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In the mid-nineteenth century,
devotee of Satan, Karl Marx, wrote in The Communist Manifesto,
"A spectre is haunting Europe—the spectre of communism."
The Communist Party subsequently emerged in Europe,
bringing with it great catastrophe for the people of the continent.
Over half a century,
this spectre evolved into the Chinese Communist Party,
which seized control of the entirety of mainland China.
It began to wreak havoc, inflicting terrible adversity upon the people.
The CCP was a horde of demons
that hated the truth and was rabid in its hostility to God.
The evil acts it committed were many.
It not only abused and slaughtered hundreds of millions of Chinese people,
but also did all it could to deceive people into denying God and the truth.
It tried to control the whole of mankind,
so that all people would worship the Communist Party as God,
and treat it as God.
As a result, the sins of people's denial of God,
opposition to God, and betrayal of God reached their peak.
Since it came to power in mainland China,
the CCP has been unceasing in its persecution of religious faith.
It has frantically arrested and killed Christians,
and has expelled and abused missionaries working in China.
The grisly atrocities and wicked deeds have piled up,
too numerous to count.
On the surface,
the CCP provides religious freedom in the Constitution,
but in reality, it is covering up the facts
and deceiving the people of the world.
Its ultimate aim is to eradicate religious faith,
turning China into a land without God.
It wants to control the people of China forever!
Never before has a regime been
as bloody in its persecution of religious faith as the CCP government.
It regards Christianity and Catholicism as cults.
It has labeled the Bible a "book of cults,"
and has confiscated and burned countless copies of it.
It has seized and demolished churches,
and tried to eradicate all house churches.
Under the rabid oppression and brutal persecution of the CCP government,
countless Christians have been arrested, tortured, and imprisoned.
Many others have had to go into hiding,
unable to return home.
The CCP's persecution of some church leaders left them disabled or dead.
Subjected to profound suffering,
Chinese Christians became even more fervent in their prayers for the Lord Jesus' return,
and for deliverance from CCP persecution.
During the last days,
God has once again become flesh in the East—China.
In 1991,
Christ of the last days, Almighty God formally took up His ministry.
Since then, Almighty God has expressed millions of words.
Upon the foundation of the Lord Jesus' work of redemption,
He carried out the next stage of judgment beginning from the house of God.
God's sheep hear His voice.
The people of various sects and denominations
who loved the truth and yearned for God's appearance,
have recognized that Almighty God's words were full of authority and power,
that they were the truth,
and that this was the voice of God.
They believed that Almighty God was the returned Lord Jesus,
and one by one they came before Almighty God.
In little more than 20 years,
several million people in mainland China have come to accept Almighty God.
The rapid growth of The Church of Almighty God sparked panic in the CCP.
To eradicate The Church of Almighty God,
the CCP held numerous emergency meetings,
issued secret documents,
and mobilized the police and army to maniacally oppress the Church.
It even threatened that
"Troops would not have a day's rest in eliminating The Church of Almighty God."
The whole of mainland China rained blood,
dark clouds descended,
and there was universal outrage and indignation.
the Christians of all the house churches in mainland China,
particularly those of The Church of Almighty God,
are experiencing even more brutal and bloody persecution by the CCP.
These Christians' bloodshed and loss of life
are like a song of victory over the forces of Satan,
and tell the grisly tale of Chinese Christians' persecution.
Spring Festival of 2015 was just around the corner.
At a time of happiness, when families reunite,
a tragedy occurred in the grounds of a rental apartment block
in some county of Hunan Province.
The block's other tenants had already returned home for the holidays.
The only remaining tenant had died unexpectedly.
The deceased was a woman approximately 30 years old.
She was lying face up on the ground,
and there was a pool of blood under her head.
A handcuffed woman was squatting in the courtyard,
her face streaked with tears.
There was animated discussion among the crowd of onlookers.
Who was this dead woman?
And who was the handcuffed woman?
Was she the killer?
What happened between them?
How did the deceased die?
The tragic state of the deceased provoked unease among the onlookers.
Coming before Chinese New Year,
the murder case cast a pall over the happy atmosphere.
The Song family was deeply shocked by the sudden news of Xiaolan's death.
Their hopes for a happy family reunion during Chinese New Year
were completely shattered.
They simply couldn't accept that she had killed herself.
Harboring strong suspicions,
Mrs. Song and Xiaolan's sister hurried to the funeral parlor.
On the way to the funeral parlor,
Mrs. Song thought back to when her daughter had left home.
28-year-old Song Xiaolan was a Christian of The Church of Almighty God.
She was of good humanity, and a true believer in God.
Mrs. Song didn't believe it for a moment.
Her daughter had only rented the room to do some work for the church.
Nothing had been out of the ordinary recently.
How could she suddenly throw herself out of the window?
Seeing that the girl in the mortuary refrigerator really was her daughter,
Mrs. Song broke down in tears.
Distraught, Mrs. Song collapsed on the floor.
His face impassive,
Mr. He, the officer in charge of the case, said nothing.
How did Song Xiaolan die?
And who was the woman the police took away?
Since Song Xiaolan's death was not connected to Zhao Qin,
who was the real killer?
What really happened?
Zhao Qin didn't have a clue what was happening.
Song Xiaolan got up in the morning to go to the toilet,
how could she suddenly end up dead in the courtyard?
Song Xiaolan's family were also disturbed by the cause of her death.
In the funeral parlor,
Officer He, who knew the Song family, was relentless in casting the blame on Mrs. Song.
He said that Song Xiaolan's death was connected to her faith.
This made Mrs. Song suspicious.
Officer He took out a photo and asked her to identify it.
Mrs. Song looked at the photo and instantly recognized it as Zhao Qin.
Mrs. Song and Zhao Qin were both Christians in The Church of Almighty God.
They knew each other very well.
She knew that Zhao Qin couldn't have harmed her daughter.
What made her most suspicious was,
in the morning the police had said her daughter had thrown herself out of the window,
but now they were saying she had been killed.
What was going on?
Mrs. Song had been completely bewildered,
but what Officer He said next inadvertently revealed something.
The talk of secret monitoring confirmed Mrs. Song's suspicions.
There was no way her daughter killed herself.
There must be something unknown about her sudden death.
After rushing to the funeral parlor,
the Song family was consumed with anguish when they saw the body.
They didn't believe for a second
that Song Xiaolan, who was so open and full of life,
could have thrown herself out of a window.
In particular, the deep wound to her head couldn't have been caused by a fall.
Officer He's conflicting explanation also heightened the Song family's suspicions.
The police were covering up the truth.
To find proof, at 3 p.m. on this day,
members of the Song family hurried to the scene of Song Xiaolan's death.
Seeing two pools of blood on the ground and the outline of the body,
Mr. Song felt like his heart was going to break.
Xiaolan's husband, too, couldn't stop the tears from streaming down his face.
Her room had been turned upside down by the police,
and anything of any worth had been taken away.
When they saw the window, the family were incensed.
It felt like they were being strung along.
All the windows in the room had metal bars in them,
there was no way anyone could jump out.
The police's claim that Song Xiaolan had jumped to her death
was utter nonsense!
After seeing this,
the Song family headed to the County Public Security Bureau,
full of suspicion.
They confronted Mr. Bin, the captain of the local Criminal Police Group.
The captain had unexpectedly given a different account of Song Xiaolan's death.
Earlier, the police explicitly said Song Xiaolan jumped out a window.
Next, Officer He said she had been killed by Zhao Qin.
And now Captain Bin was saying
that Song Xiaolan had jumped off the building after drinking pesticide.
Why were the CCP police giving conflicting accounts of Song Xiaolan's death?
The police's stalling and apathy provoked a deep anger in the Song family.
After the police's repeated lies,
the Song family came to a painful decision:
They had to find out how she died.
To prove that Song Xiaolan hadn't drunk pesticide,
they asked for an autopsy on her body.
At 6 p.m. that day in the dissecting room,
Song Xiaolan's father and husband
discovered a large bruise on her left thigh
and a small bruise on her left calf.
She had clearly been beaten before she died.
Song Xiaolan's husband also discovered something else:
There was a large rip in the outside of his wife's right trouser leg.
His wife had always kept herself very clean.
The dirt and damage to her trousers likely happened around her death.
The Song family didn't realize at the time
that the damage to the trousers was a clue that proved Song Xiaolan had been killed.
The forensic doctors first opened her chest and abdomen for an examination and sampling.
When the gastric juice was sampled,
Song Xiaolan's father and husband couldn't smell any pesticide.
There was nothing to substantiate the police's claim
that Song Xiaolan had drunk pesticide.
After the autopsy,
the County Public Security Bureau kept delaying the release of the autopsy report.
Over and over, the Song family went and asked for the results,
but the police were contemptuous and domineering throughout,
using every manner of excuse to stall and delay.
This string of lies gave the family the feeling
that the police were deliberately hiding the truth,
and they wouldn't give them a key piece of evidence like the autopsy report easily.
The Song family was plunged into utter despair.
It was a chilly morning on March 2,
the air was unusually cold.
The Song family anxiously returned to the scene of Song Xiaolan's death
to pore over every nook and corner.
This time, they found a lot.
Although it had already been over half a month,
and someone had already scrubbed the ground clean,
the specks of blood had seeped into the concrete ground.
They were still clearly visible.
They had become stains that couldn't be washed away.
The spots of blood were silent,
yet they also seemed to be saying something.
The specks of blood seemed to be leading the family ever closer to the truth.
The police had said Song Xiaolan had drunk pesticide and then jumped to her death.
But her father couldn't accept this explanation.
If his daughter had drunk pesticide,
why, right before she died, would she have put the empty bottle back beneath her bed,
then jumped to her death?
Added to that,
there wasn't the faintest smell of pesticide during the autopsy.
Song Xiaolan's father was certain that his daughter hadn't drunk pesticide.
So how did she really die?
Visiting the scene of Song Xiaolan's death left her family certain
that she had been beaten unconscious and dragged to the roof by someone.
And then they threw her off the building
to fabricate the scene of her death.
Having worked this out, the family had another cause for suspicion.
Who had really killed Song Xiaolan?
And why did they want to kill her?
Why did the police keep lying, protecting the murderer?
Incensed, members of the Song family once again returned
to the County Public Security Bureau
to demand Song Xiaolan's autopsy report.
But, seeing them, Captain Bin and others slipped quietly away.
On March 15,
Mr. Song received an unexpected call from the County Public Security Bureau,
saying that they were going to provide the family
with a video from the scene of Song Xiaolan's death.
The video released by the police once more exposed their lies.
Previously, Captain Bin had said
the empty bottle was found under Song Xiaolan's bed.
Now they were saying it was found in the bathroom.
One of the onlookers at the time was from the same town as Mr. Song,
and told him that
when Song Xiaolan died, she was clearly lying on her back on the ground.
But in the police video, she was face down.
At the time, the police made no effort to save Song Xiaolan.
But in the video, there was a shot of an ambulance driving off.
These and other questionable details proved
that the video, which was supposedly shot at the scene of Song Xiaolan's death,
had been entirely edited together from clips.
The police had made a fake video for blinding the family,
and they'd done a shoddy job of it.
It made the family members even more angry.
In their conflicting accounts,
the police kept changing the cause of Song Xiaolan's death.
It had revealed their shamelessness of their many lies and blatant deception.
The police had no answer to the questions the Song family shouted loud and clear.
But they kept coming up with excuses.
There was no end to their sophistries.
They did their utmost to avoid blame,
and even continued to concoct shameless lies.
The family was exasperated,
and they also felt a deep sense of helplessness.
They sought help from a relative who worked for the government,
who replied straightaway
that he had a contact in the Public Security Bureau that he would talk to.
After meeting with the police captain,
the relative told the Song family what he'd said.
Hearing the police's backhanded revelation of the truth,
the Song family was overcome with anger.
They finally understood that
it was the CCP police who had killed Song Xiaolan.
In view of the police's callous disregard for human life
and attempts to cover up the truth,
the Song family decided to file a lawsuit.
But the police united in saying that Song Xiaolan had poisoned herself.
They also aggressively threatened the family,
saying they had nowhere to seek justice.
Seeing the police's lawlessness and how they used their authority to bully people,
the Song family was left with no alternative
but to swallow the injustice and give up on the case.
In this way, the murder case came to an ignominious end.
Later, an insider revealed that
Song Xiaolan had been monitored by the police
because she was ceaseless in performing her duty
after coming to believe in Almighty God.
At 5 a.m. in the morning on February 12,
Officer He and several other plainclothes policemen
surrounded the apartment where Song Xiaolan was living.
At 6 a.m., Song Xiaolan emerged to go to the toilet.
Plainclothes policemen grabbed her and struck a vicious blow at her.
Believing she wouldn't survive,
they threw her from the roof,
to give the impression that she had thrown herself to her death.
The police came up with an assortment of lies,
but in fact, they were trying to cover up the truth and escape blame.
The CCP's cruel murder of Song Xiaolan
caused every generation of the Song family to live in pain.
After Song Xiaolan died,
her daughter was left distraught
by the knowledge that she would never see her mother again.
She couldn't stop herself from crying every time she thought of her mom.
The young son didn't know his mother had already died,
and cried out for her every day.
Song Xiaolan's mother was also left desolated.
Every day, tears ran down her face.
Her body grew increasingly frail.
After her daughter died, she started having frequent fainting fits.
The Song family refused to accept
that the CCP had killed Song Xiaolan
simply because she believed in God and had been carrying out her duty.
The pain of losing a loved one could never be extinguished.
On April 4,
Mrs. Song once more returned to the apartment where her daughter had died.
In a secret place, she found her daughter's notebook.
In it was an unsent letter.
Looking at her daughter's familiar handwriting,
Mrs. Song felt a strong longing for Xiaolan.
The pain of losing her daughter once again filled her eyes with tears.
She could almost see her daughter.
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Best Christian Documentary Movie | Chronicles of Religious Persecution in China | "The Cover-up"

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