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(man) Hi there, girl,
can I Squirtle on your Jigglypuff?

(Ian) Shut up!
I can't wait to discover new Pokémon.
I just better make sure I don't
walk in front of anyone while--

Damn it, I am not fighting anyone!
Oh, no, no, I wanted
to give you a cool new move

that you could teach to your Pokémon.
It's called "fly."
You just teach it to any flying Pokémon
and you can ride it to any destination.
So you're telling me
if I taught this to a tiny little

bird Pokémon, I could
fly on its back or something?

Anything's possible with Pokémon.
(muttering) You freakin' jackass.
'Kay, now I can finally start my quest...
What the hell?
Wild MANKEY appeared!
Oh sweet, a wild Pokémon!
Mankey, extremely quick to anger.
You mean "Monkey"?
No, that's definitely a monkey.
- Mankey.
- Whatever!

- You're going down, Monkey!
- Mankey.

Go, Pikachu!
All right, Pikachu! Use quick attack!
- Pika!
- (Mankey chattering)


Critical hit!
- All right, Monkey...
- Mankey.

Shut the f--k up!
All right, you're mine!
Damn it! But I'll get you this time!
20 Minutes Later
I'm bound to catch you sometime.
Wild MANKEY became

Whatever, I didn't want you anyway.
That monkey may have tested my resolve,
but I'm not gonna let that
discourage me from--

- Better not be another freakin' monkey!
- Mankey.


Whoa! We're not gonna
let this one get away.

Quick, Pikachu, use AK-47 attack!
(gun cocks)
(automatic gunfire, Charizard groaning)
It's super effective!
All right, I've got you
this time, Charizard!

♪ (suspenseful music) ♪
CHARIZARD was caught!

Hey, you douchebag! I want a rematch!
Oh God, all right,
Charizard, come out now!

All right, Charizard,
get us the hell out of here!

Use fly!
CHARIZARD cannot learn

But he has wings;
it's not like I'm trying to teach it
to a freakin' monkey.

- Mankey.
- (wings fluttering)

Whoo! Pidgey, f--k yeah! (laughs)
(Ian) To see bloopers
from this video and more,

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by clicking the yellow button!

♪ (light cheerful tune) ♪
If this music is giving
you a nostalgia-boner

that lasts longer than four hours,
contact your physician immediately.
It's bad. Happened to me once.
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905 Folder Collection
陳亮穎 published on April 29, 2018
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