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  • Oh, wow, that's so big.

  • I never knew it could be so huge.

  • Hey, Jane, what are you looking at?

  • Oh, my gosh, you have to come here and see this.

  • It's pictures of yesterday's winner

  • of the school's annual vegetable growing contest.

  • Sometimes when you are on the internet,

  • you might accidentally or intentionally

  • end up on a website that features pornography, sometimes

  • called porn.

  • Being curious about sex and looking

  • at pictures or films of naked bodies or people

  • engaging in sexual behaviors is perfectly normal.

  • But you have to remember that porn contains

  • some misleading messages, like bigger is better

  • when it comes to breasts, penises,

  • or the duration of sex.



  • Pornography often shows women as only

  • existing to give men pleasure.

  • Lastly, porn might make you think

  • that being sexual with another person

  • has nothing to do with having an intimate, trustful,

  • or respectful relationship.

  • Pornography can also contain violent images

  • or strange-looking behavior that may be scary or disturbing.

  • Don't forget, porn is like many movies.

  • It's completely made up, a fantasy that could never

  • exist in real life and does not show

  • realistic, healthy, intimate, or loving sexual relationships

  • between two equal partners.

  • I wonder how long the longest cucumber in the world is.

  • Hey, that's not a cucumber.

  • OK, guys, so if you do come across something

  • on the internet that makes you feel uncomfortable or confused,

  • talk to an adult you trust.

  • Til next time, and don't forget to come and visit me

  • at

  • Bye.

Oh, wow, that's so big.

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