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- I bet I'm gonna pick up this fish.
It's swimming, yay!
It's swimming!
I think it's dead.
Hello, Des!
Who are you?
And what are you doing?
- Eating food.
Alright, today we're gonna be trying food from an Asian country.
It is a neighbor to Japan.
- China!
A different neighbor.
- Tokyo!
Starts with a "K"
- What?
Yay, let's start.
And open!
-What's this for?
That's for the rice and the little fish, and the seaweed soup. You could use the spoon.
- The seaweed's dancing while I blow it.
- This fish is names Bob.
This fish is named Joe.
These fishes are named Bob and Joe and Dee.
Alright, now try putting one in your mouth.
- Ew, I don't wanna kill my friends.
I hate to break it to you, they're already dead.
This is a traditional birthday breakfast.
- Why would you call it a birthday breakfast?
The reason why is when moms have babies, they eat seaweed soup everyday for a couple months.
Because they say it makes better breast milk.
- It makes what?
Just pop one in your mouth. You said you eat fish.
- I do eat fish, but...
I don't wanna eat Joey!
Okay, we'll set Joey free, and pick Joey's friend.
- Why Joey's friend?
Fishy, you taste good!
Open your eyes!
- Lunch.
- You can tell that this is gonna be spicy.
Everything that's red, it's spicy.
- Tell me what these are called.
This is called
This is called "Dokpokki," This is kind of a snack. This is actually a really popular street food.
- Spicy!
- Spicy!
- I'm a volcano!
If it wasn't spicy, it would be good.
- Not so sure if I like it or not like it.
That's okay.
- What's this?
- This, right here.
Green onion pancake?
- I'll try it, even if it's spicy.
Smells like it's spicy.
- It's spicy, that's what the problem is.
- The beef is good.
The beef is called Bulgogi beef.
- Love it!
- What is this?
Is this fake fish?
- It's shaped like a fish.
"I am one of your fish!"
- Fish, I'm gonna dissect you, I'm sorry.
I just have to do this.
It's called red bean paste.
- Red bean paste?
- Is this dessert?
In Korea, they don't really have dessert, so they normally just eat fruit.
- I'm squishing the guts out of him.
- This is good!
- Can I please take bungeoppang...
- Gamsamida for watching.
What country should we try food from next?
Can I have a paper towel now?
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Kids Try Korean Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

1830 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on May 11, 2018    Clément translated    Evangeline reviewed
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