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(upbeat music)
- Happy new year.
- Happy new year, guys.
- Happy 2018.
- Yeah, we did it.
- We did it.
- Feeling a little bit delicate today.
- Oh yeah.
- Off to the family's place today.
Have some nice food.
We have a special guest, Angel.
- Cheeky.
This is gonna be really fun.
We play a lot of games like bingo
and yunnori (korean new years game).
- Yeah.
- My mom and Ben were in the champions--
- The finals.
- Yeah, the finals.
- I had no idea how to play the game.
Completely beginner's luck,
but I'm gonna try to do the same today
and actually win it.
- What's your tactic this year?
- Just to try and remember how to play it
and then that's about it.
- Honestly I don't know
how to play either.

My dad re-explains how to
play the game every year

and that's how it works.
- Yep.
(upbeat music)
- [Jennifer] So here is ddeok-kuk.
This is my favorite soup.
This is basically just a rice cake soup
with dumplings, some meat, seaweed, egg
My aunt
did an amazing job with the spread.
We've got some egg, some sausage,
some kimchi, japchae.
- This is all mine.
- [Jennifer] This is all yours.
This is your portion.
Happy new year, appa (Korean for dad).
- Happy new year.
(Best wishes for a Happy New Year!)
Same to you.
- [Jennifer] Thank you. )
thanks for the meal!
- Oh my god.
So tasty.
00:01:41,010 --> 00:01:41,843
- So good.

- One, two, three.
(Best wishes for a New Year!)
- You guys, look at this
old photo of all of us.

I think this was my grandpa's birthday.
Grandfather looks great.
He's wearing the same hanbok (traditional Korean garments) today.
I can't do any of these.
Oh, wait.
- Ooh.
- Oh.

Oh my god.
- [Group] Oh.
- Oh my goodness.
Oh my god.
You did it.
- [Jennifer] You did it, oh my god.
Yeah, you got it.
- [Dad] Oh my god.
- [Jennifer] Wow, this is strategy.
And of course, you can't
forget about dinner.

(Thanks for the meal!)
Thank you.
I (Dad) made it.
[Jenn] Dad, you made it?
Chef (Dad).
- I (Dad) chef,
good chef, though.
(random Korean)
(upbeat music)
- Hello everybody.
It is Tuesday and I am freshly showered.
I feel so amazing.
This is probably one of my favorite things
is clean hair, clean body
after a hard workout.

The comfort and joy you seek is waiting
and all you need to do
is pay attention to it.

- [Man] You just listened to the post
titled A Little Guide
For More Comfort and Joy

by Courtney Carver of bemarvelous.com,
narrated by Jenn Im.
(upbeat music)
- [Friends] Yay.
Happy new year, happy new year.
- How was Redbird?
- [Friend] It was so chill, guys.
- What kind of music did they play?
- [Friend] They were playing hip hop.
- [Jennifer] Dressy ass shoes, I know.
That must feel so weird
- [Amy] It is weird.
- [Jennifer] Have your toes out.
- [Amy] Yeah.
- Oh my gosh.
Good morning, it is Wednesday.
Amy and I are heading into Pilates.
It's gonna be really cold in the studio
and it's locked.
- [Amy] Go ahead.
- [Jennifer] Thanks.
- [Instructor] Punch punch punch punch,
15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10.
Nine, eight, seven, six, five.
- I would rather have this
be tighter and fitted.

Cheeky has a visitor.
They're so happy.
As you saw, I had the Eggie team
come over to my house for a fitting.
This is for our fourth drop
which is gonna happen around
music festival season,

so I am so excited to
show you guys the pieces.

A lot of the stuff needs some work,
so I can't for everything to be perfect.
I didn't get the vlog Angela and Leona
but I work with them all the time,
Angela especially, so...
Leona is the lovely lady at Eggie
who makes sure all the
measurements are correct

and she sends it over to the manufacturers
so that they can produce a
correct fitting prototype,

and then we have Angela, of course,
and she is my right hand woman.
She helps me design everything for Eggie,
and I freaking love her.
She just gets me.
As you guys know, I didn't
go to fashion school

or I don't know how to sew or anything,
so we work really closely together
to create these designs for you guys.
I'm heading out to Thailand tomorrow,
so I'm gonna start packing.
I don't have anything done,
and then I'm gonna have
dinner with my friend Crystal

and then we're gonna watch
our friend Kelly perform

so quite a jam packed night.
I'm gonna get some water.
But first, I'm gonna pack.
(upbeat music)
Hello everybody, happy Monday.
I am back in LA and it feels so amazing.
I just got back from Thailand
and I was gone for nine days,
so it feels just, I don't know.
I love traveling and I love being out
but nothing feels as good as coming home.
Right now I am on my way to the dentist.
I'm gonna get my teeth cleaned.
It has officially been six months
since my last teeth cleaning so going back
and hopefully there's nothing wrong.
Last time I got x-rays and
I didn't have any cavities,

so the Sonicare is really
working out for me.

If you guys don't have an
electric toothbrush by now,

I highly recommend it.
I haven't had a cavity since that.
Before, every time, I would
always go in to the dentist

with at least something
that they had to fix,

so yeah, after lunch.
My mom is coming over with me.
She volunteered to clean my house,
and I'm gonna help her, obviously.
I don't know if this is
just an Asian parent thing,

but every time my parents come over,
they are dying to vacuum, mop the floors,
and all that stuff and it's
one of the perks, you know?

Let me know in the comments down below
if that's what your parents
do when they come visit you?

But yeah, she has the day off.
Today is Martin Luther King day,
and I'm so happy it's being recognized.
Martin Luther King did
so much for America,

especially for freedom.
He really paved the
way for all minorities,

and if he didn't speak up or if he didn't
have that dream and he didn't speak up,
then we definitely would not
be here where we are now.

(crowd chattering)
Hi, Emma.
Hi, Belle.
I know, hi.
Having lunch with
eomma (mom)

and imo! (aunt)
All right, so we just got back from lunch.
My mom is over, helping
me clean the entire house.

What did I do to deserve
such an amazing mom?

Right now, Sam and Ben
are at a cafe working.

Ben is currently working on
my Jenn goes to Phuket vlog

and I'm so grateful because that day
or that trip was a lot of footage,
so there's a lot to get started on that,
and I wanna have that
done as soon as possible.

So yeah, while he's working on that,
I'm gonna work on the house.
I normally don't like
to call out the state

of my office, but I
wanted to show you guys

the before so...
Here it is.
It has not been this
messy in such a long time.

But yeah, my luggage is still here.
I gotta put everything away.
I gotta open some packages,
clean this desk up,
and right now I'm waiting
for my vacuum to finish recharging,
but yeah, cleaning day!
So the first rule that my
mom has when she's cleaning

the house is that she likes
to open all the windows

to get a good circulation in the house,
so that is what I'm gonna do first.
So I like to just take out all the stuff
out of my luggage first and
then put my luggage away,

so that way I have no
choice but to clean up

everything on my floor
or else it'll bother me like crazy.
So now I like to put everything
in their little piles,

so right now I've got products.
We've got dirty clothes.
I don't know why I put this
right in front of you guys.

I got shoes.
Clothes I wanna hang.
Bathing suits
and it just helps me keep organized
when I put everything away,
'cause then I'll know
exactly where everything is.

(speaking foreign language)
(vacuum running)
I love this salad.
It is the next day.
My office and the entire
house are completely clean.

I wanted to show you guys the space.
Look at all this floor.
I love it.
Oh yeah.
I just feel so much more amazing
when my place is clean
because when my place is clean,
my mind is clean.
Who would have thought?
But anyway, last night was so much fun.
It was some good family bonding time.
We had dinner at Fig At 7th,
which is one of my
favorite shopping places

in downtown LA.
They've got an H&M, a Zara.
They got a Bath and Body
Works, Victoria Secret, Target,

but anyway, needless to
say, I went shopping.

I got my mom a couple sweaters,
and I got myself a couple of things,
because it's been a minute
since I feel like I've shopped, but...
They had this crazy sale everywhere,
so first up at Nordstrom Rack,
I got this black back pack.
It is by Madden Girl,
so I guess Steve Madden makes accessories.
It looks like that other
brand that has this logo,

but either way, I love it.
It fits my Canon T3I, which is pretty much
the only reason why I got this backpack.
All my backpacks are breaking
because my vlogging camera
is an unnecessary weight.

It's around seven pounds.
I don't know why I am so loyal to things,
but anyway, I got a new backpack
because my velvet one broke,
so this is the new backpack for now.
I like that it's in this ski pants,
or snow material,
because when it rains or something
or if I'm in a different
climate or something,

it's gonna protect all the goodies inside,
and this was $30.
All right, next up, we have Zara.
They're having an insane
sale on everything,

and the only thing I got were shoes.
So the first pair of shoes I
got were these pointed mules.

They've got a ruched center
and I just feel like
they look very elegant,

and then I got another pointed mule.
I guess these aren't really mules.
They're pointed slip ons,
and the last pair of shoes
I got were these mules,

another pair of mules, jeez.
But these have a nice
teddy material in the front

and these are very, very comfortable.
All these pairs of shoes were 20 bucks,
so I got everything for 60 bucks,
which is insane.
That's like the cost of one shoe at Zara,
and then at H&M I got these two beanies.
This one was 13 bucks
and then, this one, I don't
know how much this one was,

but probably less than that,
because this is just a
plain, black ribbed beanie,

a little slouchy,
and then, this one has a
cute little pom pom on it.

Since I'm already showing
you guys all these things,

I thought I would throw in
Stephanie's Christmas present.

She made us coasters of all the girls,
and they are so cute.
She got my hair color so perfectly.
It really looked like this at the time.
The whole squad protecting
the surfaces of my home now,

and the last thing I
wanted to show you guys

was some jewelry by a subscriber.
Her name is Eugenia.
She is from Toronto
and she just sent me the
most beautiful pieces,

so I had to shout her out.
First up we have these really
beautiful drop down earrings.

They're very statement,
and then she has these abstract
squiggle statement earrings.

The third is a modern
day contemporary hoop,

and the last pair of earrings,
and the ones that I'm
the most excited about

are these adorable egg earring.
I love the fact that
she made the yolk gold

and the rest is this beautiful chrome.
I love these earrings.
Thank you so much for
sending these to me, Eugenia.

You're so talented.
I'll leave her info in the description box
so please check her out.
But yeah, that is the end of the haul.
I'm gonna get started with my day.
I already went to Pilates earlier,
but this class was just
weak for some reason.

I feel like I didn't really get
that full of a workout.
I feel like Pilates is 50 50.
Some classes I'm in excruciating pain
and I'm so sore, but other classes,
I'm just kind of like...
Like I'm not even breaking a sweat.
(relaxing music)
Hello everybody.
- Hello, everybody.
- It's Ben Jenn here.
- That's me, there we go.
- We are going to the Goodwill outlet.
We're gonna film a video.
Ben is gonna help me shoot
it as he always does.

- Give my best shot.
- Honestly, it's been a long
time since I've been here.

Instead of going to the
normal Goodwill store,

I'm gonna go to the outlet,
so I've actually never stepped in there
because even that's really
overwhelming for me,

'cause everything is just
in a big giant bucket.

Yeah, yeah.
- Everything's like a dollar.
- That's what they say.
I hear that.
You just pick whatever you wanna buy
and then they weigh it
and then, that's how you pay.
I've never seen this Goodwill so full.
The parking lot is rammed.
- [Ben] Everyone's got
the same idea as us.

- [Jennifer] I know.
- [Ben] They're all
doing the thrift videos.

- [Jennifer] I see you.
You're not gonna get my goodies.
- [Ben] There's no spaces.
- [Jennifer] There's no spaces.
Holy cow.
- [Ben] It's a fucking Wednesday at 11 AM.
- [Jennifer] Oh my gosh, I know.
Oh my goodness.
Let's just go all the way to the back.
- Did it, guys.
- Nice.

Oh, whoa, whoa.
Oh, Ben loves to reverse back.
- You know, it gets us,
it means when we leave, we're fine.
People in America don't
like to reverse park.

- Yeah, 'cause you're
just a really good parker.

We made it.
Here we are at the Goodwill outlet store.
We've been to just the
normal Goodwill store

a lot of times but it's
my first time entering

this part of town.
I guess this part of the store.
(upbeat music)
I need to burn my hands, excuse me.
(upbeat music)
Hello, so I'm back from the outlet store.
I washed my hands with soap obviously,
but yeah, I got some great things.
The outlet was, I'm not gonna lie,
it was really intense
and you're just sifting

through a lot of stuff.
Also, the people there
are very territorial

because they are some people that go there
to buy the clothes and
then try and upsell it

on eBay or at the flea markets.
When those buckets come out,
a fresh bucket comes out,
literally it's like piranhas
eating this big dead carcass,
but basically I'm home now,
and I'm gonna cook some lunch.
Ben and Sam are at a cafe working again,
and I'm gonna make some
Dengjang Chigae

So this is essentially
like a Korean miso soup.

It's fermented bean paste.
I know that sounds disgusting
but it is so delicious.
All right, so now that
everything is cooking,

I am going to put in some

This is the magic sauce.
Like that amount.
Maybe this is too much.
I don't care.
(upbeat music)
All right guys, that
is a wrap on the vlog.

I actually finished inputting
the rest of the clips

into my laptop so this
is very, very recent.

I'm gonna spend the rest of the day
just editing this vlog and
it will be out on Sunday,

which is when you're watching this,
so yes, I hope you guys
enjoyed this little

catch up vlog.
I feel like, I don't know.
I feel like this month
has gone so quickly,

but yeah, I am going to continue to vlog
the rest of January and then
I don't know where I'm going with this.
I just came here to say goodbye.
Thank you so much for watching
and see you guys in the next one.
(upbeat music)
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