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Zoe: Hello everybody! Today I am here with one of my best friends Tanya Burr
Tan: Best friends!
Zoe: We are going to film the "Most Likely To"
Tan: So, I've written our names on pieces of paper that Jim kindly gave us
Tan: So we've both got a "Tan" and we've both got a "Zoe"
Tan: Jim wrote most of these
Tan: And Zoe has them on her phone, so
Zoe: So I'm gonna read 'em out
Tan: You are on SnapChat currently though
Both: *takes selfie*
Tan: That's horrible!
Zoe: We read out some
Z: "Most Likely To" statements and we simply have to say which one applies
Z: to either of us the most.
Z: First one!
T: I just thought I saw a really scary person drive past and
T: *mumbles* / Z: *laughs*
T: There was a car that just drove past,
T: and a man was in the back
T: Who looked really scary, and he was pressing himself up against the window.
T: Don't think he'd been kidnapped, do you?
Z: I mean...
T: He looked just-
T: He wouldn't be driving around here in the middle of the day, would he?
T: We just saw the police as well, didn't we?
T: Or maybe that's what the police were looking for.
Z: Most likely to get fired from a job!
Z: Three, two, one
Both: *laughs*
T: I'm gonna put me because...Yeah.
Z: Have you ever been fired from a job?
T: Well..You know...
T: The only reason they actually said to me when I worked at Starbucks
T: I was a hard worker,
Z: Yeah?
T: And I really put my all into it, but,
T: They used to put me on dishwasher duty because
T: I wasn't fast enough to keep up the pace of making the drinks,
T: And then I would get really bored, and I would be like
"Please, let me have a go with the drinks", but I'd slow down and there'd be a massive queue
But because I was nice and friendly they liked to have me around
But then people just got annoyed and there were three different Starbucks in Norridge at the time and they used to share me on Saturdays in particular
People would take it in turns to have "Tanya in their store" on Saturdays because...
They'd be like "Oh, we'll have her this week"
And it did really get to me until the manager said "Well, if you weren't so lovely we would have probably got rid of you"
So that was a compliment for my personality
Yeah you were just being wasted in Starbucks
And than the other job where I was on makeup counter on Laura Mercier which I really loved working there but Jim was working in the art department up on the third floor
I spent most of my time up there
Yeah, naughty girl

I used to really get told off there
Who is most likely to lose their dog?
I pick me because Nala is so unobedient with the outside world
You have to be so careful, we actually thought we lost Nala earlier because the door was open and I said to Zoe
We were up in the office getting the tripod and I said "Does Alfie have, is Alfie on Nala?"
And Zoe was like "No I think he might think I 've got Nala" and than we were like "Oh God!"
She's probably gone. The thing is, she goes out of the door and I never see her again ever so... If it's gonna happen it's gonna be me
At least Martha would come back
Who is most likely to do something illegal and come clean straight away
Me, it's my biggest fear to go to prison
My biggest fear is prison
So if you do something illegal would you go to the Police Station and say "I have done something"
If I did something illegal I would...
But you wouldn't be able to not tell Jim
I'd have to tell Jim, I'd have to but I never would steal, I'd never
Actually I have stole not a whole bag of Peacan Eggs. Should I say this on camera? Will I go to prison for this?
How old were you? A pink and blue fizzy
Erm... 27?
The Police are on their way
Oh, was that this year?
Yeah! Tan! I was just in the shop like "Oh! I'll have one of those!"
Who is most likely to use a hall pass if the opportunity came up
That's hard! Well, the hard thing for me is that it sounds very cheesy but I don't have a hall pass at the moment. There is no someone...
We always talk about it with friends and the always say "Who would your hall pass be?"
And I was with my friends the other day, we were discussing
And I couldn't think of anyone that I think is better than Jim
I am gonna say neither of us, I genuinely couldn't pick
Our husband and boyfriend are sat downstairs just being like
"What is wrong with them, I would for sure pick my hall pass"
We love you guys!
Did you like our answer?
They both said that they are still using yours
Jim, I don't think you would choose yours
Alfie said he would
Who is most likely to have children first
We were just discussing it this morning!
We want them at the same time
We want a good few years before even starting trying, we could potentially try at the same time
Yeah, I really want us to be pregnant at the same time
But who would end up having them first?
I feel like... Maybe you
Oh, I said you!
Because... I am so sure... The reason is you are far more broody than me
And I want to be at least 30
The reason I said you is because if you think I'm broody, Jim is next level
He's gonna do something like, taking away your contraception
Put sugar pills in it instead
They did it in that TV Show, "Football Wives"
Most likely to kill their partner
I feel like that if it was an accident, it would probably be you
By accident... But than I would be so terrified of going to prison, I would be in my worst nightmare
There is a teme in this Most Likely To:
most likely to go to prison "Tan"

Don't say that! I will have nightmares, I swear to you!
Or maybe me...
What was the question?

Do you imagine if it was me?
I'd like... Plotted some crazy death of Alfie

That would be really scary
Would you still be my friend?
I don't know, it depends

If you really are like, mentally ill
Than you wouldn't?
No, I would

But if you were just evil... Than no
I wouldn't be friend of yours
Would you visit me in prison?

I probably would visit you in prison
Because you are not scared of prisons, so it's not a big deal for you
I was trying to say "I'll come to visit you when you go"
I am not going!
Most likely to break out into song in public
I feel like we are so similar
At first I thought of you because you are really good at singing
You sing a lot...
No, I'm gonna say you

Okay, I'm gonna say me as well
A lot of the time I don't realise how much I sing
It's almost like when I'm thinking, I'm singing
*Tanta yawns*
Are you bored in this video Tan?

Most likely to get into a fight
Oh, what like, a physical fight with another person?
I have been learning s bit of martial arts
I wouldn't actually fight anyone
I am going to say you, but you wouldn't actually fight anyone either
No, the reason I'm saying you is because you are much more like... You don't mind confrontation
If someone was annoying in the building next door, you would have no problem being like: "You need to shut up!"
If someone push me I'd run to the opposite direction
If someone pushed me, I'd just run
We are so similar!
Yeah, if someone hurted me I wouldn't to anything
I would only hope for Alfie to step it

I would also be so scared that someone would punch me in the face and it wouldn't look the same again
Yeah, like they break all you teeth
Or break your nose
Most likely to laugh in a serious situation
Yeah, I think it's probably me
You'd be too worried
I'd be worried, but also Zoe giggles all the time, all day long
So yeah, definitely you
Most likely to try their own breast milk when they have a baby
Do you think Jim would try yours?
I think Jim would try yours
If i was breast feeding, would you try my breast milk?
I think you, I said you would
I told you, I told you!
Jim and Zoe have this thing where they just get weird together
Hang on, hang on!
This sounds really inappropriate!
Like, I'm like "Jim, try my breast milk"
Alfie and I would be off baking some cookies somewhere
And you and Jim would just be weird
What do you mean?
They are not gonna understand what you mean!
Me and Jim are quite similar ans Alfie and Tanya are very similar
So when we hung out as a grup, off when me an Zoe have our girls time and the boys have their guy time
If we split into duos, me and Alfie going do something
Alfie and I are quite like...
We'll go bake, we'll go to the shops and all that kind of things
And Jim and Zoe would like sit there and discuss gross stuff, and show each other gross stuff
I think I turn into a boy and Alfie turns into a girl
Jim lets out all of his toilette images
But you and Alfie get quite giggly
When you were in the car once
Me and Jim literally thought we would never gonna see eather of you ever again
We were like "What do we do now?"
We've lost them forever!
And we also lost the car

Weirdly, weirdly Zoe
Zoe and apparently Jim
Alfie? Would you try my breast milk?
Yeah? Would you try Tan's?
He wouldn't try mine
That's so weird because I was like "Jim would never try my breast milk"
I just knew...
But why would he try mine and not yours?

Because you'd be in your situations where you are doing your gettin' weird and gross things
And than it would happen...
Or I would trick him and go "Oh my God, taste this amazing almond milk!"

Who is most likely to have better dance moves
I am gonna say you, did you see my SnapChat the other day? I was doing your dance moves
No, it wasn't my SnapChat, it was Alfie's!
I think that just look so much better than mine
I just love Tan dancing, I think it's one of my favorite versions of you!
'Cause you just have the best dance moves and you make anything into a dance
Like, you create your own dance moves
And that is the skill
Yeah, I think I am not good at dancing but I do have ideas
So that's why I said "me" too
Who is most likely to appear on reality TV
Oh God!
Neither of us!
I am gonna say you
I wouldn't do that in a million years
I know!
Neither of us would do that something like that!
Oh, you're upside-down!
Unless we made our own show
I'd love to see you on "I'm a celebrity get me out of here"
I'd love to see you on "Big Brother"
I wouldn't want eather of us to go on eather
Imagine if they did a YouTube version of "I'm a celebrity get me out of here"
I still wouldn't go there
I would like to watch you on Big Brother because
I think... Like I said when her and Jim just sit there and talk about
gross stuff, I think Zoe is very interesting when she's just like sitting around
or if you vere a bit bored
Most likely to go skinny dipping
We have gone skinny dipping before, on holiday

Maybe it was me on my own, okay
Yeah I would, I would
I think you would too
I would with you!

Us together, we totally would
Okay, and that is the video!
I really hope that you guys liked it
Make sure to give a thumbs up if you did

And we also did a video over on Tan's channel
What did we do?
We did the 5 minute make-up challenge

And we got pretty impressive make-up looks
And it was really funny
Intense and great... So
Make sure to check that out
And subscribe to Tan whilst you are there
Thanks very much
And we love you very much
And we'll see you again soon!

Bye Jim!
Bye Jim, where are you going?

I'm going for a meeting
Have fun!
Can you hug us?
Come on Jim!
You are both gross!
No, you love us!
I love you both!

Is that better?
Yeah, I think we look really great

We look fab!
I think we look really hot!
Can you imagine...
I think you look really hot!

Imagine if you actually kissed Alfie you sound like a vacuum
You went like this on me
Okay, are we ready?
My jokes are really bad!
I like your jokes, yeah I do actually

Have I told you the joke... The strip
We are just waiting for some builders
Not to come and be in the video

Collab today is really wild!
Do you like that? Look at your highlight!
Come on baby is yooou!
And we thought of doing a collaboratuon today because I've come to stay and I was like:
"Let's film!"

And we haven't film for ages!
Get out!
We've been to stay
So... Thank you, that's it
Thank you, that's it!
Thank you, goodbye!

Thank you and goodnight!
Oh my God!
So that's everything we have time for today, otherwise we could be sat here for a really long time
So thank you very much for coming to my channel and filming
a video with me
Actually I don't wanna say that, that sounds weird
You're in my house
So that's everything we have time for today, otherwise we gonna here for a really long time
I have that, thanks!
I feel like you don't wanna stay
But we'll be here for a long time
You are allowed to just film a normal lenght video
We have to excuse the reason why we end it here
We end it here now because we really need to go and have a drink
We end it now because we are done
I don't know what I was just looking
When I looked up you are already in "Thumbnail Mode"

Like, so professional
Uhg, my jaw keeps clicking
Oh my God! Your jaw is hanging off!

You are such a b****!
Let's go! Let's get out of here!
Kiss my a**
I wanna poke it
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Most Likely To : Tanya Edition | Zoella

261 Folder Collection
yingtan published on April 1, 2018
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