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What do you see?
Uh, I see bread and pork on the table
That's not pork. Y'know what that is?
It's frog leg.
Frog leg?
yum yum yum
yum yum yum
In this meal you're gonna put the hot chocolate in the cereal.
Oh My God no no no no no
Instead of milk, they pour hot chocolate in their cereal.
They're living it up.
This is just weird.
All of it?
Oh man. I don't like this much sugar
this is so so super super awful
What is that is that? Is that plastic?
Oh no!
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Did your parents starve you today for this video?
I feel bad for those kids. This is horrible.
Mommy do you do this in China?
I hope you don't
What country do you think this is from?
Let's say a crazy country. A very crazy country where kids think that chocolate milk is regular milk and they dump it in cereal
This is a French breakfast
It is?
You would have this in French all the time
Oh no
I hope I never live in French or move
Close your eyes
Pizza pizza pizza pizza
Is this a yolk?
Beef, what is it?
Raw beef
Looks like bread with some bouncy yolk and salmon and cucumber
What if I tell you that's not salmon?
He's don't. [tell] me that's cow make law
It's raw
cow meat
It's is horrible?
Uh, you do it
My whole day's ruined.
beef or pork? Oh?
Oh no.
No, I ate my sister's favorite animal
Before you eat it, you wanna know what it is?
It's raw beef.
I don't want to be sick. I don't want to eat this.
No, no, oh, why are you giving me this ah?
It's called a mussel.
Using it. I mean my mom goes to Chinese buffets she eats this
Mostly more than anything, so I'll leave this to my mom and this will be mine
Yup that's the mussel. No not that part, you don't eat that.
Try a little bite of it.
Oh my gosh.
Nope, these muscles got no muscles
These mussel's got no mussels.
Still in your mouth?
Do you need to spit it out?
You can do it.
Why do you always [do] [Kazakh] Candy buffet you're crazy?
You can turn
Your try it not be nice to you Carolina. Thanks. No hardest good job
It's yours.
Good job.
Does it taste good?
Okay, and Daisy's good actually should I have yours? [I] won't let go ahead
Go ahead.
So this is what people would eat for lunch in France.
Even that a whole thing
Open your eyes.
Should we go again?
no, I think I need a bowl to spit this in.
It's good. It's like fish, but
Looks like chicken.
So what do you think it is?
chicken fish?
- You just had frog. -Oh no.
You know what that is right?
Mmm hmm
- What is that? -Frog leg.
I think I know where it's from.
- Where? - China.
This is actually French.
It's everything. I'm gonna eat French
You ready for next thing?
No, my mashed potatoes in yours. [oh], my mashed potatoes
Mm-Hmm use some time to eat
You don't like duck liver?
That's like a half day [done] quiver [penton] wait
-Wait. What? -That is duck liver pâté.
I'm never going to Paris
That is duck liver pâté.
[French] people are so not Fancy I
Thought there's gonna be like a bowl of ice cream. [let's] play. Let's walk to the fish
This smells like raw tuna fish.
No, I already taste it. I can visit from we don't have diesel and
How come no everything is goes in French? What do you see on that cheese? Uh?
I dont know garlic
It's mold.
or the French out of their mind [I]
Hope that's not wine
Kid's in France, drink a little bit of wine.
A little bit of wine, I want less fine. It's [ok]
Is it [ok]?
You know my mom she said I could never have wine until I'm 21, so I
Look at the [walk]. Don't get kid drunk
and I'm ready to go because I'm crazy ah
Wine is actually good
What do you think of kids drinking wine in France?
It's fine promise me. You'll never tell mommy
Do you feel a lil drunk?
no, but I'm going to
this is cool
umm, Could You put the cam out so they cant see the alcohol
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French Food | American Kids Try Food from Around the World - Ep 5 | Kids Try | Cut

171 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on May 11, 2018    B.Y.l translated    Evangeline reviewed
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