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- If Jesus Christ was from Boston,
he would look like Chris Evans.
- Right. That's right.
- Facial hair. Very controversial. Bearded or un-bearded.
- The first one's a little too Top Gun for me.
It's a bit like 'Hey, it's Lighter. You sick?'
- I'm not a man to be judgemental about beards, right now.
- I like the older more valid, experienced guy
with the beard.
- [Josh] There's life lived there.
- Yeah, that reminds me of Steve Baldwin or something.
The first one.
I feel like he's doing a thing with his lips.
- With the beard, come here, mate.
Looking great.
- Fans went wild over that beard.
- Yeah that's a great beard.
- Who's had the best hair transformation or evolution,
in the course of the franchise, would you say?
- Jarvis, didn't have any-didn't even have a body.
So I think Paul Bettany might have had a-
he still doesn't have hair though does he?
Does Vision have hair?
- Black Widow always has a different hair color
in every movie.
- Is it true?
- Yeah, she's a great colorist.
- Um, probably Scarlett. She's gone through more than one.
Not releasing her new hairstyle was as important to Marvel.
It was easier to get the script.
- Downey's just gets better and better and better.
You know it's great.
- Just more-
- But also Hemsworth. I think, from the long wig
to the short thing in Ragnarok.
He's pretty, you know, he's pretty hipster cool now.
Yeah, he cut it in Brooklyn.
- Which MCU character's name would make the worst baby name?
- Don Cheadle.
- Gamora.
- It is an odd choice for a child's name Obadiah Stane. Bad.
- What's the squirrel's name again?
- Rocket Raccoon.
- That would be a weird name.
- Drax. That's a bit off calling a small tiny adorable thing
to be called Drax.
- Better vacation spot: Wakanda or Asguard?
- Oh, man. Wakanda.
Please, the waterfalls?
- Wakanda.
- I think Wakanda, yeah. I mean the Wakanda-Wakanda.
The set Wakanda?
- [Both] No.
- [All] Wakanda.
- You been to the beach in Wakanda?
They get wild.
- We don't know the name of the next Avengers movie,
the untitled Avengers four, what should it be called?
- Uh, yeah.
- That was it?
- It should be called "NEXT".
- Avengers: This Is What Happened Next.
- The Long Goodbye.
- So Avengers and then you have Thanos
and then you have a quote
and then you have Thanos saying 'I ain't ever left'.
- And then you have in parenthesis an action,
which is 'mic drop'.
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172 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on May 2, 2018
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