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Hi, so there's an urban legend saying that Taiwanese (people) doesn't (don't) like to speak English.
So today I'm gonna trying (try) to find out with (the) Goodnight app to see whether it's true or not.
So let me press the chatting (chat) button.
Oh, I got connected.
Hello, (hi).
How are you?
Fine, thank you.
How's your day?
Can you speak English?
English... a little.
Oh, very well.
So how was your Chinese New Year?
Did you eat a lot?
Ah, so he hanged (hung) up on me.
Hi, Happy New Year!
Happy New Year, hehe.
I can't speak English.
Let's try, umm, how are you?
How are you today?
Hi, hello?
Hi, who's this?
You must be Taiwanese.
Yes you are.
Of course you understand what I'm saying, otherwise you wouldn't say "no."
- Hello.
- Hello.
- How's it going?
How are you?
- "How are you?"
Are you pretending to be a foreigner?
Where are you (come) from?
- I'm from Taiwan.
So how's your day?
Good day.
But I wanna go to (a) restaurant.
Which one would you recommend (to) me?
(unintelligible) How do you say "Shilin Night Market"?
Oh, of course I know it's "night market".
Hello hello.
Are you Ray?
My English is very bad.
Whoa, your English is very good! I can understand (you).
- Do you have...? - Do I have what?
Well, what's LINE?
I don't really understand. What's Line?
We... WeChat.
Let we make a friend. (Let's be friends.)
Make a... see, now your English is very good.
I thought you saying (said) your English is not good.
It's actually very good.
Okay, Happy Chinese New Year.
Hi, what's your name?
Where do you live in Taipei now?
So, I'm living in... near Xinyi,
near (the) Taipei 101.
Yeah, so I'm wondering if I want to visit some good restaurants at Taipei,
where would you recommend?
Maybe I can take you (somewhere) .
Oh you can take me to the restaurant?
That's very nice of you.
Yes, it's my pleasure.
Wow, thank you!
How come your English is so good?
Maybe I can learn English more (more English. A language exchange.
Ah, yeah, that's actually a great idea.
So I can also learn Mandarin.
Yeah, you're a genius.
Yeah, it's my pleasure.
Do you have free time now?
To meet?
I think it's a little bit (of a) short notice.
Hi, hello.
Hi, how are you?
Can you speak Chinese?
What's your name?
My name is Jackie.
Do you guys go to the bar, or restaurant(s), or night markets, or...? - We will go to bar and club(s), to listen (to) some hip hop music,
because i like (the) rap music.
Do you want to hear some?
Yeah, why not?
That would be very good.
Okay, okay.
Yeah, that's my freestyle.
Wow, very impressive!
That's very good.
Even though I don't really understand what you were talking about (saying).
So (did) you like it?
Yeah, yeah, very much.
I think you should rap more.
Thank you so much, bye.
So that was a very interesting experience.
Also the Taiwanese are really friendly,
and they can communicate with me in English,
so I definitely look forward to more experience (opportunities) to chat in person in (the) future.
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Are the Taiwanese really good at chatting up girls in English?

15143 Folder Collection
Rachel Kung published on April 6, 2018    Rachel Kung translated    Samuel reviewed
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