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Well, the mood across Europe is one of dismay
and not a small amount of anger.
The decision by President Trump to tear up
the Iranian nuclear agreement is seen
as one that's both dangerous for the region, for the world,
and one that's entirely unnecessary.
It puts a question mark over the transatlantic relationship.
Some diplomats are describing it as the biggest rupture
in transatlantic relations since the end of the Cold war.
The nuclear deal with Iran should stay.
That is also the view that is shared
by Chancellor Merkel of Germany and President Macron of France.
There have been differences before over climate change,
trade, over the Iraq war, but this one
seems qualitatively different.
The whole of Europe, if you like,
is united in opposition to Mr Trump's decision.
The nuclear deal is not a bilateral agreement,
and it is not in the hands of any single country.
The nuclear deal with Iran is the culmination
of 12 years of diplomacy.
It belongs to the entire international community.
What does it say, allies are asking
- whether it's Canada or Japan or Australia or India -
what does it say about America's word?
What does it say about America's willingness
to uphold the international system, the rules-based order,
which the United States itself created after the second world
On the one side now, you have, it looks like, the US,
with the support of Saudi Arabia and Israel,
and, on the other side, more or less, the rest of the world.
That's not a good position for the United States to be in.
But that's not a good position either
for the western liberal democracies.
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Iran pullout 'biggest transatlantic rupture since Cold war'

98 Folder Collection
Rachel Kung published on May 11, 2018    Rachel Kung translated    reviewed
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