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  • Imagine remembering every single day of your life, all in perfect detail.

  • For those with highly superior autobiographical memory, or H.S.A.M for short, this is their reality.

  • I remember everything that's personally happened to me since I was born.

  • That's Rebecca Sharrock.

  • I was fascinated by this condition, so I called her up to find out more.

  • Hi, Rebecca.

  • Hi!

  • How are you going?

  • I'm doing alright.

  • It's a very wet Saturday morning here.

  • How are you going?

  • Side note, in this moment, I just realized that Rebecca will remember that this day was a wet morning forever.

  • So, you remember everything in great detail.

  • People can remember what they did last Saturday, but I can remember what I did Saturday 10 years ago.

  • What about a memory from when you were just a baby?

  • When I was 12 days old, I was lying down on the fur car seat in my parent's car,

  • and I was staring up at the steering wheel, and I thought, “What is that?"

  • Rebecca is one of only 60 people worldwide to have been identified with having H.S.A.M.

  • All through my teenage years, I thought that everybody remembered in this kind of way.

  • I thought it was completely normal.

  • It wasn't until she was 21, when her parents decided to submit her to the university of California to undergo two years of testing.

  • After this, she was officially identified as having H.S.A.M.

  • Since memories can come to mind unexpectedly, any time of day, a negative memory like this can make living with H.S.A.M difficult.

  • Mom was putting me in this itchy satin dress, and I was crying because I didn't like it,

  • and mom gave me this Minnie Mouse toy, and I couldn't say anything at the time, but her face terrified me.

  • But on most days H.S.A.M is a gift.

  • Rebecca can recall happy memories and moments when times get tough.

  • A good memory that makes me so thankful about having this kind of H.S.A.M memory.

  • Thanks for chatting Rebecca.

  • Yup, thanks.

  • Bye.

Imagine remembering every single day of your life, all in perfect detail.

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This Woman Remembers Every Day of Her Life

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