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There are a lot of ways to take a picture of yourself.
But if you look carefully, something's not quite right about your close-ups.
Selfies can make our faces look weird and it's changing the way we see ourselves,
and the decisions we make about our facial features.
A lot of people think their nose looks big in selfies and it's driving them to get nosejobs.
A 2017 poll found that 55% of facial plastic surgeons saw patients who wanted surgeries
to make them look better in selfies.
That was an increase of 13% from 2016.
But those complaints are often due to a distortion
created by the distance between a camera and a subject.
This is what a portrait looks like from five feet away.
And this is what it looks like from one foot away,
about the distance that most people are taking selfies.
That's a huge difference in facial structures, especially the nose.
A team of researchers found that taking a photo from one foot away,
makes the base of the nose look about 30% larger
and the tip look 7% larger, than they would from a further distance.
From five feet away, your features are flattened.
From a foot, your nose is exaggerated.
So the parts of your face that are close to the camera,
look bigger than they actually are.
It's as if the nose is in the foreground and the ears are in the background, instead of
being on the same plane.
For now, long arms and selfie sticks are your best bet.
But phone camera software might one day be able to alter images with a treatment that
simulates the effect of a distant camera.
Researchers at Princeton created a tool that can manipulate the position and distance between a camera and the subject,
after the photo was taken.
So a close-up selfie like this, can be made to look like it's taken at a more flattering,
natural distance.
It's not perfect,
but a version of this technology could help design the right tool for a forward-facing camera,
one that will make our selfies feel more like us.
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Why selfies can make your nose look bigger

9841 Folder Collection
Samuel published on July 7, 2018    HsiangLanLee translated    Rong Chiang reviewed
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