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I think this place should stop
doing stuff like this to kids.
'Cause it's torture.
("Carmen Suite No. 2- Habanera " by Georges Bizet)
Bring it out.
- Bring it out. - Bring it out.
- Bring it out.
You goin' down, big time.
Here, you guys, get ready.
It's going to be a tarentula.
Is it slimy?
Hey, I know what these are!
Hot dog?
Ah, another food.
I think it's a cheese stick.
Oh, did something broke in there?
I squeezed something, oh my gosh.
I feel like the beef things that go in hot dogs,
but they're little size.
What is this stuff?
It's sausage.
Ooh, can we eat it?
Hmm, I was right.
A Vienna sausage.
Can I have some?
Delicious, but a little gross.
I'm a vegetarian.
I don't want them to die
into these stupid things.
(groans) Oh, sorry animal
just glue you back together.
Ooh, its kind of spicy.
Don't eat it!
Who does that?
-Bring out the next one! - Bring out the next one!
Bring out the next one!
I think it is a puppy, because--
- Done? - Probably.
- No.
What does it feel like, Des?
What does it feel like?
It feels really cute.
What was that?
I heard something in there.
Come on or you're fired.
Is it yogurt?
Is it brown icky stuff?
Don't look!
Wait, is it a big, big coconut?
I love it, it's so cute.
What if its a cat head?
I'm not putting my hand in there.
I can see it, I can.
It's on your head and it's this.
Oh, is it a bowl of hair? - Yes.
Let's look at it.
You're disgusting!
What, is that hair?
Bathing in its own juices.
I actually like the feeling of it.
Uh huh.
That's what you guys get anyways.
This is going to be bad.
This is going to be really, really, really bad.
Ah, it's a dog!
Is it a dog?
Puppy dog?
A real dog.
It's a dog.
Ah, it's a hamster!
Really? (screams)
I think it's like a guinea pig.
A spider?
Its a dog, Alana.
It's a dog?
It's a really soft one.
My guess is a bunny.
My guess is a hamster.
Would he eat a hamster?
- Did you think-- - It's a fake hamster.
- I wanna see. - He's so cute.
Hi, my name's Ernie.
What's your name?
Wait, I just touched its eye.
Oh my goodness!
- Hello. - Hello.
I wish you would've told me a little bit earlier.
It freaked me out.
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Sausages, Wigs, and Guinea Pig Kids | Guess What's in the Box! | HiHo Kids

6067 Folder Collection
April Lu published on May 11, 2018    April Lu translated    Evangeline reviewed
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