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  • Where are you from Lester?

  • I'm from Hong Kong.

  • What did you do in Hong Kong?

  • I worked in a fashion retail shop.

  • What's the main meal of the day?

  • The main meal of the day would be dinner.

  • A lot of people say it's breakfast, but I don't really have time for that. I like to

  • sleep in a bit.

  • Is it better to eat one meal or several small meals?

  • I believe it's better to have several small meals because people say it's healthier to

  • have several small meals.

  • Do you usually eat alone?

  • I usually eat alone

  • because most of my family members would be working.

  • Do you think people eat too much fast food?

  • I do think people eat too much fast food these days, including myself.

  • Do you prefer eating at home or at restaurants?

  • I prefer eating in restaurants

  • because I can try different food which is, if I eat at home normally I only have Chinese

  • food.

  • So those were the questions I got for the first part of the test and it was very easy

  • so good luck!

Where are you from Lester?

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Passport to English - IELTS speaking test with Lester: Part 1 - Introduction

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