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It takes time to really get to know someone.
But first impressions often determine whether someone is willing to spend more time learning about you.
In fact people's first impressions are made within seven seconds of meeting someone new.
The details that someone takes in about you all factored into how they perceive you to be.
Whether you ace that job interview or score a second date, all depends on how you project yourself.
Here are some tips on how to make a good impression.
One, be enthusiastic.
Show interest in the person you meet.
Don't hold back or be afraid to show that you're excited about something.
In fact people often see passion as a charming sign of strength and inspiration.
Showing your enthusiasm by smiling or incorporating friendly humor will make you seem approachable and easy going.
Two, show respect.
People want to feel respected before they reciprocated.
Be polite and show manners with please and thank you.
And don't just focus your manners towards the person you meet.
Make sure to treat everyone around you well, too, as it shows a lot about who you are.
For example, if you're out for dinner, be sure to treat your waiters well not only your date.
Three, be open to new ideas.
Openness is an inviting trait.
So give new experiences a shot.
You don't have to lie and be enthusiastic about it if you didn't enjoy it.
But let people know that you're willing to try something new with them.
This will also encourage them to be open to your suggestions as well.
Engaging in new activity together is a great conversation starter and can create a sense of closeness.
Four, be positive.
Although life can be challenging, if you're able to make every moment count and find the good even within the bad, people will be drawn to your resilience.
You shouldn't be a blind optimist.
But having a positive outlook despite any hardships makes you seem dependable.
Five, realize it's not all about you.
It's great to show off your strengths when meeting someone new.
But people also like to see a degree of humility.
Because it shows that you understand there's always room for improvement.
There's a difference between confidence and self-centeredness.
To avoid seeming conceited, focus on larger concerns in the world.
And be sure you're letting the other person participate equally in the conversation.
Six, try to avoid the bad days.
Timing plays an important role.
And while there's only so much we can control, if something unfortunate happens that deeply affects you, you're not obliged to follow through with a scheduled meeting on the same day.
Instead you can bring up the issue and set up another time.
Let them know your time with them is valuable to you.
So you don't want to let unfavorable aspects of your life to affect them or make them uncomfortable.
It'll show wise judgment on your part and demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively.
Seven, pay attention to your body language.
Body language has four times the influence on first impressions than the words that come out of your mouth.
It's important to be aware of the way you present yourself.
Make sure your posture is good.
Make strong eye contact.
And lean forward to express interest.
It's not the end of the world if you don't make a good first impression even if you meet with someone important.
But don't feel like you have to be someone else.
There will always be more opportunities to connect with other people.
What do you do that helps you make a good impression?
Have you noticed anything other people do that leaves a good or bad impression on you?
Feel free to share in the comments below.
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7 Psychological Tricks To Make a Good First Impression

22189 Folder Collection
Carol Chen published on June 8, 2018    Carol Chen translated    Evangeline reviewed
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