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- Oh, yeah.
- All right around here.
- I have a pimple right now.
- Yeah.
- Today we're answering popular questions
about Korean women.
- Out of 10, I think I am seven out of 10.
- No, I think way more.
- Like nine.
- Nine.
- You're like super Korean.
- She's got the most Korean hair.
- Inside of me, I have some American.
- I can still speak Korean fluently.
I did the most growing up in America.
What would you say I am?
- 3.5?
- Sometimes I think in Korean,
and then sometimes I think in English,
and it gets, like, all mumble-jumbled,
so smack down the middle, like five, yeah.
- If you see this one type of person,
and that person's very, like, what's--
- Shy.
- Introverted, then they tend to be A,
but then sometimes it doesn't fall, 'cause me, I'm an A.
No one thinks I'm an A.
Everyone thinks I'm like B or like O,
where you get along with other people more,
or, like, you say what you want to say all the time,
but then, I guess, in the inside, like when I get home,
I think about, why did that person say that to me?
(girls exclaim)
Then I know I'm an A.
- I feel like it's so similar to horoscope.
It's not always right, so that's how I see it.
But I think I believe in it still.
- Yeah, I am O, and other people guess it,
pretty much correct a lot of times.
- You're like an O.
- Yeah, I am.
People say that.
But I wouldn't think you're A.
- Yeah, no one thinks I'm an A.
- A's are really quiet and really sensitive.
- What type are you?
- What do you think?
- B or O.
- I'm O.
- Oh, okay, O.
- And when I was in Korea, it used to be a big thing, like,
what blood type are you?
And then when I came to America, no one cared.
- I definitely feel pressured to be skinny.
Growing up in Korea, your appearance is really important.
It's so stressful for girls in Korea to be
like, look certain ways.
- Do you still feel like you should have to be skinny?
- Not skinny, skinny, but healthy skinny.
- Now I don't care.
I mean, I work out and eat whatever I want.
I went to elementary school in Korea,
and we had this thing among girls, like,
who was the skinniest in our class, and like,
me and this other girl were the two skinniest,
and we would compete, like, who was skinnier,
and whenever we had like a weighing thing,
and if she was like skinnier than me, I was like, oh my god,
and I have to be number one.
And this was elementary school, you know, it's not healthy.
- In Korea, you always, like every year or certain days,
like, they weigh you.
- Yeah.
- And then, like, everybody sees.
It's like, oh.
- Before that day, we wouldn't eat too much,
and then we would take off, like all the clothes
that'll, like, add more weight.
- Korean guys, guys would be like, look at girls, like,
oh my gosh, she's chubby.
- Yeah.
- Guys are mean.
(girls giggle)
- And there is this phrase.
Girls shouldn't weigh more than 50 kilograms.
- Yeah, that's ridiculous.
That's like, if I'm 110, at this height, I'd be like--
- If you're taller, that's like, impossible.
It's best to just love who you are and eat.
It's over-exaggerated, for sure.
- Yeah, over-exaggerated.
- Like, we don't, like, go like this, and be like (gasps)
- I want them to.
I want them to.
But why don't they grab me?
- Totally over-exaggerated, and like, when you kiss.
Slow motion.
- No slow mo.
Get to it.
- Korean drama is always like the poor girl, like,
working at a cafe or something, and then, like,
spill something over a guy.
- Happens to be the richest person, like, in Korea,
and then he buys her everything.
When most people watch Korean dramas,
I think it's becoming so popular because they're like,
oh my god, that's like a life I can't have,
like winning the lottery, so.
I love dramas.
- Nowadays?
I got shocked because whenever I go to Korea,
elementary school kids, they wear so much makeup.
- Elementary?
- Yeah, elementary school kids.
- I thought you weren't allowed to.
- They still do it anyways.
- Really?
- Back then, like, eye liner or anything,
if you just curl your eyelashes,
it makes you look so much prettier.
- Yeah.
- So back then, when you're like walking in at the entrance,
like the teacher would be like holding a stick
and like standing there, and be, like,
"Hey, what is that?
"What is that on your face"
Or like, "Take it off."
And then if you dye your hair, they're like,
"You can't dye your hair."
- You can't dye your hair.
- You can't paint your nails either.
- No.
- They like, make you cut your hair really short.
You can't have it long.
- But for sure in middle school kids,
they start putting makeup, a lot of makeup, actually.
- Oh, yeah.
All right around here.
- I have a pimple right now.
- Yeah.
- In Korea, the standard is kind of high.
I feel like when I go to Korea, like, my skin is so bad,
but all these Korean girls walking around, they're like.
It's like glowing.
(girls agree)
Skin care in Korea, it's like so much cheaper,
but here it's more expensive,
so you can't really go as often, and you know,
American people don't usually like, even high schoolers
or college students, they're not like,
"Oh, I gotta go get skin care."
- Yeah.
- But Korean people are like, "Gotta go this week.
"Next week, gotta go."
- I heard, like, American skin care products
and Korean skin care products, it's so much cheaper in Korea
but their ingredients are so much better.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, that's what I heard.
- I believe it, yeah.
And like in America, if you say you're going
to get like a skin care thing, it's a luxury.
It's not like an everyday thing.
- 'Cause I ask them to.
- Wait, is that a Korean thing?
I have it in my blood, so I have a German boyfriend,
but I make him hold my purse as well.
- Does he get mad at you?
- Really?
- No, he's used to it now.
- I actually don't like guys holding my purses.
I want to hold my own purse.
It looks weird.
- It does look weird, but sometimes it's like, heavy.
- Sometimes, like, when I'm walking with my boyfriend
or something, and I have my purse here, right?
- Oh, it falls.
- And then, like, it falls, but we're walking like this,
and then it'll slightly go over here, and I'll let go.
And then he'll be carrying it.
- Well the thing is, we have to carry their stuff.
- That's true.
- I put his wallet, his keys.
- Oh, true.
That's true.
- Like, I don't want to hold it the whole time.
- Well, like, every day, come out of the house and be like--
- Yeah, exactly.
- Keys.
- Cards.
- BTS.
- For me, I think forever, Tong Vfang Xien Qi.
- Oh my god, I used to listen to them.
See, I only know the old K-Pop groups
because that's when I was in Korea,
so I liked Tong Vfang Xien Qi.
I liked Super Junior.
- It's because we are shorter than--
But it's true.
- It's true.
- We are shorter than Western
If you have small face, it makes you look taller.
If you have small face.
- And very, like, proportionate.
- Yeah, it looks proportionate.
- All the Korean, like, fashion stuff is made so small
so even like hats these days--
- They actually make it bigger because we have big heads.
- They finally realized.
- They do this.
- They realize.
- And then they name it, like, Smaller Looking Hats,
like something like that.
- Oh, to make your face look smaller 'cause it's bigger.
- If you wear bigger hats, it makes your face smaller.
Yeah, they make it that way.
- That's crazy.
- If it makes your life better and happier,
I think I would say do it but don't overdo it.
- As long as you can kinda like still look natural.
It's kind of like getting braces.
Like, you're changing things to look better.
I don't consider, like, Botox, or like laser treatments,
plastic surgery,
'cause that's just improving your skin and stuff.
- But it makes them, like, feel happier about their life.
I'm totally okay with it.
- We definitely came to the point where we all agreed
that the Korean beauty standard's way too high.
- They want to know about these kind of things
because, you know, beauty product, even like K-Pop
and all these stuff are becoming so popular like world-wide.
People are more like, "Where's this all coming from?"
And you know, like, that's why they're more curious
about these kind of things.
(relaxed music)
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Korean Women Answer Commonly Asked Questions About Themselves

787 Folder Collection
Samuel published on April 22, 2018
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