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This is not a normal Rachel's English video.
But this is not a normal time.
I'm talking about the 2016 Election,
which happens in a month, just about November 8.
Uhm, the second debate between the two candidates, Trump and Clinton,
uh, just happened on Sunday.
By the time I post this, it will be a week ago Sunday.
And it's crazy.
It's...I don't have another word for it even.
I use to not be very interested in politics and lately I've been more so.
Uhm, within the past, maybe two years and then this election is just like, come on.'s hard to ignore the news about it.
Every morning I wake up and I say to my husband
"Did you read the news? What's going on?"

Because I know that there's gonna be something new and it's going to be dramatic.
Uhm, yeah. Just-- there's leak to this, leak to that....scandal...
Uh they-- both candidates have over 50% dislike rating.
The things that are being said and thrown around are incredible.
And as I... as I sit down and I comb through the news, I wonder
what is the world thinking of this?
And...and I know that there are places to go to read that kind of opinion but
I actually want your opinion if you're willing to give it.
I wanna take advantage of this community that has built up over the past 8 years.
The diversity of the community, and I wanna know
what are your impressions, feelings about it?
Tell me. Make a video. Upload it anywhere,
Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,

let's use the hashtag #RachelsEnglishElection
And I would just love to have you sit down and in a minute or two, tell me
what does America look like to you right now?
What does this election look like to you right now?
What are your feelings on it? Do you feel worried about it?
Do you think it's a joke? Do you think it's great?
Do you love the candidates? Hate them?

Uhm, a lot of you are in the US, are American citizens, and are you voting?
I hope you'll vote. But uhm, yeah. Share that!
You can share who you're voting for if you want to but you don't have to, that can be personal.
Uhm...yeah. Every once in a while, I'll think
"Man, I wish I knew what the world thought about that."

I wanna ask my audience and so far, I never have,
but this election, this time, it's just so intense and it feels so important
Uhm, and so I finally decided, okay, this is the topic that I will bring,
that I'll being to the table, that I will ask people to respond to.
So, in the next couple of weeks, if you're comfortable, make a video.
Tell me. I'm not going to make a mash-up video of everyone's answers like I have in the past for challenges.
Uhm, this isn't really a challenge,
in that respect.
But I hope you'll make a video, I'm really looking forward to reading them.
Okay, the hashtag...not reading them, watching them.
The hashtag is #RachelsEnglishElection
And I'm gonna be looking for that on
Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

By the way, do you follow me on all four of those?
I'm now on all four.

I use to not be on Instagram.
Uhm... but yeah, this is gonna be exciting.
This is...this right here, you videos
are going to make the next month extremely interesting too.
I can't wait to hear how you're feeling about everything.
Uhm, so that's it. Just a short video for this week.
Actually, wait. Stop!
I should make this into a little pronunciation video.
It is what I do, it's probably why you're here.
Okay, so let's take the names Clinton and Trump.
They both have things that are sort of interesting. First of all, Trump.
The TR consonant cluster is often pronounced CHR.
CHRUMP. That's how I've been saying it. Ch-ch-Chrump.
Train. Track.
That's a very common, acceptable, wonderful pronunciation of that word.
If I was to make the full True T pronunciation:
Trump. Trump.
That's actually less common than 'Chrump'.
And Clinton. It's sort of a tricky word.
It's like 'mountain' and 'sentence' where we have that stop.
Because of the T, schwa, N that comes at the end of the word.
Clint--nn. Clint--nn.
Some people will say a True T. Clinton. Clinton.
A lot of people will not do that. They will say Clint-nnn. Clint--nn. Clint--nn.
Actually, a couple weeks ago, I was curious about how many people pronounce it one way versus the other
and I went to and I put in Clinton.
And I did the search and most people said Clint--nn.
Some people said Clinton.
So if you're still a little confused about that,
check out my video on the word 'mountain', it's related.
And so there you go, your pronunciation lesson for the day.
Trump. Clinton.
I hope that's made them a little bit easier for you to pronounce
and now I can't wait to see your videos.
That's it guys and thanks so much for using Rachel's English.
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Thoughts on the Election How to Pronounce CLINTON and TRUMP

65 Folder Collection
Caurora published on April 21, 2018
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