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  • Let's Go! Prunes. Red prunes, whoops!

  • Oh, look! Hello A-bao! A-bao.

  • Oh, this is mango! How

  • does it smell? Oh yeah! That's great stuff! Okra!

  • Oh, there you go! yeah. What's that? It's...It looks like lilies, orange lilies.

  • What's that? It's mountain bitter squash.

  • Basil is... Oh yeah. There's one.

  • It's

  • bitter squash? Right. yeah. What's boo-ah? Squash. Another squash.

  • Wow look at that thing. Oh, from the typhoon. It fell down.

  • Peas. Special peas that the aboriginals grow in

  • the mountains. Yeah. That's organic! Wow!

  • Plums? Plums. All these trees are plum trees. And on the other side. Oh, peaches! On the

  • other side. wow. Guava tree. Red guava. Red guava, oooo,

  • That's wine. Real grape wine, huh? Oh, okay. You know we were on vacation in's

  • now actually September. And I did some planting on the first and fourth floor, but I didn't

  • touch this area. And we're cleaning here. And look at that, I got a kind of a huge weed

  • here. The thing that's weird about this weed is the stalk. Let me open this

  • like leafy. You'll see what I mean in a second here. I've never seen anything like that before.

  • Very unique. Also found, on a dead tomato plant, I found this. Where is it?

  • Jeremy is gonna show us how to open a dragon eye. Or "long yen" I don't know how. Yes,

  • you do. Go ahead. Like this. Very easy. I think...

  • You just squeeze your fingers. Well, that was too fast. You just squeeze it and it just

  • pops out. And then there's a big seed. Right? So you gotta eat around the seed. Very sweet!

  • Very sweet. Delicious. Let's see the seed! Where's the seed? Wait a minute! I'm working

  • on it! Okay! Here's another one! OOO! Here it is. Let me see. There you go! AAAAHHH!

Let's Go! Prunes. Red prunes, whoops!

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