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  • And now I thought I'd share

  • some of my favorite mom quotes from you guys.

  • Here we go. This first one is from @victoriapike.

  • She said... "Yesterday my mom ordered a "Tai Chi" Latte from Starbucks."

  • Close. Chai tea.

  • -Use the energy. -Yeah, she used the energy.

  • Coffee pours itself. Yeah.

  • -You're clean. Very slowly.

  • -This one's from @itsLJ. She says...

  • When my mom would drive us kids around, and she would brake really hard to make us lean forward and then say, "Bow to mom."

  • -"Bow to Mom."

  • This one's from @simpovski.

  • She says, "My mom made up her own saying in the 90's: 'Talk to the palm, cause you ain't the mom.'"

  • -Pretty good.

  • Oh, this is -- this is funny.

  • This one's from @Bethrob325.

  • She says,"My mom calls Disneyland 'The Big D."

  • E-ticket. -Yeah.

  • -Wow. The Big D?

  • -In some places, it's a small world.

  • -There you go.

  • -This one is from @JulesRead1.

  • She says, "One night my mom told us we were having 'Roast Bork ' for dinner. We asked her what that was, she said, 'Well I'm defrosting something from the freezer and I can't tell if it's beef or pork yet."'"

  • That's so my mom.

  • That is hilarious.

  • Everything wrapped in aluminum foil.

  • I don't know what it is. -No date.

  • -Nope.

  • This one's from @devholla14.

  • She says: ''One time I called my mom ''Bro'' and she goes, ''I'm not your bro or your hoe. I'm your Mo.''

  • -This one's from @brennenhancock.

  • He says: ''My mom told me she ans the lady across the street were '' Friends with Benefits.'' I asked her what tat meant, and she said ''You know, we get each other's mail when they're are out of town and stuff.''

  • -Oh. Okay.

  • -Okay.

  • Then they went to Disneyland.

  • Took a long trip to Disneyland.

  • -This last one's from @hoorayplatypus.

  • She sa-- -Hooray, platypus!

  • I love platypus, right?

  • -Hooray, platypus. -Hooray!

  • -She says: ''My mom couldn't find the movie she wanted on Netflix. ''Oh, well, someone else is probabaly watched it. I'll try again tomorrow.''

  • There you have it.

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And now I thought I'd share

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