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♪ ♪
She's back! What's up, beautiful people?
It is your homegirl Ms. Shameless
back with another Tech Talk.
Yes she is back, it's been a minute,
but this video is for you
because a lot of you guys are now creating videos for yourself
and you're doing it on a budget, and you're doing it at-home,
and I'm here to show you the ways on how to do that.
There are two options I'll share with you
and this is more of a studio backdrop setup, situation.
And then we also have an environmental lifestyle setup.
The first setup is the set with the backdrop.
Now a lot of you ask me
how do I keep changing the colors of my backdrop,
especially with my "May Favorites" video?
Which you can click over here to watch.
So backdrop paper. It comes in four foot rolls,
six foot and nine foot rolls, I believe,
and you can unroll it vertically.
And this is perfect if you want to create look books,
anything that is establishing a look from head to toe,
and what's nice is it can roll all the way to the ground
and then some.
So it's like a psych wall
where you don't see the seam between the wall and the floor,
and that like dirty, dirty baseboard
that you have going on.
Backdrop paper is the easiest,
but there's paint, blankets, fabric, all of that.
Bretman Rock; he uses like fabric,
and he just pins it up, and that's his backdrop.
An example of fabric; now this is my dress,
but you can buy rolls of fabric like this
that a lot of beauty gurus use
and you just buy like a couple of yards, like three yards,
and you pin it up
and when you step away from it, it throws it out of focus.
So you've just got to get away.
You could stand right towards it,
but you want to create that depth of field
which puts the focus on you
and not on you and the background.
Check out your local fabric district and it's a lot of fun,
you get to like source and look for things that speak to you
and it's not that expensive.
Now this is a four foot backdrop,
so it's easy to carry by yourself,
you can fit it into a car or the bus, if you're taking the bus.
Now you could put it on a stand, you don't need to.
This is all tape.
For us we tape it up and then we tack it.
The safest thing to do is use pins,
if you don't mind little tiny holes in your wall,
otherwise you can use tape, but be careful
because the tape can peel the paint off of your wall.
But this is perfect for home studios.
And it comes in so many different colors
and it's fun and playful to buy a few of them and switch it up.
And a little tip that I used to do
when I was doing look books indoors,
was turning my camera vertically,
so then you can get the entire shot instead of zooming out
and then you have whites or the wall on either side,
just change the camera vertically.
A little uh-oh, TD, look at me.
And that's pretty much it for your set
that's taking place in a studio setup.
This is what it looks like from my POV,
I have my camera here, some lights on either side of me,
and a light in front of me,
so it's like a nice fill on every angle.
And if you don't have any lights
you can make your way to the window,
go to the window, that will be in this next setup.
♪ ♪
And this is an example of an environmental lifestyle shot.
You can do this in your own home, your bedroom,
and all it is, is getting yourself a chair,
finding a window or you can use lighting,
I have an Amazon store in the description box,
you can buy really cheap affordable lights.
Behind me is out of focus
and that's achieved with depth of field,
and I have a video that you can watch if you click here.
All that means is whatever is behind you,
the further away you are from it the more out of focus you are.
Get objects that have different colors,
things that compliment you and your brand.
So I like lighter colors with like pops of like little accents.
So we have some teal,
I don't even know if you can see the pink.
And then of course every beauty guru
has her IKEA makeup filing system,
and furniture, frames, shelving can all add to your set.
You don't have to go that direction,
but that's one option.
And again, you're only filming a corner.
So this is just the corner of my office,
and this is what the entire office looks like,
but I only need this little piece of office.
I just want to make sure that everything in here
is clutter free and organized.
That's what it means to have a set, you want it to be clean,
everything is intentional and deliberate.
You choose to put it this there because you want it there.
And I encourage you to have fun with this,
you can always be resourceful and creative,
you don't have to spend money,
just look throughout your home for little pieces
that will look good on camera that aren't distracting
from what your set is,
that could be piggy banks, cups, posters,
painting, artwork, plants.
Just take that extra little time to place it,
look at the viewfinder, see what works,
and you're constantly adjusting,
adding, subtracting,
and it's all about finding something that represents
the story you're trying to communicate.
So this is an opportunity to have fun;
set decorating and that's a real profession.
Also, with the set
you want to find yourself some natural light, if you can.
Windows are perfect.
So if you find a window just film in front of the window,
have the window light your face,
and then have your background further away from you.
If you don't have enough daylight
you can always use fill lights,
I actually have some fill lights here,
and again these are from my Amazon store;
in the description box.
So those are two examples of sets,
both a studio looking set and an environmental set.
Again have fun, be resourceful,
and the less you have the more creative you have to be.
Also, if you have questions about any of this
I have a playlist of tech videos, the Tech Talk,
I have a playlist, make sure you guys watch them.
Like this video if you like it.
Comment below and let me know what you found helpful
or what videos that you want that I could help address.
The next video from this is going to be audio and sound,
I have some videos on that,
but I'm going to have an updated one on how to
soundproof your place for filming.
Remember to do you, be you, and stay true, boo.
Be shameless. Subscribe. Subscribe.
On how I take my photos on Instagram and how I edit them,
and how I achieve the beautiful collage that is @mayasworld.
With the ring light you can adjust the brightness,
the temperature. So let me turn it on for you.
See that's warm...
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How To Build Your Own Home Studio | TECH TALK

267 Folder Collection
Caurora published on May 8, 2018
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