me and I'm just not interested in that
kind of learning so I have other methods

that work for me but maybe that method
will work for you so it's something to

consider if you're trying to learn more
vocabulary okay before I tell you what

will work and what has worked for me and
what is amazing I want to tell you what

doesn't work okay or at least what
doesn't work for me

cramming never works you guys should
know this right we're all adults here or

most of us are all adults we've all been
through traditional education systems

and we all know what happens when you
cram maybe you're able to pass the test

but then you don't remember anything the
next day this happened to me all the

time when I was in high school because
in my history classes every Friday we

would have a vocabulary exam we had to
learn 10 new words each week and then

take a test on those words and I never
studied I was super lazy when it came to

learning new vocabulary because I hated
this learning method I was I was just so

against it I hated it so basically what
I would end up doing is right before the

test when our teacher would give us ten
extra minutes to prepare I would just

read through all the words really
quickly I would memorize the definition

and I think you know because my brain
was in survival mode like you have to

pass this test then I was able to
memorize all the definitions

word-for-word it was incredible and then
you know we would do the test I would

get ten out of ten right every single
time I had the words down the

definitions everything memorized 100%
but guess what the following week I

never remembered what those words were
okay so cramming like that does not work

it's not a good method you want
consistent exposure to English over a

long period of time that is literally
the best method okay so now I want to

tell you guys about a youtube video that
I saw years ago that was phenomenal and

it's about the way that our brain works
if I can find it I'll link it in the

description for you guys to watch
because it's truly really incredible so

first in this video the narrator shows
you a list of words ten words and says

okay try to see how many of these words
you can memorize and then after you see

the list you have to write down as many
as you can remember and I was able to

write down like four maybe five I could
not remember all the words and then the

narrator told a story using those words
and showed you images of the words as he

was telling the story and then at the
end of it he was like okay now how many

do you remember and I was able to
remember every single word and the

reason is because that word was placed
in a story there was context there was

an image there was something for me to
relate to and identify with so that is a

big key for you and for me when we're
learning languages and when you guys are

trying to improve your English that the
best way to really learn new vocabulary

is one in context okay in a story
because we remember stories and then

using imagery as much
as possible so for me this is why when I

learn a new word in Spanish or something
and I'm like oh man I keep forgetting

what this word is I need to see it I
need a visual

I literally just go to Google Images I
typed the word and then I see all these

pictures and this is a fantastic way to
learn new vocabulary you don't have to

write it down and sit there memorizing
it day after day trying to get that

definition in your mind because words
and definitions are all abstract okay

they're taking something concrete
they're making it abstract and then

they're you're trying to memorize that
in your mind and it's just not as

efficient so trust me on this try it out
next time you hear a word when you're

like oh my gosh what does that mean or I
don't understand it go look it up on

Google Images okay even if it's a
feeling or a word that is abstract like

disappointed for example let's pretend
you learn this word for the first time

there's not really an image like ball
you can see a ball right you can't see

disappointed but you can because Google
Images is going to show you pictures of

people who are disappointed and you're
gonna recognize the expression on their

face because that's an expression we
make in any language okay so that's just

a quick example of how you can use
imagery and use the fact that your brain

remembers things better when it sees
images to learn new vocabulary and

remember it in English okay the next
thing I want to talk to you guys about

is social media because as you guys know
it's already been proven that social

media is highly addictive Facebook
Instagram etc so what we can do is we

can actually use this to our advantage
all of your Facebook all of your

Instagram account everything it should
be in English but not just the account

itself you know where it says settings
and friend requests and all this stuff

not just that okay but all of the
content that you're seeing inside of

Facebook all of the content that you're
seeing inside of Instagram all of that

should be in English so if you focus on
a deeper motivation that you have not

just English but something that you're
really passionate about this could be

related to your career related to your
hobbies whatever it is but some

that you love just follow pages and
content related to that in English and

because Facebook and Instagram is
already so addictive in and of itself

you're gonna be scrolling through your
newsfeed for at least five minutes every

day you're gonna be getting new words in
English and it's just a really easy way

to build your vocabulary so I'm gonna
give you two examples of pages that I

love following on Instagram all in
English and if you guys follow pages

like this you're gonna be learning new
sentences and new words every single day

so one type of page that I love
following on Instagram is quotes like

uplifting inspirational motivational
quotes you can find pages where they

post quotes every single day multiple
times a day and if you're following 20

pages like this first of all you're
gonna be feeling a lot more positive I

think on a daily basis and you're gonna
feel a lot more encouraged with whatever

goals you're trying to achieve but
you're also gonna learn new sentences

new words new ways of structuring
phrases etc okay and to find these pages

just use the hashtag search function and
go to hashtags and then type in

motivational quotes or inspirational
quotes and you'll start finding a bunch

of pages that publish this kind of
content the other kind of page that I

love following on Instagram is pages
about memes

okay memes and jokes and funny things
they make me laugh every single time and

this is a really great way also to stay
up to date on slang or to learn slang if

you're following pages on Instagram that
are nothing but memes your vocabulary is

gonna increase without a doubt and
your slang you're gonna start

learning a lot more slang too and you're
gonna laugh more because they're so

funny okay so the next thing I want to
say about this is that it takes time for

the brain to process new information
okay so you're not going to be able to

learn hundreds of words every single day
and you shouldn't even try because even

if you learn the definition of a word
you have to hear that word in context

many many many many times before you
really truly understand

that word and can use it on
autopilot so a lot of times I see

students that hear a word for the first
time and they start trying to use it but

they're misusing it they're using it out
of context because they don't really

understand how to use it so sometimes I
think it's better to just listen a lot

more first and analyze how words are
used and then once you feel like okay

yeah I totally understand how this word
should be used then you can incorporate

it into your vocabulary and start using
it now with all of that said there are

times where you're gonna have to
memorize a lot of words in a short

amount of time and this happened to me
when I had first come to Argentina it

was my first year in the country and I
decided that I wanted to start working

as an independent beauty consultant and
I was going to start selling and

marketing different beauty products well
it wasn't until that point when I

realized oh my gosh I don't know how to
say these basic words in Spanish that

are related to makeup and you know doing
your makeup like how do you say lipstick

how do you say eyeliner how do you say
blush how do you say eyeshadow these are

all words that are related to makeup and
doing your makeup and I didn't know any

of them so what did I do
I had to go look up all of this

information and start memorizing like
crazy and I remember that I printed a

bunch of material
I watched youtube videos in Spanish I

was taking notes about how the girls
were describing their makeup and

describing how they were applying it I
was taking notes and then I would

practice I would do presentations in
front of the mirror I would make people

listen to me and I was basically like
hey this is my job now I have to know

these words I can't not know these words
so that was really frustrating because

even though I was studying every day I
kept forgetting words and it felt like I

was making no progress but you know what
it took me about one week maybe or two

weeks or a few days I don't remember but
it was not actually that long it's just

like when you're studying those new
words that's when it feels like it's

taking forever but then you look back
and you're like hey you know it didn't

that long so that method of writing
words down studying their definitions

looking them up etc and trying to cram
as much into your brain in as little

time as possible again it can work but
it's not a good long-term strategy

that's like if you're desperate and
you're like okay I need a certain set of

vocabulary terms ASAP that I don't know
then of course that will work okay and

my last tip here on how to learn and
remember more vocabulary is to just

start being more observant right we have
active vocabulary and passive vocabulary

what happens with a lot of you guys is
you understand everything that I say so

my vocabulary is in your passive
vocabulary because you understand it but

then when you want to speak a lot of
times you don't have the actual words

you don't have the fluency that's
because you don't have my vocabulary

built into your active vocabulary okay
you have just a base vocabulary of

whatever you're working with right now
and maybe you've been incorporating a

few extra words a week but if you really
want to start improving faster you have

to really listen to what I say and ask
yourself what words is she saying that I

don't use ask yourself that question and
you'll start realizing oh she always

says this phrase or she always says
these words and I don't use them how

does she use them and then once you
start making those observations you'll

be able to incorporate it into your
speech and of course start having a

bigger vocabulary and with that said the
idea here is not to have a huge

vocabulary it's just to be able to
express yourself well you guys might

notice that I don't use a ton of big
words because I don't care about using

big words I want people to understand me
and I want to communicate what I'm

thinking and what I'm feeling and in
order to do that you don't need a huge

amount of words okay you just need basic
words okay though you can do this even

without having an extensive vocabulary
just remember that you should be

focusing on chunks okay not necessary
individual vocabulary words but chunks

and phrases focus on one type of English
because if you're trying to learn

British English Irish English and
American English or different types of

American English and British English or
whatever all at the same time you're

going to drive yourself crazy it's
better to just focus on one area so you

can master that vocabulary and then move
on so for example British English a lot

of their vocabulary that's in my passive
vocabulary I understand it but I don't

use it okay so for you you can
understand American English but speak

British English or you can understand
British English but speak American

English or whatever you feel more
comfortable with okay guys so hopefully

those tips were helpful please let us
know in the comments what tips you'd

like to add based on your personal
experience what works for you what

learning styles you enjoy to improve
your vocabulary we look forward to

reading what you have to say and of
course don't forget to check the

description because I leave lots of
links and lots of other information in

the description for those of you who
always ask no I don't offer private

classes I'm so sorry but I do run
several online programs that you might

be interested in so again check the
links in the description and you'll

learn more about them there that's it
you guys and I'll see you in another

video bye
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Improve Your Vocabulary With These Simple Tips

86 Folder Collection
Johnny Tsai published on May 23, 2018
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