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Hey! Everyone!
Listen, listen.
Gather round.
I saw a monster.
It came at me from out of the sky.
It made a sound like...
[imitates engine sound]
Go, get away!
And then, bam!
And that's when it scooped me up and I was like...
Then I saw it.
A mythical creature I had only heard existed in legend.
Look at your small foot.
Oh, my gosh! It's a Smallfoot!
Oh no! Come back!
- No, you didn't. - Yeah, I did.
- No. - I did.
- No. - I saw it.
It doesn't exist.
Recant this ridiculous story and tell the truth.
I am telling the truth.
We believe you.
- Meechee? - Welcome to the S.E.S.
Stands for, "Smallfoot Exists, Suckas!"
We have been collecting proof of the Smallfoot's existence.
Behold, the scroll of invisible wisdom.
Imagine the amazing stuff they put on here.
This proves nothing!
Look, I know what I saw.
And I'm gonna prove it!
Ah, he's gone.
♪ Don't stop believing ♪
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.
♪ Hold on to the feeling ♪
Oh, boy.
Oh, holy wowness!
There it is.
I should introduce myself.
[thunderous roaring]
It's a yeti. It's a yeti. It's a yeti.
Oh. Look at you.You're adorable.
Uh, Smallfoot?
Oh, Is that suppose to fall out like that?
[goat bleating loudly] [shushing]
♪ Don't stop believing ♪
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SMALLFOOT - Official Trailer 1

5927 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on May 2, 2018
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