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it's feeling a little bit chilly out it
definitely is starting to feel like

autumn it's official we are in autumn
but don't worry I've got your back my

name is Anna English
this is English like a native and if you

are serious about improving your English
but you want to do it in an entertaining

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notification button so you don't miss
out on any future lessons dust off your

wellies and dig out your woollies because
we are going to be learning ten

essential english autumn idioms now
before we get into those must know

idioms I would say a huge thank you to
the sponsors of today's video lingo de

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de then let me bend your ear for 30

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whoa I'm feeling that chill let's get on
with those essential autumn idioms

number 10 autumn years
autumn years basically refers to the

later stages in your life so when your
teeth are falling out you have a bad

back and you're complaining all the time
of everything hurting so when you're

getting quite a bit older later in your
life you can say you are in your autumn

years number 9 shaking like a leaf you
would normally say that a person or an

animal is shaking like a leaf and it's
normally when you're shaking because

you're cold
you say you look cold you're shaking

like a leaf mer number eight that old
chestnut that old chestnut basically

refers to a story or something you've
heard over and over again and you're now

tired of hearing it
so if I've told you a story many times

and you're bored of hearing it and I
start to speak you might say Oh Anna not

that old chestnut again seven to drive
someone nuts

if you drive someone nuts it means you
irritate or annoy them it just drives me

nuts when people are constantly clicking
their pen it drives me nuts

six what is that six Anna you need to
learn to count Oh six under the weather

to be under the weather is to be unwell
but we only ever really use this when

we're talking about a mild illness like
a cough or a cold you'd say I'm feeling

a little bit under the weather I'm going
to go a night

five to squirrel away in the same way
that a squirrel would take nuts bury

them and store them until the winter
months we can say that somebody is

squirreling away money or items and
storing them for whatever it is the

winter maybe so I could say Jane was
squirming away her money all summer

until she could afford a winter break
for save it for a rainy day

this basically means keep it until you
need it so if it's money then we'd

suggest don't spend it now wait until
you are in need of the money perhaps for

an emergency
for example save it for a rainy day

three turn over a new leaf to turn over
a new leaf just means a new start a

fresh start so for example if I leave my
job or I leave my relationship or a

friendship breaks down then you could
say I'm going to turn over a new leaf

and start again start a new job get a
new boyfriend and maybe make friends

with a person I've fallen out with or
just move on and get a new friend will

you be my friend to take a leaf out of
somebody else's book this means follow

the example of somebody else so if
you're not very good at getting up in

the mornings maybe you would look at
someone who is good at getting up in the

morning and find out what they do and
how they inspire themselves to get up

and get going
you will take a leaf out of their book

and finally number one it's raining cats
and dogs during the autumn months we

tend to see a lot of rain here in the
okay and so we will quite often say huh

it is raining cats and dogs today
raining cats and dogs just means it's

raining very heavily so make sure you
wear your raincoat or you take your

umbrella out with you so there you go
the 10 essential autumn idioms which you

should definitely try to use over the
next couple of weeks to make sure they

lock into your long-term memory now if
you are not already subscribed please do

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matter what their English language level
is thank you so much for joining me

there are plenty of other videos on this
channel which you can check out some of

them live some of them pre-recorded some
of them long some of them short but

there's plenty for you to discover so
take some time to look around and enjoy

until next time guys take care
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10 Essential Autumn Idioms | Learn English

359 Folder Collection
shenlinxue published on March 29, 2018
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