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  • 21 Savage: There's a whole lot of shit that can turn you into an ex.

  • You talk too fuckin' much.

  • You don't know when to shut up.

  • You goddamn, want fame.

  • Acting like a gold digger.

  • You don't know how to be loyal.

  • You know?

  • You ain't doing shit with yourself.

  • I hate dingy ass hoes.

  • Future, like he did, like an intro.

  • He did a verse, a hook, another verse, another hook, you know what I'm saying?

  • When Metro played it for me I was like shit, we should just chop it up so that we going

  • back and forth.

  • I don't really dance like that, so the diamonds do the dancing.

  • Marijuana, Codeine w promethazine, percocets, you know that's really it.

  • Gotta make her eat a plan B, nigga not tryin' to have no more kids.

  • That's just a line, that ain't really like something that I'm doing but it's

  • just like, I know motherfuckers are just out there makin' em eat plan b's so shit I

  • know they relate to it.

  • 21 Savage: Shit plan b more cheaper than a motherfuckin' abortion.

  • You gotta know what you fucking.

  • Nigga ain't just walking around fucking anything without no condom, though.

  • You stupid if you is.

  • Shit, you might get a new bitch and go buy her a goddamn bag and some red bottoms.

  • The same ones your bitch been asking you to get her.

  • It's cool to be ratchet.

  • Everybody get ratchet, but you don't want to be ratchet when we in a room full of business people.

  • Or we out somewhere it ain't a time to be ratchet, you know what I'm sayin?

  • You know bitches get to reposting them long ass poems about love and niggas breaking their

  • heart, and all that shit.

  • Like, bitch get out your feelings on the Instagram. You know what I'm saying? Nobody cares.

  • 60, 70 racks on me right now.

  • Bust down.

  • Rose gold, 2016 model, you know what I'm saying.

  • Rainbow is like a cheap ass clothing store to these hoes.

  • So it's like, 'Bitch, you got them Rainbow sandals on your feet.'

  • I got gold on my teeth.

  • Take care of your feet, hoe.

  • I was just talking shit, man.

  • It wasn't really no specific bitch.

  • It was just...

  • All these hoes, really.

  • Other people's relationships and shit.

  • Like, other hoes who I see you going with famous niggas.

  • It was just a whole bunch of hoes.

21 Savage: There's a whole lot of shit that can turn you into an ex.

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