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(Alex) Sort of yeah been in love with her she's amazing
(Anisha) What's the first thing you do when you get back home from making a film?
(Alex) Take a long shower I think and
stop myself from sort of post-morteming everything wrong with I think I've done for the last
couple of months and move on
What are your favourite foods both off and on set?
(Alex) Favourite foods... That's a hard question can you ask me next one
(Anisha) What do you look at first the film or the book?
(Alex) I suppose I'd love to say that I read the book first but I remember seeing
the TV series of Brideshead Revisited and then reading the book and actually
sort of enjoying the TV series more the music and sort of rigid very English performances, it depends
(Anisha) Which actors have you most enjoyed working with?
(Alex) I loved working with Juliet Stevenson in Departure
and Phénix Brossard as well and I feel very lucky that I got work with them and now can sort of
send them a text and have a cofee with them
at the moment I'm shooting a film with another French
actor called Pauline Etienne she's just amazing and I'm a bit in love with her she's amazing so
and we are going back to shoot tomorrow
and I'm looking forward to seeing it already
(Anisha) What's the most bizarre thing to ever happen to you onset?
(Alex) I shot a film in Christmas time last year called Freak Show
and there's a moment when my character is playing guitar in a giant purple shoe
and he's surrounded by these people pushing small
purple shoe's on like trolleys
and that was really surreal moment that was meant to happen and part of the story
but looking back at it now hopefully people will see this film and understand
what I'm talking about but as an idea was very strange
(Anisha) What's the film that made the biggest impact on your life
(Alex) Andrew the director of Deprature is laughing at me in the corner Departure, no
I could sort of quote Matilda by Dany DeVito by hard (Anisha) Can you give me a quote?
(Alex) It's embarrassing, I can really quote it from beginning to end
That was a film that maybe hasn't changed my life but has I could still watch now and I know I'd love it
I might go home and watch that
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Getting to know Alex Lawther

138 Folder Collection
irisfarrell published on April 30, 2018
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