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  • MARIA MENOUNOS: Hi, I'm Maria.

  • And I'm here to tell you all about the word "senses." Now,

  • the senses are what we use to experience

  • everything around us.

  • And there are five of them, sight, sound,

  • smell, touch, and taste.

  • And I'm going to use all of my senses right now.

  • OSCAR: Hey, can you scram and go use your

  • senses somewhere else?

  • MARIA MENOUNOS: Sorry, Oscar.

  • I can't.

  • Today's word is senses, so I have to show

  • everyone the five senses.

  • OSCAR: Oh yeah?

  • Well, if you're going to use your senses around here, you

  • have to use them on some Grouchy stuff.

  • MARIA MENOUNOS: Great idea!

  • Thanks, Oscar.

  • OSCAR: Don't mention it.

  • [LAUGHS]

  • Now here, feast your eyes on this.


  • I'm using my sense of sight, and I see that

  • this painting is messy.

  • OSCAR: And awful, right?

  • MARIA MENOUNOS: Actually, I kind of like it.

  • It totally reminds me of a great abstract artist, and it

  • really pleases my senses.

  • OSCAR: Well, forget this, then.

  • Let's move on to your sense of hearing.


  • What is this sound?


  • OSCAR: What?

  • MARIA MENOUNOS: It sounds just like my kitty cat sounds when

  • she wants me to pet her tummy.

  • I love my kitty.

  • OSCAR: OK, forget hearing.

  • Use your senses and smell this!


  • OSCAR: "Mmm"?

  • What do you mean "mmm"?

  • These are rotten eggs!

  • Ew, these smell terrible.

  • MARIA MENOUNOS: Not to me.

  • You see, I always put rotten eggs in the soil when I'm

  • gardening, and they always help me to

  • grow beautiful flowers.

  • So I love the smell of rotten eggs.

  • OSCAR: Fine, forget the eggs.

  • Use your senses and feel this!

  • MARIA MENOUNOS: Hmm, soothing.

  • OSCAR: Soothing?

  • But this is yucky, muddy muck!

  • MARIA MENOUNOS: And it feels great!

  • It reminds me of that stuff they use on me

  • when I go to the spa.

  • OSCAR: Ugh.

  • OK, OK, forget that.

  • What about this?


  • Is that a chocolate mint sardine sundae?

  • OSCAR: Yes.

  • Care to use your senses and taste it?

  • MARIA MENOUNOS: Yuck, no.

  • OSCAR: Didn't think so.

  • MARIA MENOUNOS: Not without a pickle!

  • OSCAR: What?


  • Now it should taste yummy.

  • OSCAR: Oh, that's it.

  • I've had it!

  • MARIA MENOUNOS: Mmm, senses!


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Sesame Street: Maria Menounos: Senses

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