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I'm Benedict Cumberbatch,
and I'm here for two reasons.
Firstly, to kindly invite you and a guest—
yes, that's you—
to join me for tea in Los Angeles
and attend the red carpet premiere
of Avengers: Infinity War.
Secondly, I'm here to show you the secret
to making the perfect cup of tea.
Now the trick to making a truly perfect cup of tea
is to coax out the tea's natural essence
and subtle flavors
by ever so gently vocalizing your desire.
You've gotta make the tea feel comfortable at this point,
so um,
you know, help the tea let its hair down.
Let it relax.
Let it steep in your passion.
That's it, darling.
Take your time.
There's no rush.
It's just you and me.
You're perfect.
You're radiant.
I must have you.
And that's it.
So for your chance to join me for tea
and attend the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War,
enter now at omaze.com/benedict.
This is to benefit a charity very close to my heart
called GEANCO.
Ow! Oh!
**** that's hot!
Oh. Aaah!
I can't taste anything.
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Benedict Cumberbatch Makes a Perfect Cup of Hot Tea // Omaze

11519 Folder Collection
kiki published on April 12, 2018    April Lu translated    Evangeline reviewed
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