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(upbeat music)
- What are we drinking tonight?
- Scotch and soda.
- Chu.
- Hi guys, happy Monday.
It is April 2nd.
I am currently on my way
to the Eggie Headquarters

because I am going to a fitting.
The May/ June drop is coming up
so I want to make sure that
everything looks right.

There's gonna be a ton of dresses,
lots of denim.
So, I'm so stoked to see
how everything looks.

We've got a new fit model,
so I'm excited to meet her.
I uploaded my March favorites,
so if you haven't seen that video,
please hit the cards and go check it out.
But yeah now I'm just stuck in traffic
and hopefully I get there soon.
(upbeat music)
- I'd like to make the
cutout a little smaller.

- Mmm hmm.
- Yeah
- What do you think about this fray here?
(upbeat music)
- Alright, so I just finished filming.
This is the beauty box.
This video will definitely
be out before this vlog.

So go check it out to see what's inside.
So, yeah, this is my little setup.
I'm gonna roll this back
in and start editing.

(upbeat music)
- Hello everybody!
- Hello there.
- It is Tuesday?
- Yeah.
- Yes.
Ben and I just finished shooting
some outfits for Instagram.

- Yeah.
- This is one of the outfits.
- And it is very nice, very purple.
- Thank you, thank you very much.
Yeah, I was going for something more,
like, collegiate I guess.
I guess, scholarly, if you will.
- Yeah, it's nice.
We just had a walk around downtown.
Got some shots and now we're
gonna have Mendocino Farms.

- Yeah.
- Delicious.
- [Jenn] Hello, are
you going to eat happy?

- I'm very happy, I will be happy.
So yeah, I'll be eating happy.
- [Jenn] Yum!
I got my favorite Asian salad.
No chicken though.
I think there's bits of tofu in here.
It's delicious.
And then Ben got the vegan banh mi.
- I'm excited to try this.
I hear it's good.
Last time I had this I
was still eating meat, so.

It's a vegan version of a
pork banh mi, which I miss.

- [Jenn] Yeah.
- I'm happy about that.
(upbeat music)
- Wow!
- This is my favorite, favorite spray.
(upbeat music)
- It is a gorgeous Wednesday afternoon
and here I am at Eveleigh
which is in West Hollywood.

And I am at the Oribe
lunch and I'm so excited to

try their new products and also to eat.
I am starving.
- [Jenn] It's an Oribe latte art, wow!
Look how cute the setup is.
They've got these gorgeous flowers.
Here's the clear dessert menu.
(upbeat music)
- [Jenn] So good!
(background noise drowns out other sounds)
Can you pass a ice cream cookie please?
- I think this is meant for me.
- [Jenn] (laughs) All of that?
- But, I will let you have one.
- [Jenn] Sharing is caring.
Thank you!
- So I'm back from the event,
and so I wanted to show you guys
what they put inside the goody bag.
This is very on trend and
I love that it's huge.

This is gonna be a great
beach bag in the future.

So, this Mystify Restyling
Spray just launched

and here it is in all its glory.
So, apparently this is for
like day two or day three hair

when your strands need a
little bit of extra lovin'.

So if I remember correctly he said to
spray like downwards as opposed
to just, like, blasting it.

So, I'm gonna give this a go.
I don't know why I'm so scared.
Just do it!
And he says to use this technique because
if you just spray it in one direction
then all the product
just stays in one place,

so you have to make sure
its distributed evenly.

He also said it acts as a heat protectant,
so that's incredible.
And then lastly,
we have their Flash Form
Finishing Spray Wax.

It creates weightless
build-able texture with control

and lasting hold.
So, yeah I guess it's like
a new version of hairspray.

So I'm gonna give this a go.
- [Jenn] Alright, I'm
having dinner with Joan.

- Hi!
- [Jenn] Today is Joan day, number...
- 27.
- [Jenn Im] 27?
- Of course I just can't get rid of her.
She just keeps freakin'
following me everywhere.

- How did I get here?
- I mean, I didn't just
pick her up, again. (laughs)

- I've seen Amy three
times in a row today.

First for hip hop yoga,
then for the Oribe event,

and now for dinner.
- Yeah.
- Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
- Hello everybody.
- Hey guys.
- It is the evening and Ben
and I are about to go to

our friend's new dumpling
shop on Melrose Avenue.

It's called Stuff'd.
- [Ben] And it looks absolute delicious.
I mean, the menu looks incredible.
It's our friend Matt's place
and look at it, it's lovely.

(upbeat music)
- Shooting with Vincent.
- Hi!
- [Jenn] We just finished our shoot
and now we're eating Japanese food.
- Check out this little space.
We are here to surprise Sophie.
- Hey guys.
- And Wailey for their very
belated birthday celebration.

- Yeah It was their birthdays last week
and we're gonna celebrate tonight.
They are at dinner still.
- Yes.
We're still waiting for the
rest of our friends to come.

- I know, I know.
So right now they're
getting the check, but

we're still, it's just me, Ben, and Cole
and that's it and everyone is still late.
So hopefully people come through.
But yeah, they were traveling
for a really long time.

- Yeah, it was a while, wasn't it?
- Sophie and Silas were
in Hong Kong and Barcelona

for, like, the entire month
and then Wheelie was in
San Diego so it's good

that we're all just getting there now.
Here's Gee.
What's that?
- [Jenn] Hi Leo.
We've got all these snacks.
We've got Hot Cheeto fries, Ruffles.
Wheelie loves Ruffles.
- [Ben] Yeah, I got the original ones.
- [Jenn] Nice.
Got some tortilla chips,
some cheese puffs,

and some normal cheese.
And these are some great little
details you guys have done.

- We don't need much, our friends group.
We just meet each other and some snacks.
- And some drinks.
- [Jenn] Keep it simple.
- [Ben] Fun.
- How does Soph-
- [Jenn] Oh no guys, I'm scared.
- [Ben] Quick, quick, quick, quick.
- [Friend] Don't be
scared, don't be scared.

Don't be scared.
- [Jenn] Oh my God.
- [Jenn] Okay, they're coming any minute.
- [Ben] Can you turn the lights out?
- [Jenn] Where's the
lights, where's the lights?

Oh God.
- [All] Surprise!
♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪
♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪
♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪
- This is round number two.
We're waiting for Wailey now.
So it's a little
Groundhog's Day situation.

- Ruined.
- So we're going to light
the candles back up again.

We've got our bossanova tune.
- [All] Surprise!
- [Jenn] Happy Birthday!
- Should I make a wish now?
(upbeat music)
- So you guys can't tell,
but I'm literally sweating in this suit
and it is 90 degrees.
I'm shooting with Andre!
- What's up?
- Oh my God, this was his idea
to come to the Huntington Library.
And so, we are at this
gorgeous little structure.

I think this is like a museum.
So yeah, we're gonna take some pics today.
Okay, well, I just got back home.
The shoot went amazing.
It was a super hot day today, in the 90s.
But we were able to
squeeze in three looks.

Shooting with Andre was so amazing.
He is so incredibly talented.
Oh my God, like it was so
easy getting photos with him

because literally after like
10 frames we got the shot.

So it was nice.
We actually got kicked out,
or not kicked out but
someone told us off for

taking photos, saying like,
"oh you need a permit."

And she was like, "If I
catch you changing clothes

then you're really gonna have to get out."
But yeah and so we walked
all the way over to the
Japanese Botanical Gardens.

And then we took a
couple more photos there.

Yeah so we got the shot in the end,
which I'm super happy about.
I'm just going to sort
through all of my PR packages.

It's been a minute since
we went to the PO Box,

so there's a lot of new stuff.
Including Fenty Beauty's Body Lava.
(sighs) I can't wait to
demo it for you guys,

but I'll show you.
- [Jenn] Oh my goodness,
this is so beautiful.

- [Friend] So yummy.
- [Jenn] And this is
another beautiful thang.

- Vegan.
- [Jenn] Yes we're at Sage
again and we got the miso bowl

and the orange chicken
and the cauliflower.

- [Friend] Yes.
- [Jenn] Yes.
Everybody's preparing for Coachella.
(upbeat music)
- The best smoothie in the world.
(upbeat music)
So now I'm back home and I just
did a little outfit change.

Ben and I are gonna shoot some
content for the Instagram.

By the way, the red handed
tee is back in stock.

I'll put a link down below.
- [Jenn] Look at this
beautiful flower wall.

- I feel like this works
perfectly with the outfit.

I've got all my Cheetos in my fanny pack.
Easy access.
- This photo shoot just
sums Jenn up perfectly.

You're wearing Hot Cheetos,
well literally in every aspect.

- Mhm. Mhm.
- Whoo!
- You wanna keep her happy,
just Cheetos on every shoot.

- I'm a simple lady.
- That's it for the lads.
- It's all I need.
- Yeah, they're pretty cool, huh?
- Yeah, it's so pretty!
- A lot of people take
their pictures here.

They're always like, "Wow."
- Have a good one, man.
- It's so good!
So I am finally taking a breather.
I'm done with all my work for now.
Today was definitely a
jam packed day because

I feel like I'm just smooshing everything
before I head on over to Coachella.
Ben and I are heading out on Thursday.
So I'm just preparing, trying
to get as fit as I can.

Trying to be on top of work as I can.
But today I felt really productive.
Because first of all Amy
and I went to Speedplay,

which is our high intensity
interval training class

and you guys, I only showed a clip
of me doing my strength training,
but that's only like
a third of what we do.

We also go on the treadmill, rowers.
The rowers are a bitch to do,
But you get such a good workout.
And then after I went on
over to the Eggie Offices.

Angela and I are doing
our Fall collection.

Angela and I just
brainstormed all the designs.

And if you don't know who Angela is,
she is my designer.
I have not like shown her
like fully on camera yet

because I don't know I
just don't wanna be like

shoving the camera up in her face,
but I think probably later down this year,
I'll do a full Eggie Offices like,
like come to work with me day vlog.
Similar to what Michelle Phan did,
like years ago where you got to
like go inside the Ipsy studios with her.
Like I wanna do a video
like that for Eggie.

I think that would be super cool.
But yeah, we're designing for Fall
and we've already buttoned up Summer.
We're just waiting on a
couple of samples for that.

So my mind has been all over the place.
Ben and I have just finished
filming our $25 outfits video.

I'm thinking if it's,
I don't know if it's going
to be $25 or $30 outfits.

Because doing an outfit
from like head to toe,

including shoes and accessories
it's really hard to do for just under $25.
But I think I might just go
to the Goodwill outlet center

where things are a dollar.
Like for example, I got these pants.
Okay, excuse the unbuttoness.
But, I got these pants for a dollar.
They're by American Apparel.
But since I got them at the outlet,
they were just freakin' cheap.
So I think I'm gonna head on over to the
outlet center later this
week to finish up this video.

(upbeat music)
- [Friend] Do a twirlie.
- Jenn and Amy here.
We're out here at London
Hotel in West Hollywood.

This is next to all of
your favorite hotels.

- Yes.
- The Jeremy Hotel.
- Mondrian, Sky Bar, and then this one.
The London.
- Yeah, London's really gorgeous.
We're here for a Becca event.
They came out with some
new pressed highlighters.

I'm wearing Moonstone.
(upbeat music)
- Yeah right now we're at The Kooples.
Ben is grabbing some items for Coachella.
- Yeah, The Kooples is one of the spots
that often come through for me.
- [Jenn] Yeah.
- [Jenn] Ben is more of
like the investment shopper.

- Yeah.
This is cute, I love this.
- [Jenn] Oh man, these are so cute.
What do they feel like?
- [Ben] They feel good.
- [Jenn] I love these.
Should I get them?
- [Jenn] I love those pants. I love that-
- Yeah, the pants are cool.
- [Jenn] The pants are really cool.
They're like, they're
different from the Adidas.

- [Ben] We are at the Ivy
right now with my lovely lady.

- Yes.
- [Ben] Some lovely champagne.
- It was free.
- [Ben] Yeah we weren't
sure where we were, like,

should we go in here?
They're like "free
champagne", I'm like yeah.

- [Jenn] Okay, sign us up.
- [Ben] In case you don't
know which country we're in,

America, so...
- [Jenn] Home of the brave.
- [Ben] Food has come.
Shrimp tacos, looking lovely.
- [Jenn] I got a scallop salad.
- [Ben] Wow!
- [Jenn] Scallops.
- [Jenn] Right so there's P pads...
- [Jenn] Ah god this coffee,
definitely need it right now.

Alright so I'm on my
way to my parents house.

Cheeki is strapped into
her little dog seat,

right next to me.
My parents are watching
my baby for the weekend

while I'm gone and I just feel so lucky
that my parents live so close to me
and that they're able to do this
because we've taken Cheeki
to doggie hotels before

but she, like I don't know.
Like, the doggie hotel that we put her in,
there's like a little webcam
where you can see like

where you can check in on your
dog to see if they're okay

and like we look at
her and she's literally

just following like the people
around and I don't know,

like there's a lot of dogs there
so I don't expect them to like constantly
give Cheeki cuddles but she's
literally just following

the people around hoping that
someone will like pick her up

or give her attention and
it's like, we've like,

we've checked in on her
like every hour or so

but she just like, she doesn't chill.
Like she doesn't play with the other dogs,
she doesn't like relax or lay
down so I just I don't know,

we just feel weird putting her
up there so I just feel happy

that my parents can look
after her while we're gone.

So yeah, we're gonna drop her off
and then I believe
we're gonna have dinner.

We haven't decided where
but I'm excited to eat.

I feel like that is pretty much
one of the biggest highlights
of my day, is food.

And then after all of this I
am heading to the Westside,

which is where my wedding
dress designer lives.

And today is the first day of my fitting
so I'm so excited for that.
I have been like vlogging like
this whole wedding dress process
but I haven't been
putting them in the vlogs.

But I haven't been
putting them in the vlogs

because I just want that to be
just like one cohesive video

as opposed to me sprinkling it in
and it'd just be hard for anyone to find.
- [Jenn] My favorite, mom
made some Doenjang-jjigae,

a variety of Kimchis and Mandu.
- [Jenn] Hi, I'm going to miss you.
- [Jenn] Hello everyone, I
am officially in Palm Springs

and I am here to say goodbye.
I wanna thank you guys
for watching the vlog

and I'm just gonna continue
on vlogging this weekend.

It is currently Thursday, April 12th
and Ben and I just arrived at our hotel
and I'm just so stocked for this weekend
and of course we're going
to be filming it all.

But yeah, thank you guys
for watching this vlog

and I will see you guys in the next one.
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Preparing For The Big Weekend | April Vlog

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