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Hello everybody my name is Markiplier, and welcome to Emily Wants to Play Too.
I played this on a livestream last Halloween and I don't know why the lights went out and the lights are staying out.
That's not good. Ah..
So I played this demo, but now the full game has come out as, oh my god.. as of a couple months ago,
so I'm gonna play,
a new game
To do this, this isn't the game yet, this is the main like- oh
I guess we're going in. We're diving in butt first. So in the demo this one had kind of a...
a looping mechanic, and- Oh. Oh, yeah. It kind of leaves off right where the demo did.
It starts up anyway.
Okay. Oh, these familiar places... I'm so sleepy! (I'm a sleepy baby!)
Oh, this party that we had was so good! All good 'nanas and cucumbers
and really organized snacks and shit and not organized dishes and shit, okay?
I need to go upstairs to bed. Do I now? Why it's so dark?
Oh! There we go!
Why it's so dark? Grandma, why so dark? So, far so far- oh. alright, then so far so familiar
Wumpiddy-dumpiddy. Oh good my place is a shit show just as I remember it being
All right snoresville. Oh my bed. Let me lay my head to rest.
*hears doll saying 'Mama'*
*odd noises*
*alarm clock beeping*
Hmm yeah, I remember this yeah.
3:00 a.m.. What a load of horseshit. Oh,*reading* that alarm clock is so annoying.
Okay alrighty then.
The fuck...are you doin' in my closet? Actually is hardly a closet considering the doors ripped off of it, but okay.
Alright, then. I don't remember that. *laughs*
Probably haven't. Ah, that's terrible art to have above my bed. Ah
Okay, *door slams* Oh! Sure!
Alright, then what else do you have in store for oh? Yeah? Oh, yeah?
Oh okay
Take a shower then. Not gonna listen to your damned music from hell the water is kind of gross
But I'm using a lot of soap. Okay, all right good for you man
Good for you, I use a lot of soap too that's something that we have in common. Do you have anything more boring to talk about?
No, all right, then now. Where did I put my car keys?
oh man, how many people were training through this place?
Not training. No, people were not running a train through this place
That's not what I meant
Oh! who wants a slice and dice?
Well that's not good
I remember that you can open the drawers from my time in the lab- Hi, oh.
That's grand, okay, well uh
Oh was that happening in front of them? Well I don't- oh.
Oh, come on now
uh oh
I've already been through half of this. You don't need to keep scaring me, are they in the kitchen area
I'm gonna work, okay. I don't remember how to play at all
I remember nothing about Adam.
Indeed, friend. All right, cool
Don't like that. God, I don't- 'Let her in' I don't even remember how to beat all you assholes, Oh mark-
What?? "Mark's hot coffee"??
Really? Oh look at that!
Mark's hot coffee oh
I should wash the dishes before I go. Oh a clean home is a healthy home. I suppose they would-
That's so nice
That's so nice
These dishes are a nightmare so is this life I'm in so is my house. I'm living in. Yay!
It's all horrible. I hate my life
At least I have my own coffee. Maybe that coffee's from my coffee business that I tried to start up
And it didn't work out so well
Anyway all just mosey longed for work that painting still-
All right
Fine by me
Great Stuff!
oh! uh oh
hmm yep alright
this good
ah ah ah oh woah
I don't know how to
I don't know
I don't remember
I don't remember nothing. I don't remember nothing. Oh boy
Welp, gotta go through it all again like a asshole
Oh God damn it what?
I feel like I've been through this same loop. You'd think I would learn my lessons, but no I'm markiplier
I don't learn lessons. I make lessons, and then I crush lessons, and then I destroy the book
Ah woah Ah WHAT THE
Was trying to wash my dirty body I was just taking a shower
What the fuck you were watching me when I was showering
asshole alright there's something
*gasp* oh frick don't do that
I just got like Emily Whoa uh?
I Got I got like the first game flashbacks you something in here or the clock. Oh, it was the clocks ah
Aahh two o'clock
Does that mean the second one the answer is near okay?
That makes sense okay right okay?
So going into that door try to leave just gets me killed and that's not good, so why don't I go?
Try to pick the second-
oh that's not good
The second one
Was it the second one here or the second one here? here? Huh hey I got it.
That's not good
uh oh whaa okay
woah Woah WOAH
That was way too close for comfort
I keep having that same nightmare well wouldn't you know it?
Life is a bag of hell all right, so I did it. now what what prize do I get do I leave wait
Oh, I'm uh. I must leave that's right now the game's gonna start for realsies
Why should I look back once more before I leave
Nothing I remember that
Who's calling me no not now oh, I am going to work oh
I think this is where the demo left off so yeah
I've managed to make the exact same progress that I've already done everybody cheer for me hooray
I'm such an accomplished human being I'm an adult who can't remember bullshit Hey all right, what's next uhoh
Ha oh squeaky scooty
Anyone here
I Have so many questions
No idea what I saw
But I think I recognize a demonic summoning of some sort when I see it
All right, Cola Cola, huh?
Hello boy. That was weird, huh?
Anyone want to explain what happened in here, and why this office is a conduit for demons?
All right, Oh mr.. Tatters? I don't remember that being his name. 'To Do: Tag Tatters', okay?
incident report house fire house located at 781 Hill Park Drive
Burned to the ground in the middle of the night none of the residents escaped they were presumably sleeping cause of an incident
Unknown the house itself and all the items the home were burned in beyond recognition except for a strange, baby
Doll the doll is rather large and the eyes have been removed it appears to have taken some damage
But should have been burned up completely
Written on its right foot is the word Greta a young girl lived at the residence, and is it possibly her
doll the doll will be taken in as evidence a
Fingerprint and chemical search should be performed to try and determine the cause of the fire, okay
horrible 'eyes roved for fire' okay 'Greta'
'doll found in ashes'
'Shh', that's a weird one, huh?
Finding him on burnt, baby. Doll from the house fire no fingerprints
No flammable chemicals doll constructed of a flame retardant materials eyes were removed no further clues besides Greta this thing is creepy
It was put back very quietly
Right well, that's a weird description of how something was put back. I want to make sense to me huh radio
Oh look help. Oh. This is a big place. I don't like that. I don't like that at all
The opposite of good, okay, all right, okay? I got I got security clearance. No. I don't okay, I forgot
I don't actually hey anybody leaves security clearance in the bathroom anybody shit out a security card
Oh someone shit out a security guard and he for me, then all right wash my hands Luludee~
Okay, what do we got?
I don't feel good, okay
Well, I don't feel good about that. No that's not good. Why are you timing me? Oh?
Okay well close the door don't want no sneaks snonks. Oh look more sh-
No no no no no mama no
No mama
No mama
No mama
Don't you sass me yeah, that's right you get back no mama here all right
Uh uh male suspect Maxwell Oh department store robber found and killed in gunfire exchange with police
Maxwell Steel's have been robbing from multiple mall departments stores over the last few months
He was apparently hiding inside a gutted mannequin suit well
That sounds familiar doesn't it he somehow snuck onto the main floor and hid among the other mannequins
He would wait patiently for the store to close and all eyes to shut off
Then he would move around the store without being detected by alarms or cameras
He was never seen in the light on any recorded footage
He would steal various items cash and more from the store refer to the multiple reports from each incident for more information tonight
He tripped an alarm in the local mall police were found and quick enough to catch him
He attempt to do an escape police fired upon him killing him police thought
He was armed, but no weapons were found his mannequin outfit has been taken in as evidence
No mama
No mama, go bed
No, you go. Bed. You go bed
You go bed
You go bed. I said go bed
Nope no mama no mama
No mama no mama here go bed. No mama nope
no mama
no mama
what the fuuu
Sure the box appears to be very old jack-in-the-box steel the letters weasel were written on the inside bottom
Gretel-and weasel doesn't have any inner workings or gears doesn't appear to be functional inside was a small gesture
Doll Brax his fingerprints were found on the inside of the box
but also on the inside of the box the fingerprints were facing a strange way as if Brax was grabbing from the inside of the
Box onto the outer rim personal note. He made a noise once when I got close to it
I'm not sure how okay great weasel great weasel Oh latin. I can't read that
Alright missing child oh boy just get them all out of the way
eight-year-old Brax milton was reported missing today the parents said he was
Last seen in his room playing with his toys, and when they went to check on him
He was gone a strange box was left on his bed. The box looks like a very old version of a jack-in-the-box toy
It doesn't appear to be in working condition inside the box was a small doll and some strange writing on the lid it also has
The letters weasel and scribed on the inside bottom the Box had been taken in as evidence along with a few other items and will
Be checked for fingerprints the parents do not know where the box came from
Nice box. Oh hi okay small figure in the box. That's that's nice. That's real nice
Okay, no mama, right
No mama I feel like I was inches from- I feel like I was inches from death
Know what that's not? No. You know. I don't wanna. I don't wanna
Let's just not
Let's let's not do that
but it's not
I feel like she's blind though, so
Don't make a sound I don't think I make any noise when I'm walking so I think I'm safe with that
But if I bump into her in the hallway
Can't guarantee. It's gonna be safe for me
Hi, I okay, that's horrifying alright, that's terrible alright ooh, what are you?
You are oldl dolls great. Okay evidence report. Oh boy
Okay, you can only be looked at this way alright. I get it
understand old doll two sets of fingerprints found on all three dolls the first set belongs to Emily withers the second set doesn't have any
Match in the system the dolls have a slightly foul smell the origin of the dolls are unknown they appear antique
Photos were taken and labeled according the child's drawing brought in with them while I wasn't looking the Kiki doll changed positions
That is not very funny whoever did that you were tampering with evidence
uh oh I'm gonna go here you know just
No mama, that's not good Chester mister tatters and Kiki all right
Don't turn around for Kiki gotcha peeka boo all right
Don't move okay. That's right. You' don't more for the clown
You don't turn around for Kiki
Maggie and Herbert Withers were found dead in their home on 905 sister Street the couple appeared to be in the middle of packing up the contents of their
Home to move out neither have any physical injuries
But both were pronounced dead at the scene a few notes and recordings were found and taken as evidence further investigation is underway
That's from the first game an employee of checkers pizza reported that he was attacked by dolls and strange girl
He was delivering pizza to the home at 905 sister Street. It was raining so he stepped inside
Mama no mama
Throughout the night various dolls and strange girl attempted to attack him unless he play games with them the validity of his claim is under
Investigation take note of the 905 sister Street of the same resedent where the withers couple was found dead last month
dolls matching the man's description
Were found and taken as evidence
But nothing seemed abnormal about the dolls or the residents so that he's a summary of the first game
I am not the same guy, but I am a sandwich delivery
Someone's getting a little rowdy over there
Maybe mama asked Oh lay some discipline down
All right, okay? Oh nice B. Wait. I don't have security clearance 2 I've got security clearance
Three no wait the opposite, I don't have security clearance three. I think I have 2 though
Squeaky I don't like that is that?
This is level two
No, okay, all right. I'm gonna go down this way
I don't think she went this way, so I'm pretty sure I'm all good
I think for Chester you have to turn on a light or something all right
I'll try to remember that but I probably won't it which means I meant I died Emily eaten alive well
That's that's unpleasant. I'm gonna go ahead and say that I have never experienced it myself
What fairly sure that's unpleasant number two? I'm pretty sure there's what I have right?
Okay, all right is that good or bad? Oh?
No mama
No mama, no mama. No mama
No mama. Hey no mama. No mama
No mama, Squeak Oh
Nope okay nope not going in there. That's a big. Nope all right I
I may be a brave boy, but I'm not a stupid brave boy. Huh the men's bathroom is over-
This Oh. Uh Oh don't like that?
Is there something in front of me I
Don't think so
There's something in here did someone poop out or pee out something useful in here better check
Let her get armed deep thin there, okay
Someone's being real squeaky, whoa hi hi. I'm not moving. Why would I move why would I move?
Okay all right squeaks squonk
Okay all right anything in this toilet. No there's no point coming in here. All right. Let's see this. Oh, yeah, hellhole, okay great
Oh awful oh no no power either great. Oh, hi hello. That's not right oh
Well, I don't like it. No I don't like it. I'd rather not do this
Okay no no no
No mama
Oh I hate this. Do I have to go forward, I don't have a flashlight
I don't have a flash am I supposed to have a flashlight here because I don't have one
Be gentle
I can see a little bit okay
Helpful, helpful, helpful, helpful, help
help, help, help, help
sh, shh, sh, sh
Okay, alright
Ah I hate it. I hate it I hate it. I ha-
Oh! I hate it
I hate it
I hate it
Hate... I hate it. I just- I just hate it, this is the worst thing
This might be the worst thing ever this... this might actually be the worst thing
I hate it so much
I keep hearing squeaks in the darkness
The scariest squeaks I've ever heard uh oh, uh oh, uh oh
Oh hi! Okay, hi friend goodbye farewell
okay. can I leave? No
I can not
Okay there must be like
There must be like
Uh. Yeah, okay, I'll retry that one oh
OHGood great, all right there must be a security card in there, but I have no goddamn idea
I knew that laugh was like that. Don't turn round laugh right. That's what that was
I'm pretty sure that was just the don't laugh or don't turn around laugh, right
oh shit. shitshitshit
Okay okay it's fine
Okay, so we just got to find a goddamn key card my guess is that it would be in one of the corners and
and not necessarily
Not necessarily in the middle 'cause that would be a dick-
Uhoh UHOH hey hey, I need to- uh oh oh oh oh
AHHH ahhh
Maybe I just need to back away slowly. Maybe that's all I really need to do is. I just need to back up slowly
Kiss my ass. Good-bye
But just back up slowly, it's all I gotta do right
That's not good. I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm dead already. I'm dead already. I'm dead oh, hi. Hello friend I
let me out let me out LET ME OUT
Can't leave okay, no
No no no no no no no no no no no NO
Oh why whyy WHY
It's gotta be something in here It's gotta be something in here
Gotta be something in here
Gotta be SOMETHING in here
AHH Why the Fuuuuck
What did I do wrong?
I didn't even hear a giggle not a chortle. I don't know where I'm going
I don't know what I'm doing and where I'm going. I don't know where I'm going what I'm doing where I'm going there
Oh, oh, hi. Okay? Oh hi
Why wont they have mercy on my
Horribly abused butthole. he's on the other side. I don't see her can't get these open
what the uhhh
I Don't know what to do don't know what to do. There's not a clue
I can't get out. Oh god. Oh god. Oh?
Oh, that's how oh I remember now you have to look at her oh
I remember, I'm such a idiot of course you have to look at her
That makes so much more sense
Okay, now. I'm getting it now. I've got it. It's in the bag now. There's no way I could lose
Oh no. No no. Oh, There it is, I just found it Nooo
Please no. Please don't let me
Okay Hey
I did it. Okay. Good great. Okay, all right. Please
I think that's a check- I don't like that no no
you're not doing that
whatever you're thinking of doing don't do it
okay don't just don't do it
Okay, we're fine
Everything's fine. I'm just an idiot and didn't realize
What my problem was oh no no no no no no no no no no
shush shush shush
I'm sure that spinning is not good sound this way. I don't think I've been done this way
Level four over there, there's got to be something over here
Oh No, this is back
Well there was another way to get over to level three area, so I think I gotta go over to that
No no mama no mama nope
nope. no no, no no no no no no
No no no
It's a big No it's big. No oh no. No. I don't know. I don't remember
I got Fucked
Fine just don't move don't move
No mother no mama here. No mama here. No no no no no that's horrible. No mama
No mama, no mama. No mama here. I'm so sorry about that. I think it was over here
No, no don't make noise no
No, don't do it. Yes. Yes do it level three okay?
Squeak okay, good, I think I need to get like- oh that was bad
No, no, no who's wait. No who where I don't see it. No don't stop whatever you doing wherever you are
I don't know where it is where where are you where stop no shut up. You shut stop stop stop
Card yes, okay, level four that's good Got level four
Stop stop shut up
So I just need to get in level four now
Nope, okay, I got to go back so I got to somehow survive this
And get all the way to level four which was all the way on the other side
oh level 4 right there right there right there right there
Yes, yes give me a checkpoint, please that doesn't give me a checkpoint?
Oh no
oh no. ah!
That might. power yes
Good right very good the goodest in fact one might say too good
One might say overly good
One might say beyond good one might say. I'm the goodness that ever was
HEY ah fuck
Oh, hi okay. Hi hello. No no no no no no ah
Problem problem problem problem problem problem. I don't have a solution to this problem. I don't know what to do about you
I'm gonna close doors on you
Up didn't work, okay. I should have thought I should have suspected that it might not work
What do I do? What do I do? I don't know what to do
I don't know what to do do I towards the front door is there a mama out waiting for me? Oh?
I'm sure okay. What's this happened? You still there? What happened? Who's there?
Huh do I leave?
You'd think I just break the window okay now
I have no idea what to do next
let me look at let me find a map if I can find a map then I got it you get a better idea of
What I'm doing here anyway
But it seems if I just had to put my theory hat on it seems like these these dolls
these dolls are
Infecting these other like
Mannequins and other things in this like the original three dolls from the original game. They're infecting things. It's not good
Not good at all. Okay, so what I need to do. There's a secret area there
There's a secret area there, but it's through a door. I can't unlock it doesn't even have
That was chica. It doesn't even have a key card so I can go back
Maybe into the power area
I don't know what I'm supposed to do
But it's the only thing I can do so better be exploratory it seems like the dolls are all inactive right now, which is
Strange but not reassuring in any capacity
Yep, okay, that's on right, so what was this all about Oh oh
Okay, this is just this is just a way around. Oh, yeah, I gotta kick that butt entire way okay
So then this just leads back yeah, this leads back here
but why
So I just did a big loop-d-loop, so what do I need? I don't know what I need to do oh?
All right
What does that mean oh?
That oh no no no no no no no no no no no
I'm gonna go try to turn the power back on
Maybe Oh
Nope didn't work. Oh
Did work?
Fuck a duck
I don't know what it wants from me because there are always
monsters in the darkness oh
Hey, buddy, what the fuck? What the fuck? What the fuck? Oh
I was trying to break his neck
Is that what I'm supposed to do
Okay hi um
This Feels wrong oh
Alright, so I'm just stuffing them into my pocket. It's like the old Slenderman games
Just stuff a grandfather clock right in the old back pocket right in between my cheeks perfect storage alright
So I just got to find them all
It's like pokey man's I bet this is what I?
Bet this is what's supposed to teach me?
Yeah, that was oh
That was supposed to be a teaching thing as soon as I come out of there the power supposed to go off
But it didn't and I kind of ran sprinting screaming for the heavens which led me to not get that little tutorial
But that's fine, okay
Alright, so I just got to collect all the dolls for Emily because Emily wants to play
Come to Papa come to P. There. We go got your doll. Oh, gotcha. All right. I don't like that clock
No, the ticking is not good. I'm fucked. I'm fucked. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm not Fast enough for you.
Uh oh. I'm, I'm super boned.
I'm super boned aren't I? I'm super boned!
Oh, I. Doh, I'm so boned!
I'm so boned. I'm super boned. Oh no. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Please be gentle for my failure!
I didn't know. I didn't know
Gotcha~ Oop, there you are. Oh gotcha. Okay, easy peasy. Thank you
Okay, so that means Kiko's probably in these back storages. Oh, Kiko's right there. Okay? Hi. I think I got all of them
Here we go. Hi, Emily.
Okay. Oh!
Graces. Okay. Am I done, am I free?
Is the cure curse cured? Am I lifted?
Am I elevated?
Have I ascended? It's so bright in here, I don't like it.
Oh! Whoa, whoa whoa. Oh, oh, oh
No, no no NOO!
Light, light, light, light!
I thought I got it. Uh oh. Nope, that's not good. I'm fucked. Oh no I'm, I'm super
I knew it. Whop! He hates doors. Okay! Whoa, whoa alright? Well got that node ju-
Ah, come on!
What am I supposed to do? Am I looking for something? It's not very clear.
Close close
No, no no no no no no no no no. I don't know what I'm looking for but you suck.
Oh shit, oh shit. Oh fuck. Oh shit. Oh fuck.
Oh sh- close it, close it, close it, close it! Urh
Keep going! Close it.
AH! Close it!!
Nooo! What am I doing??
What am I doing?! There's no instructions!
Chester marathon. Oh, I just have to go for it. Well that makes sense. Just wait here? Okay
Uh oh
Well, that's not good.
Shitty fucker what the fuck no no no no no no no you're very fast, but I'm quicker I
am quicker
Not really, but you know I like to think I am
Okay, we're just gonna play this game
mm-hmm I
Know right very anger making it good. God. I can't oh. I'm not good with the doors
Okay, here we go whoa?
Her I know
Huh oh no, no, that's not fair. I was almost done. No you can't you can't you can't you can't that's so douchey
It's so douchey. It's so douche you're such a douche oh
No, oh no oh, no, please. Please. Please. Please just close it close, bro
maneuvers oh my god fuck you
Oh you piece of shit. Oh you piece of shit
Finally good, golly all right. What do I do next Mr. Mystery boards? Do you like my new friends?
No, I don't know what you want me to do with your new friends.
I need instructions.
Instructions, please. Eight rooms possible. Bathrooms, front office, research room- What? Wha-, what does that mean? What am I?
Oh. Oh oh, that's not good. No
Uh.. WHA-?!
Wh- whaat the fuck?
Recording: "*sigh* Well here's another message to myself."
"I'll clean it again today, as usual-"
"What was that?"
"Emily, what was that?"
"Emily? Answer me! What was that?"
I'm dead aren't I?
I need to find that- Oh, hi
Okay. "I hate
"seeing Emily like this."
"She used to love to play games."
Yep, okay. Musical lights stay in the darkness? What? That means
What I don't get it I
Don't get it. I don't get it oh
I gotta find the lit up room. I think pretty sure anyway. It's gotta be it right oh
Oh, oh don't like that
Nope, don't like that. That's not good. That's not good. That's not good. That's that's not good. That's not good. Okay
Can't find shit. Okay. That's not good. Okay. That's not good
Here we go almost got it. Oh, that's not good. Oh
oh come on
Fucking What the fuck
I'm ungodly fucked I
Am oh I'm so fucked yeah, I'm just fucked oh fuck god damn it oh fuck me
I didn't have to go through a fucking hour of that thang good gravy. Gosh. Golly gosh karu
Alright now what I don't even know what to expect anymore. There's so many different ways that you made me play this game
There's only so many things we can do in an arc
Oh ah I understand
Okay, well here we go again
Fuck you know
That's not okay. Oh
Fuck off fuck off fuck off
Fuck off
Fuck off fuck right off
Goddamnit up it wasn't
This is gonna be fucking impossible how the fuck why what's the fuck?
That's double dickory. That's double dickory do oh
There we go you just got tagged him on her if you can tag him right as red easy comes up to you
Might be an option cuz it is green for a second. Oh
Oh poof oh, oh crap nope okay, that's not good
Shit oh
Come on. I closed it. No boxes. Don't get in my way
Now okay, did he go?
Okay, I wanna risk it them
Gotcha yeah, you can do it right away. I risked it anyway
Kieko poofed Oh
Closing oh come on I closed it no oh
No, no fuck off fuck off. Oh no oh no no no no no come on. Please. Yeah, that's right you better go
Oh it turns off every light that I'm in the room that I'm in come on what am I getting stuck on fuck?
Oh yay yay yay, I did it. Uh why am I still doing this? Oh?
He doesn't like games who's he's he's me. He might be me. Uh oh no wait I know
Scuse me I
Saw a naked streaker, and he looked very weird
Oh God Kiki pretends to be frozen taters can stop you ever so often Chester runs very fast
Emily can unfreeze him credit runs if she hears you max can only be tagged in the dark weasel can also
What the fuck is this shit, I don't even understand that I
Don't know I
Don't know what I'm doing what am I doing?
Alright well, I don't know what I'm doing oh
I need to play tag oh, I'm catching them oh
Okay oh
So I guess I got to get them all within the time limit that
Is the only thing that makes sense to me Emily? Oh come on?
That's hardly fair
Whoa whoa, whoa whoa?
Got you okay all right then
Got you
Come back here. Oh, I was running from you for so long has some bait. Whoa hello all right
Well, what the fuck? I don't know what just happened. No. No no come on
Not fair dickhole who can unfreeze people because that's that's who I gotta get first right
That's why I gotta get first whoever unfreezes people is the biggest risk?
For me Emily Emily can unfreeze people so Emily who was going that way probably just unfroze everybody so I gotta get Emily first you
YouTube know you I got you you yeah, I'm getting you I'm literally all over you I da
Got you fuck where's Emily oh wait the thumpy no no no no Emily come back here Emily
Emily your God you okay your God oh yeah, now you guys have no chance Emily's been tagged
You're all fucked
Shit got ya all right mama ain't gonna. Help now. You're still frozen good. So where's clown fuck Oh
No clown fuck Oh ain't paint frozen yet
Here's clown fuck oh wow all right come back here you come here. No. No can I be unfrozen please Wow?
No come on
Don't don't fuck with me. I I am getting it. I'm right here. Just let me go get clown fuck oh
No come. I should have gone the other way around I would have intercepted him
I should have gone the other way would have intercepted him Oh
Would have intercepted him, but I'm an asshole
No, no, this is just the worst
Literally the worst thing the worst
thing ever in the history of ever
Okay, yep, I'm dead all right whatever aha got ya, Emily. You're mine. Okay now
I got the tag, and I got the unfreeze er you're both gone
Yeah there we go, okay, I thought I wasn't gonna get them all motherfucker Oh
How much more there is this it's like 20 hide-and-seek. We are it
alright, so
I gotta hide turn on the lights be around stand in the way move around a lot
What what?
Fucking alright
Okay, I don't know
I'm assuming hide-and-seek means as the name implies
Don't know what happened, but I'm grateful for it, okay. I think the advice must have been bullshit be loud turn on lights oh
I get it. It's all bullshit. Oh great. Okay? Oh
Is that good or bad
Is it a good thing or bad okay alright? Well? They're too stupid to find me. I'm just an asshole
Okay, that one was in the room didn't even know that
No mama, no mama here. No mama anywhere. No mama. No mama. No mama
Hey, whoa this? Oh, okay?
All right wow that was
alright, cool well
We survived it through our sheer skill and sheer not breathing this man. If my microphone was activated right now
I'd be so fucked oh ah
Okay, well that is
That is it over. You know according to like five nights at Freddy's Rules
This would have been over by now, but I guess I should have spent my time looking at the clock
Why why why what what now Oh
What fresh hell is this?
What do I need to do just?
Tell me find Emily three times while we find you that says like the worst thing. I don't want any event oh
I'm so Fox well didn't check that room which was probably a bad thing
Okay, well fuck you then. I guess this is how this is gonna be oh that's not good. Oh
God damn it
Okay, well alright then the fuck is Oh what the fuck is happening
This makes no goddamn. Sense. What oh?
No, oh, no. I don't know what's going on
What the fucking okay?
How am I supposed to do that this one is just going to be difficult like this? There's nothing fancy about this
It's just going to be
Hard how am I gonna get away from everybody that guys faster than me how am I gonna be able to do that?
I don't understand. What made the other ones go away, but whatever it's fine. Let's slam doors behind me what for the best?
Opening I'm just opening everything so that I can have the best chance oh
God damn sandwich. Oh fuck me oh
It's a big old fuck me sandwich. Oh, it's a fuck me sideways sandwich. I am boned. Oh
God welp, that's me, then I'm just gonna die
How remember where you find er each time Oh
Kill me kill me just kill me straight up kill me. Where is she Oh?
Fuckin now right well then no oh
Oh there you are Jesus
Well that's one I still need two more
But I've been there before
It said to remember each time in this fucking bullshit. Oh
Fuck what the fuck now, I don't know where the goddamn. Well. I don't know where the fucking up I
Don't know where the fucking jack-in-the-box would be you gonna be there now yes, you are gonna be there now okay?
Weird, but all right, I mean, I'll take it
Oh fuck me well, that's not good. Oh
Yep there we go that's not what I wanted oh
Boy well that's just a thing now
Like should I be worried about the oh fuck me oh?
Hi, okay, well that's - that's good I
Think fuck
Oh fuck no come on fuck me. Oh god worship. Oh there. She is okay
That's not good
That's not good. Why is it? Why why why this keko keko? Why?
Mama mama, I know I know mama no mama no mama I
Got it I got it three fucking three good. God. Fuck Wow why?
Not right away. What did I do wrong?
What did I do to deserve this? Oh shit oh?
Oh that unlocked it
What I don't understand what's happening that was stressful enough as it was
Greta loves fi-ufff
Okay, good. I wouldn't think Greta would love fire considering Greta got burned to a crisp oh
Why does Greta love fire and why do I have a bad feeling about this didn't the last house burn down
didn't everything in these types of horror games burned down isn't that standard procedure when you're met with utter dickery I
Didn't do anything sorry about the oh
Okay well great oh
Well oh well fuck be
Alright whatever I couldn't move
But okay Brock is my legs burnt. We'll be home. Let me hop let me out
So what is this is this is a sprint to the finish or something? Oh?
I need to put out the fires. I need to find the fire extinguishers. I they're all off the hooks ah
That makes sense okay. Well. I don't know where they would be they're all gone, but
Or maybe maybe I just need to get out of here that might seem illogical
Yep, all fire extinguishers are now missing and I am Farber Knox great always good news when I know that for an
Absolute certainty well Lisa douches don't seem to be coming after me for some reason another and not sure why
Maybe they were just some leftover from the last game mode. I don't know it was fun. Thanks for playing okay
Why are you burning everything down then?
Why can't we be friends?
No Oh
Gretel loves fire. I know I've heard heard this about Greta
alright well
Well can I get out oh I
Could just leave then why did I die?
What did that must have just been a leftover right dolls came to life and attack
The central evidence office at the edge of town burned down this morning a sandwich delivery guy reported the incident the police
Claims it during his delivery was locked in the office by several dolls
He survived the night by playing games with the dolls and the young zombie looking girl
He was also attacked by a mannequin and a jack-in-the-box toy that had a doll living inside it
He said the doll set fire to the building and he saw the girl running away with them
He also claims dolls possibly killed her took the security guard the police fire department are investigating the situation the delivery guy is under psychiatric
Evaluation and is a suspect two arson and involvement in the missing night guard of course. He is of course. I am yeah
That's me according to the sandwich guy
You didn't set the fire do anything to the security guard is the second story reporting dolls coming in light coming to life in little
Over a month check back with us for a secret at 11:00 p.m.. It is almost over continue for more
Okay, how do I I?
Don't know oh
I think he's crazy, too. I told them I wasn't crazy. I'm not crazy. I'm gonna go back to that house
I'm gonna figure this out for myself. Okay figure shopping must gel got a figure out for me and my own oh
Shit, oh, that's weird
I don't like that. Yeah, they were talking about a heave this whole time
Scrwaaarry. He's real scrwAry
Okay? And that's it!
Hey, I did it! Oh, man. That's fun. It was it
Admittedly it got a little tedious after a while. Whaaat the hell?
There are so many game modes. I didn't even know I played through, god damn, 12 of them?? Holy- Plus the intro.
Oh my god. It was way more involved than I ever thought it was gonna be. Woah, uh, shit. Anyway!
Thank you everybody so much for watching!
I'm glad you were able to join me all the way to the very end of Emily Wants to Play Too.
Thank you everybody that did. Thank you all so much if you got more horror games that you want me to play
Let me know down in the comments below. Check out the other scary games that I've played in the past either in the scary games
Playlist or in the multitudes of scary games I've played on my channel.
Thanks again for watching and as always, I will see you in the next video. Buh bye!
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I DON'T WANT TO PLAY ANYMORE!! | Emily Wants to Play Too

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Sheng Xiong Hong published on May 2, 2018
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