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  • (energetic music)

  • - [R. Stevie Moore] Well, I'm R. Stevie Moore.

  • I'm generally known as one of the main pioneers

  • of low fidelity one-man band home recording.

  • I've been recording for 50-something years,

  • and I've made 400 albums in my home.

  • ♪ I don't think about

  • About appearing anywhere

  • ♪ I got enough to do right here

  • - [Radio Voice] And now more R. Stevie Moore.

  • - [Narrator] R. Stevie Moore, prolific.

  • - [Announcer] Mr. R. Stevie Moore.

  • - R. Stevie Moore.

  • - Yes, I am R. Stevie Moore.

  • Back when I was a younger child, I started

  • my own idea of home recording by myself.

  • My father was a bass player doing all the country sessions

  • with all the stars of Nashville.

  • I had access to tape recorders in my teenage basement,

  • and I was a huge rock and roll fan and absorbed

  • all of these influences and started messing around

  • with writing songs and making my own music.

  • (upbeat music)

  • - [Man] You record in the privacy

  • of your own home, is that correct?

  • - [R. Stevie Moore] Mmhm, that's right.

  • - [Man] Now how do you do that?

  • - Well, late 60s is when I started making my little albums.

  • I overdub all the instruments myself, I play bass

  • and guitars and keyboards and percussion and vocals.

  • I got really good at it.

  • I can do seven, eight, nine, 10 overdubs

  • and you'd still hear the very first thing that I use.

  • Did you invent home recording?

  • Of course not, but I took it to another

  • level long before it was customary.

  • I've probably written about 4 or 5,000 songs.

  • They came out effortlessly. I would compile

  • the most recent songs. I wouldn't pick and choose

  • the best ones and throw the worst ones on the floor.

  • And that's been my aesthetic all along.

  • It's like everything is released, warts and all.

  • 'Cause bad music is brilliantit's a diary of sound.

  • Everybody that has ever been a record collector

  • will have to turn their pallets on to the obscure.

  • Wait 'till you hear this one, I mean,

  • I do have that reputation.

  • Talking Heads, and B-52s, they were all fans of mine.

  • Naturally, a lot of these big artists have found my music

  • just word of mouth, but they never

  • saw me because I was the home hermit.

  • I know what I'm doin', I keep tryin'

  • I keep doin' more of it, I build up the quantity

  • without thinking about starting over

  • at the beginning to improve the quality.

  • I hardly ever preformed, and I was a bedroom guy

  • it was always get home, put the headphones on,

  • and then I would work for hours and hours.

  • In 2010, things started to explode.

  • Out of nowhere, suddenly I was

  • in a band and touring the world.

  • I was playing hard rock shows, big festivals

  • and tiny dives. It was incredible.

  • My career really started taking

  • off a little too late in life.

  • (crowd cheering)

  • (guitar tuning)

  • Often people say, "I can't see how you've done this same

  • "thing all this time, without falling through the trap."

  • (gentle guitar music)

  • And by avoiding the mainstream, nobody's gonna

  • dare tell me what I can and can't do.

  • Feels so good to have that integrity in tact.

  • I'm proud of all that, and I'm also still a little kid.

  • (gentle guitar music)

(energetic music)

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