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Hello, what's up?
I'm Gabby Wallace, your American English teacher, founder of Go Natural English,
making the world a more fluent place with your help! Now you want to be fluent in English and
you've been studying a lot of things for a lot of years to improve your English fluency.
Now, what if I told you that
learning and improving is not just about accumulating knowledge and facts
Improvement is actually about letting go of some things
Stopping doing some things if that sounds interesting then keep watching
Let me explain in this lesson
I'm gonna share five things that you can stop doing and these five tips are inside the English Fluency Formula
so this lesson is brought to you by the ebook that I wrote for you to help you improve your English fluency
So let's go to page eight
Five things that you can stop doing right now
You can let go
Release them into the world, and you never have to worry about them again and in the meantime your English will improve
How about that? Would you like me to share these things with you that you can stop doing?
Okay number one if you don't see immediate improvement in your English don't give up
It takes time to change the way you learn and to realize that you are improving. It's all about
Patience it's all about enjoying the journey of learning English
Don't fixate so much on if you've actually improved from day to day.
Yes, it's important to learn new things to challenge yourself
But don't fixate so much on have I improved my score or my grades since yesterday
focus more on
What you can do to experience English on a daily basis?
So don't give up if you don't see an improvement because also
You're gonna see that some days
You might improve a lot, and it seems like English is coming naturally to you all of a sudden
But then other days for whatever reason maybe you're feeling tired
Maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, maybe you're experiencing a new English environment
Well, you're gonna feel like your english actually
Went back a level and that's natural
Because that's what it's like to learn and improve
You're gonna feel like you took two steps forward and one step back and two steps forward and one step back
But you are improving next let's talk about reading books
Don't stop reading a book just because it feels too difficult don't throw it away
Take a break
Try reading something else in the meantime, and then go back to that book that seems difficult
And I bet that after a month or two it's gonna see him a lot easier
It's a lot like these days with rock climbing
I started rock climbing about a month ago, and it was really really hard at first. I couldn't climb anything
It was really embarrassing by it I got a month pass and I've been going every single day
Sometimes twice a day to the rock climbing gym
And now I can climb a lot more and a lot better than I was on day one
some days are more difficult than others, but I can see an improvement and that's how it is with English so give yourself time and
Be patient with yourself
Number three don't compare yourself with others
there are they're people with other experiences and other goals and
Just compare yourself with you your goals and your improvements over time
Okay, number four is really important
don't focus on what you cannot do
look, we go where we focus have you ever noticed that maybe if you're driving or riding your bike
and you're looking at something you start to steer towards it by
accidents or
Subliminally, not really even thinking about it
this is what happens when we focus on the negative
when we focus on what we can't do it seems to expand it seems to get worse
it seems to get bigger so try not to focus on what you cannot do try to focus on what you can do and
lean in to your positive feelings about English your
accomplishments and English is gonna feel a lot easier too
finally number five
Don't try to do everything alone
Learning English is not a solo activity. Yes. You're smart you're dedicated
You can learn so much on your own, but English for me at least is about
communication and that means two people or three people or four or
Many many many many many people so don't do it alone
Remember if you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go together
One of my favorite proverbs so remember don't try to do everything on your own join the go natural English community
It's an awesome way to connect with like-minded English learners
So I'd like to invite you to join our email group by clicking right over there, and it'll bring you over to gonaturalenglish.com
And you can enter your name and your email address
And I'll send you our best go natural English free lessons in your inbox all right. Thanks so much for watching
I hope you enjoyed it. I'll talk to you again soon in another lesson bye for now
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Stop it! 5 Things To Stop Doing If You Want To Be Fluent In English

934 Folder Collection
Samuel published on April 18, 2018    Slytherincup translated    Evangeline reviewed
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