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  • Hey guys.

  • So I recently went to a Japanese village called Yahiko.

  • During the trip I went to a fish market to get my favorite fish called Nodoguro.

  • I also made a paperknife which I'll use later in this video

  • and you can see me make it on my other channel.

  • Can I have this Nodoguro?

  • Grilling with salt is the best way to eat it.

  • I just had one for lunch.

  • It was delicious.

  • That's great!

  • Since it takes a while to make recipe videos for this channel,

  • I thought it would be nice to make vlogs like this every now and then.

  • Let me know if you like it!

  • Thank you!

  • Please come again!

  • Sure!

  • Thank you for waiting

  • I got Nodoguro

  • Nice

  • I'm back!

  • You curious?

  • I'm going to cook this...

  • Nodoguro!

  • Cut like crazy

  • Just a nail

  • Could you move a little bit?

  • Thanks

  • Are you ready baby?

  • Yeah?

  • Ta-da!

  • You wanna smell?

  • They said the best way to eat Nodoguro is 'shio yake', which is, just sprinkle some salt and grill it.

  • Right.

  • Alright.

  • Is- is it ok?

  • YEAH

  • Let's grill it!

  • I'm gonna sprinkle some salt.

  • Both sides...

  • Time to grill!

  • Yosh.

  • It's all set.

  • Thank you for keeping an eye on the fish.

  • I appreciate it.

  • Time to flip!

  • Woo

  • Oishisou! (Looks delicious)

  • Otto, Igai ni yawarakai (unexpectedly soft)

  • So soft!

  • It was so soft that I have to use my hand to flip it, otherwise it will tear apart!

  • Wow

  • Amazing!

  • Ok, let's put it back.

  • It's done!

  • I love this sound!

  • And good.

  • And I'm going to eat the fish with this SAKE.

  • Wanna try some sake? Eh eh.

  • I'm sorry,

  • you are only one and a half years old.

  • You gotta live for another nineteen years!

  • Good luck!

  • Itadakimasu!

  • Kanpai!

  • I'm sorry...

  • you can't drink.

  • Just live long.

  • Up to twenty.

  • Itadakimasu!

  • Mmm

  • Soo juicy.

  • It's really good.

  • Isn't it delicious?

  • Thank you for watching!

  • Bye!

Hey guys.

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My Favorite Grilled Fish in Japan

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    吳堯勛 posted on 2018/05/05
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