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(song playing) "Switch on a sky and the stars blow for you." go see the world cuz it's all so brand new."
What's really fun is when you create parades it all starts with the idea in the story
and this whole idea that Tinkerbell is takin all the magic and has painted the night with lights.
I just reviewed slinky and slinky
is just incredible and the really great thing that Stephens there have done is
work with the visual hierarchy and the parade so just matter where you're
standing on the parade route. Whether you're 4 feet 6 or 6 feet 2, you will see
just about all of this parade unfold in front of you.
When we started to create paint the night we look back
to the original Electrical Parade that started
at Disneyland for inspiration. It really was such a wonderful design it was
charming and the use of lights was spectacular I mean it really
revolutionized the way night parades were created so when we went back we
looked at it we said how is it created and then we used all that influence in
this parade. But we just brought it up to today in wild new ways.
(song playing) "My friends when can we do this again?
I never want this to end.
When can we do this again?
I got to know
When can we do this again?"
We're in the warehouse where we're fabricating our Disney Paint The Night Frozen float.
This float will be our tallest float in the parade
it's approximately 30 feet tall and 30 feet long. The most challenging part is
the lift. To get to 30 feet tall the float needs to collapse to fit in our warehouse.
Our floats are about 99% LED so in addition to the mile of cable and the mile of LED
ribbon products. We have over 3,000 jewels that highlight the trees the chandelier
that comes down the center we have 72 ice shards as part of that all hand cut
all the ice you see came from 85 sheets of acrylic that all had to be
special ordered. The windows have Olaf and Elsa and Anna from their childhood all
that was hand done all hand edged all unique never seen before so that's been
pretty nice to work on.
We have 56 snowflakes like a snowflake everyone is different.
It's big, it's not just it's an electrical parade, it's big.
These things are massively impressive in addition to the fact that they light up
and sing and dance.
(Music Playing)
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Disney Paint The Night Electrical Parade - Disney California Adventure & Disneyland

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alan walker published on April 20, 2018
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