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It's the armored Gator
Bonjour dickheads hello welcome to another day in the life of being a comedian
It's snowing again in Paris which is interesting?
And exciting except this time. It's actually properly snowing look at the state of that car
You know can't see anything so
Today's Friday, I woke up at 12:00 after a long
Few days in London of not sleeping basically, so I'm heading
current well
I was supposed to be heading to Canal Palouse to the TV station to go and see how my documentary editing
Has been going on with the editors of the documentary and the director however?
I can't get to cannot lose because the snow so we're going to the editor's house directly
Actually his name is with Felix
Guimard the director who's already there
And they're currently editing the documentary series that we're working on
And then of course I've got my stand-up show hashtag from Glee later on this evening
Friday night, so usually a great night
Because it's the end of the week Paris has got no idea how to deal with cold weather and weather extremes
I mean honestly they've known it's going to be snowing for a week. They could have put some fucking salt out already
in preparation for the snow and in what comes after the snow well the snow melts obviously and then what happens to the to the
water well it fucking freezes because it's cold so Paris get your shit together and
Figure out how to deal with snow for one every year it's the same thing
Look at the state of the pavements, I mean imagine old people in this weather. They're not gonna leave the house over and die
how are you ?
What are you doing ?
why are you laughing felix ?
Arthur like to add some little colors
At least like that you can't be lost in your editing
So I'm here outside
Arthur's house it's not a house. It's an apartment and he
Doesn't fuck around with his flat does he state of this
Vue on the Eiffel Tower
Vue of the sacré coeur
Not bad
Thanks for ruining my timelapse dickhead
Alright, I'm just outside of
Arthur's house after finished
Spending a day with them editing. I've got to go back home get changed and go to the show
Also what I forgot is that after my show today?
I've got to do an interview for a thing called viàGrandParis again some more promotion which is cool
But it's just after my show so after having performed for an hour and a half on stage. Yes, come in oh
It's mr.. Ebony hello
Are you filming my side or yours ?
Your side
How long have you been doing stand-up ?
What's your favorit thing about doing stand up ?
The silent moment when i'm going on the stage , not when someone talk to me with his phone... Voila
The real moment that i like the laugh...
No no. The real real moment is when you think about a joke and
And on the stage you say it , and they laugh
When your comedian, nothing is more faster then stress on stage
Oh luke. How long have you been doing stand-up for I have been doing stand-up for about nine years nine years with your best stand-up
Standing up the network I
Know I like obviously the laughter and the adoration of an audience when they when they laugh at your material
It makes me feel good as a person
That's it's purely for egotistical reason just the self affirmation I get from making other people laugh it
Just fills the huge void that otherwise exist in my life, so I've just finished the show an hour and a half
And now I'm with the p.m.. Here from a
guy called Bali, it's a TV channel and Pierre's going to interview me for a TV channel, so
So, that's it that's the end of another Friday night. That's the end of this episode, but before I go
One thing I'd like to change up the the way I'm doing these videos because so far
It's just me recording everything that I'm doing every day and talking about it. Which is probably boring
I think there's probably more interesting things that you can find out about this thing so ask me questions in the comments below
Ask me questions anything that you want about the industry about being a comedian and then basically I'll try and make videos based on those
Because it will be more interesting for you
and it'll be less work for me because basically as it stands with these vlogs every day and
basically don't sleep at 2:00 in the morning because I'm
Editing them all because it's what's happening in a day whereas if it's theme based
I can maybe record three videos in one day
And then I've got three videos in
Stock that I can then put out and be a bit more relaxed and also just have a real weekend because I haven't
I've done these videos for ten days now almost and so I haven't had a day off so send me your questions
And I'll do the best I can all right Bisou
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Paris Can't Deal With Snow - Being a Comedian in Paris #9

285 Folder Collection
nekotill published on April 24, 2018
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