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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery just released.
It's a mobile app Harry Potter game,
and I'm gonna get a bunch of my Harry Potter friends
to play it and let me know what they think.
Very excited cause Harry Potter is everything.
It's finally time for me to live my best snake life.
- I hope I get sorted into Gryffindor.
Oh yeah, best house.
Get at me other people in this video.
No Ravenclaw volunteered for this video. Apparently, they were "busy working."
That's Maggie Smith.
Oh, there's Hagrid. Oh, there's Snape.
I really love the graphics for this, it's very nice.
- Oh, okay.
I'm in.
- I'm a wizard, that was easy, okay.
- This reminds me of Create a Sim which is kinda fun.
- Oh, you have to unlock different hairstyles.
Okay, I'll just give myself...
That's a look, that's a lady-killer right there.
- Wow, I'm way hotter as a witch.
Complete avatar, yeah, that's me.
It doesn't look anything like me.
Oh, I'm in Diagon Alley.
-Hi, I'm Rowan Khanna! Are you getting ready to start at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry too?
(scoffs) Yeah.
You must start by finding all the books.
Flourish and Blotts.
- Well, that's exciting,
you get to go down Diagon Alley and buy your books.
Tap on the glowing objects to complete actions
and earn, oh, rewards.
Gather books, gather books.
Fantastic Beasts.
That's the book I'm getting, Fantastic Beasts.
I need that whole thing of books, holy crap.
Not cheap to go to Hogwarts.
Now is the time I give them my name.
YaBoi Zmoney.
I'm hoping that later it will be funny.
This is an acceptance letter and it has my name on it.
This would mean more to me if I'd put my real name.
While I get my clothes you should go get...
(bleep) yeah, wand time.
Ollivander's is my favorite part
of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal too,
so this is so exciting.
Okay I'm about to move the wand.
(light orchestral music)
Oh, I don't think that's the one for me.
You knew my brother.
I felt bad with him, I was angry,
I was determined, I'm determined.
Yeah, I felt bad for him.
I'm a Hufflepuff, I feel bad for everybody.
I have just the wand for you.
Oh, yeah, this is the one.
I'm all glowy and stuff.
We can be friends.
You don't think I'm too weird? People usually think I'm too weird.
You're not weird girl, you're good.
You're awesome just the way you are.
Here we go.
Apparently I'm like vaguely famous like Harry Potter was
like before they went to school, but my fame is negative.
More like Harry Potter in the fifth book.
Chapter two, welcome to Hogwarts, we're going to Hogwarts.
(gasps) Am I going to be sorted?
Professor McGonagall.
Welcome to Hogwarts.
Before the Welcoming Feast, we must sort you all.
Should I be nervous cause I'm nervous.
Don't mess this up hat.
What are you hoping for, hm?
What am I hoping for, I get to say what I'm hoping for.
Gryffindor, right?
Hufflepuff, hufflepuff.
This make it...
You get to pick the fricking house.
(students cheer)
It's finally come true.
I feel bad that I turned my back on the Hufflepuffs.
So this was when he was a baby, and like he's fine now,
like he's with his horrible family
so we're older than Harry Potter.
Can't wait to get those house points
and finally beat those stupid Griffyndors.
You don't get everything, Harry Potter's not here yet.
- That was a lot of fun.
- It's not a complex game
so it's really easy to pick up and play on your downtime.
- I just wanna find out what the mystery is
and then I wanna solve it.
Hufflepuff is the best house, everyone should lay off 'em.
That's all I got.
(orchestral music)
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Harry Potter Fans Play The New Mobile Hogwarts Game

110 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on May 8, 2018    Angus translated    Evangeline reviewed
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