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We've all accepted the name of the Lord,
baptized into faith, and we received salvation by His grace,
so we are not Pharisees.
If the Lord returns in the last days,
and we condemn and resist Him,
wouldn't we also become Pharisees?
Eastern Lightning witnesses that the Lord Jesus has already returned,
and that He is Almighty God incarnate.
Absolutely impossible.
Why haven't I seen it?
We should seek and study it!
All those who bear witness to the arrival of God incarnate of the last days are fraudulent.
They are heretics.
We must not believe them.
I never thought that the words of Almighty God would be so powerful.
What Eastern Lightning preaches is indeed the truth.
Could the Lord have really come back?
Should I accept Him or not?
I can't.
If I accept, the church would certainly expel me,
and then I couldn't be a pastor anymore.
I'm sure that Almighty God can't possibly be Christ of the last days,
and He is merely an average person.
Whether Almighty God is Christ,
first and foremost, we must base it on whether or not the words expressed are the truth,
and whether they are the voice of God and His work in the last days.
Only by examining the true way like this can we come to a correct conclusion.
No matter how much truth Almighty God has expressed or how great His work is,
if He is not the Lord Jesus descending on a cloud,
we can't accept Him.
What is the difference between your reckless resistance and condemnation of Eastern Lightning
and the resistance and condemnation that the Jewish chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees
had of the Lord Jesus?
If you are now determined to follow the government
and the pastors and elders of the religious world
in continuing to resist and condemn Eastern Lightning,
isn't this nailing God to the cross again?
Then that sin is on me!
We can work with the CCP.
When we find people who are preaching Eastern Lightning we can call the police
and the police can arrest them all.
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Christian Movie Trailer | The Lord Jesus Christ Has Appeared "Who's Nailing God to the Cross Again?"

133 Folder Collection
yi.ping published on May 10, 2018
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