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  • Hello,

  • this is Valeriy Leletko. Welcome to Ask About Admissions screencast. Australia.

  • This country is one of the leaders on the international education market

  • hundreds of thousands of international students come annually to Australian

  • colleges and universities.

  • Far not every prospective international student

  • can pay for education in Australia on its own and they want to know

  • what financial aid offers this country to such studnets. Right now we go to

  • explore Australian scholarships for international students.

  • There are two major groups of scholarships: scholarships coming from Australian

  • Government

  • and scholarships coming from Australian educational institutions and

  • other organizations. The scholarships cover various educational sectors. Undergraduate

  • and post graduate study and research

  • vocational education and training and also student exchanges.

  • some scholarships partially cover expenses related to education but

  • there are more attractive full scholarships for international students

  • in Australia.

  • Let's get started searching for scholarships. Australian Government

  • scholarships for international students. Australian Government has done just

  • excellent job and created this site Australia awards dot G O V dot A U

  • that is a convenient entry point to start your search for Australian Government

  • scholarships for international students.

  • I click "participating countries"

  • and we can see that in general scholarship programs cover the entire

  • world. You can download printed version of the page and work

  • with the pdf version of the document off line

  • or scroll down and check out availability of a particular scholarship for your country.

  • Click on the name of a scholarship at the table header opens a page dedicated to

  • this particular program

  • at the moment i'm making this screencast this site doesn't cover two more

  • Australian Government scholarships for international students.

  • The first one is International Postgraduate Research Scholarships

  • IPRS

  • information on the scholarship program regulations

  • provides site Innovation dot G O V dot A U which is one of the official

  • Australian Government sites.

  • The second program which is not presented at the Australian Awards site

  • is Australian Postgraduate Awards. APA.

  • Information on this program can also be found on the site

  • Innovation dot G O V dot A U.

  • A short note.

  • Applications for IPRS and APA

  • should be made directly to participating universities.

  • this site provides just generic information about IPRS and APA.

  • Now when you know where to search for the Australian Government scholarships time

  • to get familiar where to search for

  • Australian universities scholarships for international students.

  • Again, thanks to care of the Australian Government there is an excellent

  • starting point for this search which is study in australia

  • dot G O V dot AU.

  • one thing I would like to mention about this site it's available in multiple

  • languages.

  • If to scroll down to the bottom

  • we can see language selection section here. At this moment the site is available in

  • twelve different languages. No doubt

  • it gives some additional convenience

  • but the major point of our interest here is this tiny phrase

  • find a scholarship

  • and I click it.

  • When the page loads we can see a minor disappointment here that this page

  • is only available in English but it's still OK

  • because it's so time saving when at a single place

  • in a few mouse clicks you can create a quiery and get a customized list

  • of scholarships

  • that match your parameters.

  • This page provides an interface and gives you an opportunity to search in a

  • comprehensive database.

  • The database is kept up to date and gives you results related to all

  • possible scholarships coming from Australian universities and other

  • organizations.

  • Now you have all information necessary to search for scholarships available to

  • international students studying in Australia.

  • We hope this screencast will help you to understand where to find

  • information and apply for Australian scholarships for international students.

  • If you still have questions ask them in comments to the screencast. You will

  • definitely get a response. Thanks for watching and see you next time, this was

  • Valeriy Leletko


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Australian Scholarships for International Students.

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