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  • the reason why people eat meat

  • being vegan can sometimes be hard mentally

  • as your mindset and beliefs seem to be so remote and disparate from the majority of society

  • It's especially confusing to think how our friends and family who we consider rational loving caring people

  • and are against the willful harm of animals yet

  • they allow animals lives to be taken for food and the pleasure of their taste buds

  • It is quite the ethical Paradox that actions do not match their values

  • but we as Vegans cannot fall prey to the nature of hindsight bias

  • as most of us were previously in the same position

  • We need to make use of this understanding

  • help people understand the disconnect of their values and actions

  • It is our job to educate people on this and as the saying goes

  • Education does not exist to persecute you but the question begs

  • Why do people eat meat?

  • well this can be explained by the belief system known as carnism

  • an ideology which was coined by Dr. Melanie Joy in 2001

  • Carnism is a belief system around the eating of meat

  • of only specific types of animals

  • It is justified by the notion of the three N's

  • natural normal and necessary

  • all which are logical fallacies

  • Carnism is a highly ingrained and indoctrinated social norm

  • One which when you think about it was never choice anyone made themselves

  • It is a practice and an acceptance that is taught from a young age

  • It has continued to be normalized as everyone else around you continues to eat animals

  • It is socially accepted as Moral

  • The most important part of carnism to add some sense of rationality

  • and help carnist understand the concept of their ideology is by demonstrating how they only accept only particular

  • is by demonstrating how they only accept only particular

  • species of animals as food and not others

  • If these same practices were applied to animals they don't consider food.

  • They would then classify this as unacceptable cruelty

  • There is absolutely no rational or logical reason

  • to have the divide between animals

  • to say that some are okay to eat and to some it is unacceptable,

  • how does one draw the line between animals that are food and those that are not

  • as mentioned previously

  • It is quite the psychological Paradox where people's actions do not match their values

  • They are the huge disconnection

  • and don't even look at their plate, and think this was a living breathing sentient creature

  • They totally dissociate from that reality

  • the livestock industry has done a great job in making people believe that

  • these animals are a commodity and inanimate objects

  • without names without emotions that do not feel pain

  • Yet, they are so similar to the pets we keep in our own home that we consider family

  • So how does understanding carnism help you when talking about veganism?

  • But why not try the three E's?

  • Empathize educate and ease

  • Empathize with them and tell them you understand that these are ingrained and indoctrinated beliefs

  • which they had no decision over

  • Simple statements such as I understand that you think it's natural, normal and necessary

  • but that simply isn't the case

  • If they are open to it suggest some materials they can consume to understand it further

  • number two, explain just like them you're once a victim of this psychological paradox

  • to help them understand this

  • you can use examples of animals such as dogs that are eaten in other countries

  • And ask what is the real difference?

  • If they think it is weird and wrong ask them why?

  • Just get them thinking about it

  • number three, if they are concerned with their actions or

  • thinking about what they could possibly do

  • Put them at ease as changes are probably one of the most daunting things in life

  • Demonstrate the easy transition and the options and resources available

  • Reinforce that it was the best decision that you ever made

  • and the other benefits such as health and environmental factors

  • Now I hope this has helped you

  • and if you have any further questions or concerns

  • feel free to ask them in the comment section below

  • But further information on carnism,

  • I highly recommend watching Dr.Melanie Joy's Ted

  • or to get an in-depth understanding

  • Grab her book "why we love dogs eat pigs and wear cows"

  • an introduction to Carnism

  • I hope you enjoyed this video and if you found it valuable, please share with your friends

  • and don't forget to subscribe for more information on discussing veganism

the reason why people eat meat

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Why do people eat meat? Understanding Carnism

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