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hello everyone and welcome back to
english with Lucy I have got Joel today

we've got exciting so we'll have one on
their channel as well do you want to

introduce your channel today we're John
oh yeah hi our channel is all things

British yeah it's all about British
culture we've got some accent tutorials

things like that hey anything British
yes if you're a fan of Britishness so if

you're a fan of all things British then
I'm sure you like their channel

but today I was thinking that we spend
our whole time correcting your mistakes

when you're learning English so I
thought it'd be quite funny to tell you

about times that we have made mistakes
in our own language yeah so we each got

a couple to tell you so this was when I
was quite young I was about four years

old maybe five I was in recession which
is what we call the lowest level of

school yeah yeah yeah like age five age
five yes I would be 405 and I had to go

off school I had to go home because I
was ill with a disease called

impetigo gaps on your face it's just a
skin condition but it's very contagious

it can pass to the other children but
when I went back I told all of my

teachers that I had a very bad case of

toward my teachers are you okay Lucy
you've been off for a while honesty

osteoporosis age oh no you know that's
so sad to hear about Lucy's condition

my mom was like yeah it was a bit
annoying but you know how do we deal

with this in the classroom and she was
like well it's gone now it's gone I was

always a fan of really long words as a
child today you still in this understand

slight misunderstanding
it's like a fully different word and

meaning I thought you're gonna say
impotence say that you went back to

school and told everyone you were Tiger
like Tiger like I was a tiger anything

but night Claire Lucy we've like really
long words as a child so probably spent

ages memorizing it right I'm gonna say
mine okay so when you're at a train

station sometimes they say like stand
back there's a freight train coming free

and I always thought that was a
frightful train like fright train you

should be scared of this train great I
just like oh no there's a freight train

get it what I can I just didn't know

what a freak oh really quickly yeah what
is a freight train it's like a train

no but I just thought it's trained to be

scared of like these canapés frightful
trains freight train it's really dumb

hey guys will help dumb I'm done yeah
better no that is very dumb but and I

don't to say that because mine's also
dumb sorry I can't understand this do

you feel like we have this like dumb
confession meeting yeah hi my name's

John so I always get this word wrong I
still right now don't really know what

it means it's the word dozen like a
dozen eggs how many is it six or is it

twelve I can never remember
yeah but wider so why do don't people

just say I've got 12 eggs I've got a
dozen eggs it doesn't make any sense and

when you say just few it means like very
little but you think a few it means if I

go into my second one and then we can go
onto yours because my second one is very

similar the word fortnight
what does support like me two weeks -

then why don't people just say to ease
oh we're going on holiday for a

fortnight because I thought fortnight
meant 10 days and I still kind of think

it means 10 days Oh
what would you say just these words

doesn't and for tonight I'm like just
use the actual numbers use the numbers

so I bet half a dozen throws you yes
what's that me exactly three six I have

a way to remember it in Spanish yeah
nothing it's 12 so it's like a dolphin

my second wine so this one is really
embarrassing but I have actually put it

on my Instagram so wonder if you saw it
but I was putting in like a dishwasher

let's get your dishwasher fitted and I
was texting the plumber and I was like

look I just want to know if it can go in
or not

so he said send me a picture of the sink
is like water and I opened and I saw and

I was like I didn't understand the word
exactly and it was like so no okay so I

actually we were talking about this a
moment ago I still can't get left and

right without nothing to do with the
words left and right when I was doing my

driving test
I had to write L on that led to small

and AH here and
to ask the examiner to just stipulate

they're just like me you can ask them
you can say look I really

when you say left and right it just
doesn't do anything in my brain so can

you just go turn left
so I could see her hands and I was like

thank you thank you as well because they
were saying you know just whatever makes

an L that's left and I'd be like cool
yeah it happens all the time with Lea
when we're going and I'm not okay we'll

just turn right and she'll be like just
take the moment I think that people must

think I'm really dumb but on paper I'm
really smart other one really quickly is

escalator and elevator I can't tell you
if we're in an escalator quick in on and

I can't get that say the first word

escalator you say that incorrectly how
do you say yeah they're very similar I

can imagine that being confusing for a

I'm sure there's so many more by just
calm yeah bring myself to that's the

thing you shouldn't ever worry if you're
making mistakes when this is a second

language like when people who go who
miss that first language like even we

get stuff wrong I would say just use
your mistakes as funny anecdotes which

this morning I know I feel like home so
that's it for today's video I hope you

enjoyed it I don't really think you
would have learned much but this is more

of a conversation listening practice
just to make you laugh and feel a bit
better about yourselves

I know you do
don't forget me and Jonah Miller of our
social media which will be popping up on

the screen right now
and we hope to see you over on John and

Leah's channel where we've got another

yeah yeah I'm about to now and I will
see you soon for another lesson

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STUPID English mistakes | Native English Speakers Funny Language Mistake Stories

82 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on May 10, 2018
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