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Hey Google turn on the lights.
Google: Okay turning the lights on.
I wield technology.
Just really upfront this video is paid for by Google Home.
Yeah, there are some crews here like any moment.
But I just wanted to let you know that I'm donating all of the money.
I get from the sponsorship to help some of the disaster relief in Puerto Rico. As you probably know the situation
there is still really dire after Hurricane Maria.
So if you're somebody who doesn't like it when YouTubers do sponsored projects, bear with me. It's for a good cause.
dislike soup and especially pumpkin soup. I think it's because when I was a kid.
I wanted to stop eating meat and my parents were like you need to prove that you can eat vegetables.
And they made me eat a whole bowl of pumpkin soup.
I feel like everybody has that thing that they got forced to eat as a kid and that they spend the rest of their lives.
Hating and mine is pumpkin soup. You know what it's Halloween which is all about facing your fears. So today
I'm gonna make pumpkin soup and have a robot serve it to me. Wow Simone,
impressive feat of bravery! I know it might not seem like a big thing, but to me, It is. Hey Google. Let's get spooky!
Google: Setting your home to paranormal.
Hi, welcome to Simone's cooking show.
I don't know how to make pumpkin soup, but I'm just gonna do it the same way as I build robots?
It's just to do it the way. I think it should be done if only there was a device that could help me chop things
Right, I've already made that!
Bum bum bum!
Onions chopped by a robot. When you make pumpkin soup do you eat the peel as well?
I'm just gonna have to do this old-school.
Hey Google when is my birthday?
Google: Your birthday is November first.
Please send me stuff.
Uh, this is not pumpkin soup.
I realize I'm kind of happy that the robot is gonna be so bad at serving me this cuz I probably won't have to eat a
lot of it. I'll eat a little bit for the sake of proving that I'm a grown-up and that I can do it.
Hey, Google, are you ready for the soup robot?
Google: Hmm? I'm not sure.
Neither am I.
The soup robot is as if the beer robot got the breakfast machine really drunk, and then they had a child.
It's actually pretty sweet. I have a servomotor recorder.
I'm gonna control all the servo motors, and then you can like record a sequence and replay it
It has like this weird
bug where I have to slam it for it to actually start. I 3D printed all these parts because you can't get a
claw that needs to pick up soup just like that.
It'll need a little bit of fine tuning, just a little bit.
Mmm. I think it'll work things are gonna be great.
Thank you for your trust in me. This especially is gonna be so messy,
which is nice because I have this little crew here who can help me clean up afterwards.
I'm just gonna sort screws and ignore what this robot is doing. I'm like actually nervous.
Hey, Google.
Turn on the soup robot.
Google: You got it, turning the soup robot on.
(Suspenseful music)
But this really it looks it looks like baby barf. Nom Nom Nom.
Soup's fun.
Soup. People should soup more often. If I could eat soup like this every time, I might like it.
Take two!
Hey Google turn on the soup robot.
Google: Okay turning on the soup robot.
(Simone's theme)
I just needed to show you the ground here. It looked like somebody made a kill room for emojis.
I'm feeling fine. I like pumpkin soup a lot more like this.
Thank you so much to the Google home team for this paid sponsorship.
If you get a Google Home Mini it won't come with a soup robot.
But that's probably a good thing.
Check out some of the other videos the creators have made with the Google Home Mini and please,
consider donating money to support some of the disaster relief work going on in Puerto Rico.
I'll put links in the descriptions to some smaller organizations who are doing really important work on the ground.
I mean if soup robot can do good then so can you.
We're working on that slogan all day, okay? Bye!
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I made a robot that serves me soup

4204 Folder Collection
羅苙銨 published on June 7, 2018
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