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- Hello everyone and welcome
back to English with Lucy.

You might remember that
a couple of weeks ago

I uploaded a video about
happy related expressions.

Expressions and idioms
related to happiness.

Well, I was thinking the other
day it's great to be happy

and positive, but it's also
really, really important to know

how to express yourself when
you're angry or annoyed.

Getting angry or annoyed is human nature
and we need to know how
to express ourselves,

so I'm taking care of that today.
Let's get started.
Now I'm sure many of you
will know the typical,

more basic ones like angry, cross, mad.
But, today I want to share with you
more alternative vocabulary,
more advanced vocabulary,

and some idioms and some
expressions that you can use.

So this video is going to
help you express yourself,

it's going to help you with your speaking.
It's also going to help
you with your listening

so that you can understand
natives when they speak to you.

Hopefully you don't have too many
native speakers getting angry with you.
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speaking to the next level

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Right, let's get started with the lesson.
Just a quick warning, a couple
of the words that I'm going

to talk about could offend some people,
or maybe you don't want
your children knowing them.

No swear words but if you're
around children, headphones in.

And if you are easily offended
then you can find another video.
You've been warned.
The first bit of new vocabulary
that I'm going to share with you
is actually a phrasal verb
and this is to piss off.

And you can also be pissed off.
And it means to make angry or to annoy.
So I could say, I felt really pissed off
when I saw that somebody
had scratched my car.

Or I think I really pissed my teacher off
when I didn't hand in my homework on time.
Just so you know, that word, to piss off,
piss on its own is
actually a vulgar word for

to urinate, so it's not respectful.
So around friends, very
informal situations.

But, it's important you understand it.
The next one is another
phrasal verb and this is

to rile somebody up, to rile one up.
And again it means to make somebody angry,
to push them until they maybe
explode or lose their temper.

So to rile up or to rile somebody
up is to make them angry.

So I could say, somebody's
been picking on me for a while

and they're really riling me up,
I feel like I'm going to lose my temper.
OK, the next words all
go with the verb to be.

So these are all ways to say
to be angry, or to be annoyed.

So the first one, to be livid.
Livid just means really,
really, really angry.

Then we have to be fuming.
Again, similar to livid,
really, really angry.

Then we have to be seething.
If you seethe you are just so angry.
Then we have a couple
that aren't as strong.

We have to be irked.
That's annoyed and just
ever so slightly pissed off.

And we also have miffed.
If somebody does something
that makes you go oh,

then you could say you feel a bit miffed.
And now I have some idioms
for you, some expressions

that we like to use to
express annoyance or anger.

The first one is to rub
somebody up the wrong way,

or also to rub somebody the
wrong way, the up is optional.

And to rub somebody the wrong
way, think about it this way,

you can stroke a cat the right way
or you can stroke them the
wrong way and it annoys them.

Well, this is exactly the same for people.
If you rub somebody up the
wrong way, you are treating them

in a way that might make
them angry or annoyed.

That really rubbed me up the wrong way,
that really annoyed me.
The next one, to be at
the end of one's tether.

So if I say I'm at the end of my tether,
it means I am this close to
losing to losing my temper.

To getting really, really angry.
You've really offended me,
you've really annoyed me,

I'm this close to really exploding.
Another very similar
one is the last straw.

So the last straw is that
final thing in a collection

of many little things
that have annoyed you,

but that one thing it's the last straw,
it's the thing that makes
you lose your temper.

So I could say I had a terrible day
but my running training being
cancelled was the last straw.

I just, pff, screw it, was really angry.
The next two are about losing your temper.
And obviously if you lose
your temper it means (snaps)

that's it, you are
angry, you are shouting,

you get maybe a bit aggressive.
So one way of saying to lose one's
temper is to lose one's rag.
So rag replaces temper in this case.
So if somebody lost
their rag it means they

exploded in a fit of anger.
And another option is
to fly off the handle.

Again to lose one's rag,
to fly off the handle,

to lose one's temper.
So I've got some homework for you.
I would like you to write
in the comments section

something that made you
angry or annoyed recently,

if you want to share it of course.
I think it will be really interesting.
Normally I'm all about
spreading positivity

but I don't know, today I want to spread
the annoyance and the anger. (laughs)
So that's it for today's lesson.
Don't forget to check out italki.
Sign up using the link below
and claim your free lesson.

Honestly, I've been working
with italki for a long time.

I've had so many students use them
and they've had really great results.
I get really lovely
feedback from students.

It's an incredibly affordable
way of having a private tutor.

That's it for today's lesson.
Don't forget to connect with
me on all of my social media,

I've got my Facebook,
I've got my Instagram,

and I've got my Twitter.
And I will see you for another
lesson very, very soon.

(imitates kissing)
(upbeat electronic music)
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10 ADVANCED ways to say ANGRY or ANNOYED | Advanced English Vocabulary*

5315 Folder Collection
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