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- Ow, ow, ow.
Hi, kitty.
(kitten meowing)
- I've never met a kitten before,
probably because my family wasn't a pet family growing up.
- I have never met a kitten before.
I know of cats, but I've never met a kitten.
- I'm very much a dog person,
and most of the people in my life have puppies, not kittens.
- I think my heart would be broken if the kitten
wasn't interested in me at all.
- I'm looking for some really good kitten action.
(lively music)
- Oh god, it's so tiny.
- It's so little.
Hi kitten.
- How cute are you?
- Do we know it's name, his name, her?
Her name?
- [Voiceover] I don't know how you can tell.
- I don't know, kitty.
- I think I might be bad at holding kittens.
- Is there a way that you're supposed to pet them?
Like, oh.
I'm sorry.
(imitates purring)
- You're supposed to do that.
- Yeah, kittens are way more wiggly than I thought.
They do not like to be held.
- I'm gonna hold it so it doesn't run away.
- Aww, its paws are so soft.
The little pads on the feet.
- Do they pee on you?
Will he bite me if I touch him?
Am I holding him right?
It's like a ba, this is like the same way
I feel about human babies.
I don't know how to hold them.
- It's so much better than a cat,
'cause the cat will run away sometimes 'cause they're jerks,
but kittens, they can't do anything, look, I can,
I got a kitten on my head.
- They're so cute, dude, like I would hold kittens all day.
- Duncan, come here.
This was my nightmare.
The cat would just run away.
Love me back.
- Aww, it's falling asleep.
It loves me.
I like it, I like kittens.
- I think cats are just a little bit more cranky,
and I thought kittens would be like really cute
and amazing and he's so cute and adorable,
but like, I don't know how to play with it still.
- It was better than expected, wigglier.
- As long as it doesn't grow up to be a cat,
I like kittens.
- You guys, I wanna take back everything I just said.
I know I said I didn't like it as much,
but now this is great.
- I don't have anything negative to say about kittens.
Why does anyone grow up, you know?
Let's just all be kittens and puppies.
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People Hold Kittens For The First Time

32 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on April 16, 2018
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