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My name is Johnny Harris and I make videos here at Vox.
I spent my entire last year
traveling around to different places making documentaries on the topic of Borders.
I'm excited to announce that Borders is back. I'm hitting the road again to go tell
the story of some of the most interesting places in the world.
We're stuck again.
The first location for this next round of Borders is going to be:
Hong Kong.
I'm doing things a little bit differently this time. Instead of going
to these places to focus on one major topic and to make like a 15 minute
documentary about that topic,
I'm actually gonna be making a lot more
videos from these places.
I'm gonna stay there a little bit longer and make more
videos that are more narrow and a little bit shorter.
Wait, so no more sweet
documentaries with all the fancy graphics?
No, no no no no. That's not what I'm saying.
These are still gonna be beautiful, really well produced pieces, they're just gonna be a
little bit more narrow in their scope and they're gonna be shorter, but there's
gonna be a bunch more of them.
Okay, cool.
As always I'm looking for your help in finding and reporting these stories.
If you live in Hong Kong or Macau or have traveled there or read something
interesting about it, I want to hear about it.
It doesn't necessarily have to
be about conflict or the political situation, it can be about an interesting
community or an interesting restaurant or figure or person.
I just want to know
what's worth explaining about this peculiar part of the world.
If you do have some ideas, I want to hear about it.
You can go to Facebook or Instagram and
DM me.
Now if you do live in Hong Kong Macau and you want to meet up with me
when I travel there next month or you want to contribute to Borders in some
other way,
go to:
where you can fill out a form
telling me a little bit more about yourself and how you'd be willing to
contribute to Borders.
This could be anything from me asking you to film
something on your cell phone that you see every day or filming a part of your life
that would be really interesting for these stories.
So the last thing I'll say is that we just created this Facebook Watch page,
which is a Facebook page basically optimized for viewing videos.
That's where I'm going to be posting all the Border's content first, so if you want to
kind of subscribe or follow Borders content only, that's the place to go.
It's gonna be a lot cleaner than following my personal pages which are usually like,
photos of my family.
If you want just the Border's content, go follow this page and
you'll get a notification every time there's some new update or new video
Okay, housekeeping items out of the way.
Borders Hongkong is officially in motion.
I'm excited to hear what stories you come up with.
And yes I plan to wear this orange coat until the day it comes unstitched.
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Borders is back! Here's where we're going.

106 Folder Collection
Samuel published on April 19, 2018    Clément translated    Evangeline reviewed
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